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ALL THE BIG Conspiracy Theories DEBUNKED, written by Niki Raapana with Nordica Friedrich.

How ALL EXTANT conspiracy theory ties into ACL research: FROM the newly BANNED NORD TWU NET

The first recorded successful global governments were the British and Dutch Empires in the 18th to 19th centuries. 
The American's colonial revolution in 1776 barely put a glitch in the British-Dutch "conspiracy" to take over the world.
Great Britain ruled over a world where the "sun never sets." British and Dutch India Companies controlled the opium market
 from India to China. The Imperial Navy kidnapped 10,000 American merchant sailors up until the War of 1812. Global Governance: Why? How? When? by Henry Lamb © 1996: Published by the Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise
 College of Engineering, (Wayback Machine, posted at The British Empire's aquisitions over a hundred year period: Canada/America 1763; India 1765; Australia 1768; South Africa 1814; Persia/Kuwait/Iraq/Palestine/Jordan 1820;
New Zealand 1840; South Pacific 1880s. Today (2005) there are 50 countries in the British Commonwealth, 16 of them are still
colonies. No matter how much the British aristocracy claims to "care" about the world's poor today, it's no secret that
Imperial economic policies rarely favored the local workers or merchants, unless they were connected somehow. Under Empire, nepotism rules, and there is always a ruling "elite." There isn't one shred of evidence to prove their
ruling class "evolved" into the common man's "equals." We're not impressed with the British track record and they
 don't appear to have evolved any more than any other culture has. The British internationalists assume that the world's
 most famous former colonial people need their trained and superior academic guidance. The fact is there is only a history
 of pain and death wherever they went. The Imperial global legacy birthed nothing but modern terrorism and constant war.
 And the reason is no big secret. Globalist merchants seek to dominate world trade. That's the plan, and it's always been
the plan. The British Imperial "conspiracy" to regain world dominance was bolstered when the London Communist League
 produced a plan to conquer the labor-trading world with violent revolutions in 1848 (The Communist Manifesto).

The British Fabian Society produced an alternate plan in 1894 to conquer the labor-trading world through propaganda and lies.
 Fabians wrote and published their first plans for a United Nations in 1887. In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated by a Fabian trained anarchist, "for the working man."
McKinley was one of the most respected American Presidents in US history, and a British trained "nabob"
(McKinley's unelectable and phony "cowboy" vice-president) was there to replace him after he was shot.
This is all historical fact. The British and other wealthy globalist financiers have "conspired" against the
American principles of protected individual economic liberty for over 200 years. We've had lots of spies
in the U.S. The controversial Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 were a flipped-out response to international
intriques against the new republic. Why do British scholars (who should know their own history) insist a plan
 for a global government is a wacko American conspiracy "theory"?

 Table of Contents Introduction 1. Debunking American Conpiracies 2. Modern Conspiracies 3. The secret society theories 4. British Support for American Conspiracy Theories 5. Do Americans have any legitimate concerns? 6. Alien Theories 7. American skeptics 8. The Police State Theories 9. The Draft Theories 10. The Sovereignty Theories 11. The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 12. Christian Conspiracy Theories 13. Jewish Conspiracy Theories 14. Muslim Conspiracy Theories 15. The Banker/Fed/IRS Conspiracy Theories 16. The Communist Conspiracy Theory 17. The New World Order Conspiracy Theories 18. Chem Trails/Health Related Theories 19. Miscellaneous Theories 20. Witchcraft/Alchemy/Mysticism/New Age Theories Introduction

Not all conspiracies are theories. The ACL began studying "conspiracy theories" in 1999. We were labeled as theorists after we complained about international laws 
passed inside our Seattle Community Agenda 21 Development Plan. We were filing a lot of FOIA's for City and State planning meetings. We were asking for clear
definitions for all the "new" words used in the "new" regulatory inspection plans. Today, we have over 4000 city planning documents that show exactly what the
government was conspiring to do. Agenda 21 and Neighborhood planning is most definitly not a theory. It is our opinion that the label "conspiracy theorist" was expanded by the planners to shut down any serious investigations into the British-Zionist colonial vision
 for America's future. We've gathered a massive amount of evidence to show how the globalists expand and distort the meanings of words to fit their agenda.
 We've studied their philosophy and their pundits. We wrote our antithesis to the communitarian global laws to meet ASA standards and posted our conclusions
 on this website in January 2003. Our Anti-Communitarian Manifesto stands undisputed after 18 months of international academic and government scrutiny. We've studied many of the most popular alternative writers. We found more than a few of them to ultimately promote communitarianism and the new social order.
The challenge was in finding the actual historical documentation and verifiable research while weeding out the creative, embellished, and very well-written planted
 works of the planners. Many so-called "American" anti-globalist government researchers are actually globalist planners. Many others are simply useful tools for the dialectic. ACL standards for verification of communitarianism are stringent; we require primary source reference materials and existing evidence. Many researchers
 who have gathered evidence in specific topics are listed on this "conspiracy theory" page because like us, they too have been labeled as "tin-foil hats."
Many are devoutly religious or passionately right or left, and that's not what matters to us. Several of them appear on other ACL research topic pages
 because of their well-presented, verifiable, and substantiated research. (As a matter of fact this page is getting another major overhaul thanks to
advice from Indymedia author Jon Phalen who took the time to help us clarify the purpose for this page. Over the next month we may be placing
symbols next to each author's link signifying how much we trust their work.) Come on, the Matrix is just a movie, isn't it? No, it's also the name for a database program (and it's been hacked). Although many programs
use names right out of science fiction, we can verify for ourselves what's real, even with so much (dis)information available on the net.
There is a Shadow Government. There are numerous ways to verify it accessing government websites. It can be verified that government
programs, like the Matrix and the Pentagon's human ID at a distance and COPS-DoJ's community data gathering, mapping and tracking
 programs are genuine. As crazy as it sounds, there most definitely are mobile units crossing the country doing biometric chipping in a
not so silly Chip Mobile. And, there really are cameras that see through clothes. There's a huge assortment of variations on verifible, valid theories, that mix just a pinch of fiction in with their 95% facts.
There is an abundance of very solid evidence about current events. Why throw in the little pinch of deceit that discredits
all your work, unless your goal is to discredit yourself? Why give debunkers ANY valid fuel for their debunkings?
 There is a repetitive and monotonous tirade throughout all the scholarly debunkings. They parrot much the same propaganda
 used against the American colonial revolutionaries. We mistrust that little pinch. We don't endorse hardly anyone's research
 anymore, other than the few authors we had time to verify their research, ourselves. The tricky communitarians can be hard to
 identify if you don't know the language or the tactics. We suggest doing your own verification of any idea, story or program
you choose to circulate, endorse or challenge. This page is for people who want to read a sampling of what others see and think is (or is not) "possible." [ norditon ] From Conspiracy Bomb: True or not, a rattling good conspiracy theory requires the following qualities: 1 it must be difficult, better still, impossible, to understand at first glance. 2 it must contain a spaghetti-heap of leads, all of which cannot be followed up. There must always be one more lead left to chase. 3 The story should speak to a `wider' truth about our society, through a series of disconnected or unconnected or unfalsifiable propositions. 4 There should be no easy way of verifying it. Based on the above criteria, communitarianism is not a conspiracy theory. 1. It's easy, better still, beyond simple, to understand it at first glance, but only IF you can read. 2. It contains a clear line of leads, all of which can be easily followed up. There are no more leads to chase. 3. Their story speaks to an elite group of academics and globalists who use all the same terminology. 4. Verifying the Communitarian Platform is as easy as clicking ONE LINK. "Don't believe a word I say." An admonishment to do your own investigations from researcher Henry Lincoln to an audience gathered at the Sauniere Society Symposium, in Gullane, Scotland 1. Debunking Conspiracies Animal Web, in Spanish.. The Georgia Guidestones-Americas Stonhenge Urban Legends Debunking Nesta Webster by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and the Yukon. British experts on the conspiracy culture post their work at and they have compiled an interesting assortment of articles disproving every question
Americans have asked in their Conspiracy Theory Index. Gerry Rough, a conspiracy theory expert, thrashes every quote and citiation used by American theorists
 and explains away why Americans won't stop asking so many questions about "unfolding events." He explains American's paranoia in his "The Rise of the Modern
 Conspiracy Theory Movement, and the origins: "In July 1997 the supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary included the term 'conspiracy theory' for the first time.
This was a recognition that in recent years conspiracy has become increasingly popular as an explanation of unfolding events, most overtly in the United States." Rough further explains for us on p. 4, "..the conspiracy viewpoint which has become the most prevalent and established in the USA in the past five years and associated with
patriot groups and militias is that of the so-called New World Order, with its elaborate discourse of United Nations dominance." [emphasis added] Here's Rough debunking conspiracy theorists who cite Bush Sr: George Bush's New World Order posted by floodlight. Floodlight also has a fairly typical debunking
of Republican Congressman McFadden's testimony before the Congress in 1932. Saying McFadden's numbers were wrong and calling it The Legendary Tirade of
 Louis T. McFadden, Dr. Edward Flaherty explains why it doesn't matter that McFadden was correct in saying that the Federal Reserve did cause the Great Depression.
 According to the educated Dr. Flaherty, the Fed didn't mean to do it -- it was essentially an "honest error in judgement." McFadden "goes too far" by defining the Fed
as evil, because there is "absolutely no evidence that the Federal Reserve intended to cause the Great Depression." Question and Answer posted by conspiracy theory "expert" Gerry Rough: "What about the United Nations, NAFTA, and GATT: Are these not clear signs of one world government?" Answer: "No. The UN always was a post World War 2 idea. It was inevitable that someone would come up with the idea that individual countries would come together
to deal with their problems in a common diplomatic forum. This was the same idea as the defunct League of Nations. The war only revived the same idea except that
 after two world wars someone would finally wake up and smell the coffee and get serious about peace. It was a great idea until the cold war all but nullified the idea
for forty plus years. Even today it is doubtful that the idea will ever be taken seriously. For now, at least, the UN has yet to become truly credible in its own right.
Hardly evidence of a global plot. "NAFTA and GATT are manifestations of good economics; free trade benefits everyone. You would be hard pressed indeed to find a serious economist who would disagree
with this. Political realities, however, are much different, and many times politics overrules good economics." "...hardly evidence"? Indeed. 9/11: Debunking The Myths Popular Mechanics examines the evidence and consults the experts to refute the most persistent conspiracy theories of September 11. Published in the March, 2005 issue. January 3, 2005 -- 'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits' By Clare Chapman, at This article has been debunked by many experts. Children Recruited in the USA: Enlistment bonuses offered to 14 yr olds By Tim Schmitt, April 15, 2005 debunked and argued at Collective Bellacio. 10,000 Americans Detained as United States Mass Arrests Continue debunked at Free Internet Press on April 15, 2005. Conspiracy theorists see dark forces behind tsunami disaster AP January 6, 2005. Conspiracy Theories' New Twist By Daniel Pipes (01/14/04) on American Daily. Pipes is a Zionist pundit with a lot of international influence. The League for the American Way of Life is a barely veiled mockery of American Patriotism and resistance to communism. This is fairly typical of the nonsense used to portray
 alert Americans, and beyond a doubt how many of our visitors view our work. "Nobody here but us chickens." The Paranoid Style in American Politics by Richard Hofstadter, Harper's Magazine, November 1964, pp. 77-86. " Richard Hofstadter is DeWitt Clinton Professor of American
 History at Columbia University. His latest book, "Anti-intellectualism in American Life," was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction earlier this year. This essay
 is adapted from the Herbert Spencer Lecture delivered at Oxford University in November 1963". Janet Biehl has a straight up analysis of the main topics included by academics in the conspiracy theory, Militia Fever: The Fallacy of 'Neither Left nor Right', and she doesn't
 pull any punches. She labels the theorists using a fairly representative, evolved British style of verbal abuse, and she includes some great quotes. Gotchas and Propaganda, by Kurt Saxon. Mr. Saxon is of the camp that refuses to look at the genuine, indepth American research about the United Nations and the communist
 truths, preferring to ridicule the speculative theories of Deliberately Dumbed Down American "regular people." He also includes John Stormer's 1960's best selling book
"None Dare Call It Treason" in his rebuttal of American conspiracy theorists, claiming Stormer's research took quotes out of context and made wild connections between
totally unnconnected convicted communist spies. Try to Live Better by Self-Education, by the late Sherman H. Skolnick has an interesting angle on the Chinese connections to the "plan." The Conspiracy Theory Literature FAQ by Xavier Poez is long and thorough. The British Center for Conspiracy Culture has many essays on "conspiracy culture." The British
are publishing the definitive work (soon to become widely quoted by other British scholars), and just about everybody except the ACL is included in The Encylopedia of
American Conspiracy Theories. It's going to be published by The University of Manchester Department of English and American Studies, and the U.S. Constitution is listed
by them as a conspiracy theory topic. (On the ACL site the U.S. Constitution is designated under a different topic heading, only to be moved here once the British can convince us
we were all wrong, and the U.S. Constitution really was just a big conspiracy theory made up by Americans to ruin world Marxism.) The Conspiracy Theory Research List gives us a sample of American research on the topic. Michael Albert, a leftist-activist Ph.D who writes about particpatory economics
explains the foolishness of Americans thinking Iran-Contra was the secret rogue operation of Ollie North and his conspirators. Since the pardon of John Poindexter early
this year and his triumphant return to DC as the new head of DARPA's Total Information Awareness Office (TIA), it obviously became necessary to include not just
Congressman McFadden's 1933 testimony on the federal reserve, but ALL relevant Congressional Hearings and convictions are now to be included in the "theory," as
it becomes necessary. Wonder where Ph.D. Albert places Here in Reality's The John Poindexter Awareness Office? What about the Electronic Privacy Information
Center (EPIC) since they obviously believe the TIA exists? What about the National Security Archives? Debunking Conspiracy Myths by Damien Falgoust who "logically" refuted conspiracy theories (like the New World Order) while he was a 2nd year law student in 1999.
 He's now a New York corporate lawyer who doesn't have time to do the research involved in debunking conspiracies... since the information about it is so "obscure."
Today Mr. Falgoust writes commentary about political topics that are the "issues of the day." Falgoust includes Brian Cornell's debunking the bogus Gulf War Syndrome
(so does molecular biologist Arthur Kershen in his Biofact report). Falgoust also links to skeptic Ronald Baily on Depleted Uranium (DU). 2. Modern Conspiracies versus Prince Charles says climate change ‘terrifying’ AP at, October 30, 2005. Judith Miller is Unnamed Woman in AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment More Notes by Barry O'Connell. Who Killed John-John? at Pea in a Cup by Antonio Vacci 1999-2000. The Big Idea - Interview with Noam Chomsky Synopsis: Chomsky defends his Propaganda Model, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1996. Hillary Clinton’s Global Agenda By Cliff Kincaid. RAMSEY CLARK: HIS AGENDA IS GENOCIDE. John Titor - Time Traveler. (I read someof his posts a couple years ago.. being a non-scientist I wasn't able to follow it very well so I stopped trying.
This site is comparing what John said to what's happening today. Very interesting stuff.) APFN-The Illumiati and the CFR a lecture by Myron Fagan on Radio Liberty August 2002. APFN provides a link to Dr. Seaborg's pictures of his life with
10 U.S. presidents and his photo collection which includes picture of his Bohemian Grove experiences with Nixon and Reagan. The Great Luciferian Conspiracy Conspiracy Con 5 pigs Tom Cruise Is Straight and Other Hollywood Conspiracies: Uri Dowbenko' Hoodwinked exposes the Masonic Zionist plot that is Tinseltown by Nick Schou,
Orange County Weekly, Vol. 10 No. 09 November 5 - 11, 2004. Feast of Hate and Fear, "An attempt to create new urban legends, rumors and conspiracy theory as a form of Cultural Terrorism." Is Smart Growth a United Nations Conspiracy? by the Thoreau Institute From Magic City Morning Star Editor's Desk- A Brief Response to Mr. Kelly's Letter in the Community Press by Ken Anderson,Feb 24, 2004. Conspiracy Links at Meta-Religion. MajestyTwelve by William Cooper, 1997. In this article Cooper retracts his previous claims about UFO sightings, and poses the whole alien "theory" as a tool
 for duping Americans. (Mr. Cooper has been thoroughly discredited by conspiracy experts, and his death in 2001 has nothing to do with anything.) Here's a Who Dunnit? on Lady Di by Tim Hodkinson from the archives. How do you know you are being SPUN? Propaganda Vs Persuasion Part I of III by Laura Dawn Lewis, November 29, 2003. This site exposes government/special
interests propaganda at the same time it promotes Marxist dialectical solutions. Thanks Kimbel! On the other side of the DU conspiracy we have Dr. Robert C. Koehler who tells us our love affair with DU is a war crime in progress, and he writes about
the work of Dr. Doug Rokke, Former U.S. Army DU team health physicist and Former U.S. Army DU Project Director and George Angus Parker, Formerly
Sgt with the 1st Field Laboratory Unit, Biological-Warfare Detection Unit. Porton Down. Great Britain, whose work is posted by Traprock Peace Center.
On the other side of the Gulf War Syndrome we find Thomas senior editor Steven Rosenfeld using Rokke to tie Gulf War Syndrome to DU. by independent researcher Jackie Jura posts a list of conspiracy theories and links to several very interesting websites. This is a
wonderful website, and all the more interesting since Orwell described himself as a "social democrat." Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002, By Mike Ward, January 2, 2003. NASA and the Reptilian Overlords, by Ted Tweitmeyer, February 10, 2004 Here's a list of modern psychology theories that may or may not be conspiracies... rather hard to tell. The most concise overviews of what the American free press presents as evidence are at with Alex Jones and the all inclusive Catherine Austin-Fitts' Drug War Research and her Solari Action Network doesn't fit the mold for conspiracy
 criteria, but her drug war co-author Cop v. CIA Michael Ruppert's Voice From The Wilderness is cited by many American conspiracy theorists,
 and he's often accused of being one. The Late Great Mike Ruppert is also being accused of endorsing NWO objectives in his last book about
Peak Oil where he supposedly supports global depopulation. 9/11 Researcher John Kaminski at Serendipity calls Ruppert a shill for the oil companies. Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam While Moscow invests heavily in unlimited oil production for the future, New York squanders
America's dwindling oil profits on fast cars and fast women, by Joe Vialls, 25 August 2004 Peak Oil Is a Scam to Promote World Depopulation by David McGowan, October 12, 2004 Revisiting the Limits to Growth- AndEnergy Whitepaper (pdf) by Mathew R. Simmons, October 2000.(The Club of Rome predicted "peak oil" in 1972.) Australian Daily Issues Paper features several editorialists worth reading. Wooo, spooky.3. The secret society theories Secret Societies at (borrowed from The ACL has confirmed that Free and Accepted Freemasonry played a major role in the American Revolution. We explore it on our American's History page.
It is the basis for the conspiratorial revolutionary relationship between the Americans, the French, and the Prussians, all of whom were conspiring against
British and Dutch control over global trade. British, Scottish, French and Bavarian Freemasonry played a very significant role in the French Revolution
 and the American Civil War. For some odd reason the true history of freemasonry is not only ignored, it's openly ridiculed. Freemasons are connected to every level of the Imperialist's conspiracy to control world trade, on both sides. There are actually hundreds of secret societies
 operational across the planet. Some of their roots go all the way back to Imperial Rome and Vienna. Spying and treasonous activities have been professions
for thousands of years. All major imperialist players employ spies and agitators. In the U.S. it's called the CIA, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, and many
others. In the British Empire it's called the London Society, the Royal Society, M-15, M-16, and the Fabian Society. Britian is also home to the Rothschild
 banking conglomorate that took over the Bank of England after Napoleon lost at Waterloo in 1815. The British Empire employs a domestic spy agency.
The U.S. is doing everything it can to do the same thing to its citizens. Secret societies could also describe everything from the Vatican's security corps
 to the Israeli Mossad's hitmen. The Israeli spy network associated with AIPAC and the US Pentagon is currently under investigation by the FBI. The Scottish Rite's KKK Project by Anton Chaitkin. (Anton Chaitkin is one of the best historical researchers we've found, and his work was immensely
 helpful in the beginning. He is also the History Editor for Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), Lyndon La Rouche's newspaper. We think LaRouche,
with his communist origins, is part of the dialectic.) PLAY AROUND WITH: Secret Societies by Meta-Religion. The Origin of Freemasonry by Thomas Paine (1805). A Concise History of Freemasonry by the Old Epsomian Lodge 3561, London, England. Freemasonry: "Masonry", "The Brotherhood", "The Lodge", "The Craft" by J. Dominguez, M.D. Famous Freemasons OLD EPSOMIAN LODGE 3561 Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention, held September 11, 1830. Thoughtfully provided by Letters on the Masonic
Institution by John Quincy Adams. © 1996 Acacia Press, Incorporated. MONTAGUE, MASSACHUSETTS. Originally Published: © 1847 T. R. Marvin, BOSTON,
 MASSACHUSETTS Seekers Links for Freemasonry-NWO-Illuminati. From the Shriners, Frederick the Great, and His Relations with Masonry and Other Secrete Societies. Also, some interesting notes from
Catholic Encyclopedia on Frederick and goings-on in Prussia. The European Illuminati by Vernon L. Stauffer Ph.D. CHAPTER III THE EUROPEAN ORDER OF THE ILLUMINATI. 1. THE RISE AND
THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE ORDER. The Knights of Malta Cephas Ministry has an extensive list of links from a Biblical perspective, samples below: Massachusetts Freemasons present CHIP : CHild Identification Program Watch Pair on the Belmont Brotherhood. Christian Pastors as Freemasons US Presidential Masons. Masked man enters, attacks Bohemian Grove by Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Bohemian Grove photo taken in 1909. Alex Jones at
 produced an "underground" video of his recent Bohemian Grove infilitration. posts a long list of these century old photgraphs.
Fair-Extra! November/December 1991 Inside Bohemian Grove: The Story People Magazine Won't Let You Read. A nice historical overview of Freemasonry at Contender 4. British Support for American Conspiracy Theories Claims that the One-World conspiracy is "British" by Peter Myers, May 19, 2004; update January 20, 2005. The Rise and Fall of the British Empire (Part 1) By Tim Hughes at Nerve-Promoting Grassroots Arts and Culture in Merceyside.
(This is the link to the picture of the British Empire at the top of this page if you can google it. ALL URLS INCLUDING OURS SLOWLY BEING BANNED) Down With Murder Inc. Introduction to Conspiratorial History by Michael Haupt. 5. Do Americans have any legitimate concerns? Gun-Wielding Cops Conduct Drug Sweep At School, Drug Sweep Finds No Drugs, KSAT, POSTED: 3:52 p.m. EST November 7, 2003. Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap at the Populist Party, May 25, 2005. Prior Knowledge of Sept. 11 Not Just Urban Legend Posted Sept. 10, 2002 By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, Insight Magazine. As I Learn asks and answers a few questions. John F. Kennedy v. the Federal Reserve. The History of the Betrayal of the Republic and the Dismantling of America or Who Killed Lady Liberty, by Lady Liberty, on her death bed. Online Qaida Mag Calls For Hunting of Americans "An Internet journal purportedly issued by al-Qaida asked why Muslims haven't heeded a call to hunt down
Americans." April 27, 2005, By MAGGIE MICHAEL, Netscape News with CNN, posted at ID Cards Open letter to the Anti-Defamation League from Jamey Hecht, Assistant Managing Editor of From The Wilderness Publications. Deepblacklies - The Octupus FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders posted by On the other side we have the 9/11 families for a secure america. Real life imitates conspiracy theories by Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia. Wiki has a nice overview of the New World Order Conspiracy from the point of view
 of the Hegelian thinkers who obviously influence Wiki's slant. Wiki erased all trace of the ACL off their communitarian definition page. We posted the first definition
at their site back when there was nothing on the communitarian page, now there's not even a exit link to us. We disappeared. Yet they link to Mike Ruppert and David Icke.
We find that very interesting. (Update 1/5/05: Wikipedia put our link back up on their communitarian page. Thanks Wiki!) We also see from their NWO-Political page
their attitude toward "redistribution of wealth on a global scale." Here's what they say about the League of Nations. ABC 7 News- Chambers fears suspension put chill on whistleblowing April 11, 2004. I Hate USA Anti-American and Anti-USA site (in English). A Flag is Not a Blindfold--ARE AMERICANS A VICTIM OF A HOAX? FLAG is not a BLINDFOLD art
We've read many versions of the alien theory since we first started this work. The basic belief is that aliens took over planet earth a way long time ago, and the
communitarian NWO is their conception. None of it can be verified beyond very compelling first-hand accounts. Much of the alien theory is interwoven with
verifiable and documented research about the NWO. We are highly suspicious of the alien theory because it too easily discredits all alternative politcal
 research (like ours) that can be substantiated. Some people are convinced the white race is an alien race, others are sure Ashkenazi Jews are aliens,
and I'm sure there are people of color who have been defined as aliens too. The detailed descriptions of two species, namely the greys and the reptiles,
is fascinating and entirely possible, just not plausible. I think it's a straw man that takes the focus off the real humans who are in control.
 Atlantis is also included in the alien theory. Jeff Rense is a popular conspiracy theory WEB HOST (click <=== THERE) radio show host. His websites include all the alien theories right along with the "human theories."
 His contributors list includes several writers and researchers the ACL respects, including Barry Chamish, Charlotte Iserbyt, and Henry Makow. Aliens Child Pornography and the greys Cosmic Paradigm Dulce and the Takeover of Earth Compiled by "TEC", "TAL" and "Ann West" The Atlantis Book Science Update: Jews Really Are Aliens Humor/Parody; Posted on: 2003-09-18 08:47:38 by Ben Parker David Icke interview: Aliens among us. This is the reptillian theory. Who IS David Icke? Alien Types: Alien 111. The A-Zs of Alien species 7. American skeptics Tim Callahans' work is at: The Center for an Informed America began writing a Special Conspiracy Theory Edition on January 12, 2003. We're looking forward to Part II. "Crank Dot Net is devoted to presenting Web sites by and about cranks, crankism, crankishness, and crankosity. All cranks, all the time." 8. The Police State Theories Homeland Security Homepage at Northeast Intelligence Network. Global Emergency Management System State of Missouri State Emergency Management Agency Alex Jones Presents to fight the New World Order Michael Levanthal's Privacy Watch. 9. The Draft Theories The Draft is Back? "Universal National Service Act of 2003" (H.R. 163 - S.89) by Berit Kjos with Virginia Birt Baker, Charlotte Iserbyt and Mary Thompson, November 7, 2003. President's Council on Service and Civic Participation. Councilmembers include communitarian Robert D. Putnam, "a Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy
at Harvard University, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and public policy.
He is the founder of the Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America, a program that brings together leading practitioners and thinkers for a multiyear
 discussion to develop broad-scale, actionable ideas to fortify the nation's civic connectedness. Before coming to Harvard in 1979, Putnam taught at the
University of Michigan and served on the staff of the National Security Council. Raised in a small town in the Midwest, Putnam graduated from Swarthmore
 College in 1963, attended Balliol College, Oxford, and received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1970. Putnam has authored or co-authored 10 books and
more than 30 scholarly works, including Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (2000)." 10. The Sovereignty Theories Johnny Liberty. (Update Jan 2006- Johnny Liberty has been arrested and is jailed in Hawaii. I met him in Seattle through a friend who has tried many
 different ways to become "enlightened." He's a new age guy who thinks he's a God who will never die, thanks to the bizarre teachings of the reincarnated
 St. Germain. My friend took me to the federal courthouse where a tax trial was going on against some associates of Mr. Liberty. I fully support the work
of Bob Schultz and We the People Foundation, so I tried very hard to understand John's "program." When it became clear he was not interested in repaying
 me in kind by studying communitarian law, and then I learned he supported some very invasive new communitarian programs, I lost interest in him. It doesn't
 suprise me at all to see him in jail now. There is a whole group of people down in Seattle called The Aware Group who charge suckers $5000.00 to teach
them how to "eliminate" their credit card debts in what looked to me to be some very shady ways. Apparently authorities in Hawaii were also not impressed
 with Mr. Liberty's tactics for obtaining "freedom." I would strongly caution Americans from investing in any freedom movement that promises the way to
freedom is to "cheat the other guy and pass the savings off to you." There are many facets to the sovereignty "movement," and while many require a giant leap of faith in someone elses research, others appear to be
very credible and worth reading. I'll try to find a few good ones to add to this section. 11. The 9-11 Conspiracies Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? By Steven E. Jones, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84604.
 "ABSTRACT: In writing this paper, I call for a serious investigation of the hypothesis that WTC 7 and the Twin Towers were brought down,
not just by damage and fires, but through the use of pre-positioned explosives. I consider the official FEMA, NIST, and 9-11 Commission reports
 that fires plus damage alone caused complete collapses of all three buildings. And I present evidence for the explosive-demolition hypothesis,
which is suggested by the available data, testable and falsifiable, and yet has not been analyzed in any of the reports funded by the US government." Coinicidence or Conspiracy? Glen Beck has pictures of the US twenty dollar bill and other funny money strangeness. Agents Provocateur? By John Kaminski is a great overview of the debate and conflicts within the 9/11 research community. Our research included studying the merger between the Departments of Justice and Defense in 1999. We had a copy of the Joint DOD-DOJ Technology Report
 published in 1999. It described how the police and the soldier basically do the same job now, so they should share all technology, weapons, and training.
We researched the DOJ-COPS program and the COMPASS program. We read many reports that established a "need" for a balancing of certain American laws that prohibited the US military from actions against civilians.
U.S. domestic State and County and Municipal police were all LOCAL agencies elected by and/or answerable to the local citizenry. COPS is an international
police peacekeeping program that employs prior U.S. military troops (TroopsMore), Mossad "urban" terrorist/combat teachers and KGB domestic spying advisors. Our opinion? Well, first off, since 9/11 happened, every domestic police/military program we studied has been passed into law. Was 9/11 a conspiracy?
 Most definitely there was a secret plan to blow us up. Did the 9/11 Commission Report consider all the evidence (or what was left of it)?
 Most definitely not. If you asked us today, "Was 9/11 part of the Imperialist Plans?" we'd have to answer with the only question we have anymore,
 which is, How could it possibly not be? June 12, 2005 -- From Peter Myer's elist: -- Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition And 'Inside Job' By Greg Szymanski.
 "Highly recognized former chief economist in Labor Department now doubts official 9/11 story, claiming suspicious facts and evidence cover-up indicate
government foul play and possible criminal implications." "For Much More Information on the 911 Conspiracy (aka "the Reichstag Fire/Pearl Harbor/Tonkin Gulf Resolution/Remember the Maine/Remember the Alamo"
 methods) to propagandize the populations into war fever), check out some of the websites below:"" Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? by Morgan Reynolds. Code Name Grillfire is "United States Defense Department Intelligence Operative "Grillfire" aka US Government Federal Agent Timothy S. McNiven;
 in 1976 I took part in a Democratic - Republican Political Party US Congressional Commissioned Military Study to Improve US Air Travel Security
while stationed on Strassberg Kasern in Idar-Oberstein,W.Germany assigned to C-Battery 2/81st FA, US Army 1975-76. The purpose of the Study
was to Identify Security Lapses and Submit Corrective Actions to the US Congress; on September 11,2001 the Security Lapses that were used to
carry out the Attacks were the same ones that were submitted to the US Congress for Correcting "25 Years" before." Bush Implicates Bush at which provides a link to 9-11 Activists Without a Clue? on 31 March 2004. A look at the 9/11 Truth Statement signers by Brian Salter,, 31 January 2005 (updated 1 February). 9/11-All the proof you need at (Forwarded on Peter Myer's elist April 22, 2005.) JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together by Jon Phalen, NYC, 22 November 2003, 24 November 2003. (Update: Mr. Phalen responded to this link to his work. As a result of our email
 exchanges, we both learned more about how to present our opinions. The ACL is most grateful to Jon for his assistance in making our position clearer.) has a very long page of articles and research on 9/11. Was 9/11 a U.S. Plot? No, but Such Wild Theories Gain Surprising Attention in Europe by Ian Johnson, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal, December 2003. "The Left's Attacks on 9-11 Skeptics," has a great list of rebuttals against the 9-11 conspiracy dialetic, from Peter Myers. Debunking Conspiracy Theorists-Paranoid Fantasies About 911 Detract From Real Issues by Gerard Holmgren (c. 2003) is almost too funny. Dov Zakheim's Homeland Security biz and the remote control of aircraft. 12. Christian Conspiracy Theories Apparently, it's totally okay to mock and ridicule the Christians. Persecuting them for their beliefs will never be a hate crime. In fact, laws against Christians
who practice their religion in public places actually legalizes their persecution. See, February 13, 2005 Persecution of "incorrect"
 Christians continues by Jon Jay Ray. Kjos Ministries American Babylon Part 5. with Jackie Patru. Cephas Ministries. Seek God. Interesting research on the Council for National Policy (CNP). Templar History 13. Jewish Conspiracy Theories Please note: This is the most controversial (and potentially dangerous) topic area. Under new international laws it is increasingly becoming a hate crime to imply
some Jews lie. The whole issue is very skewed, and filled with some very rude materials, which makes it difficult to see through the propaganda and
find verifiable research. In the U.S. we have the First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and of the Press. Yet even here, clearly, to differ with the
 official version of the Jewish Holocaust, to discuss Jewish control of the media, or especially to study U.S.-Israeli policy and impacts on current global
 policies and objectives in the Middle East is all absolutely taboo. There is much proof of Jewish influence on the world, and much of it is positive. Like
every other modern Western culture, the Jews have their rich elites who benefit from having their actions obscured. Zionism is not necessarily a Jewish
platform since many Christians support it too. US taxes most certainly support it, although many Jewish Rabbis and religious Jews are totally against a Jewish State. Madonna opens Hotel Kabbalah By David Sanderson and Luke David, Evening Standard, 9 June 2005. (Warnings about the Kaballah Center by Josh Simon.
"What is Kabbalah? Simply, it is a way for individuals to connect with God by being like God. Imitation is much more than flattery-it is the ticket to immortality.
Kabbalah posits that the spark that is the human soul can be elevated until it merges back into the endless, eternal light that we call God.") Scholarly research on Zionism Neither Aryan nor Jew by Peter Myers, an Australian researcher of the highest caliber. He presents massive historical evidence, research and discussions
 linking Zionists to the Russian Revolution and other world events. Peter's presentations of the issue surrounding Zionism are by far the best (and most scholarly)
we've found. We appreciate his non-racist sentiments and refusal to stoop to ad hominem attacks on groups. His focus is on historical evidence.
When we wrote and asked him for his opinion of Chamish, he replied that although Chamish supports Zionism, his willingness to speak before the
Holocaust Revisionists (which was cancelled) proves Chamish is at least willing to open up a dialogue. has the most extensive research available online regarding Who's Who in American Jewry. Barry Chamish, an Israeli Jew is the author of several books and tapes, including Who Murdered Yitzak Rabin?. He looks at the situation in
Israel and the Bush-Sharon neocons from an Israeli nationalist perspective. I found his research to be invaluable. Come and Hear by Carol A. Valentine is a thorough examination of the Talmud. Henry Makow, Ph.d We Hold These Truths Jewish Persecution by Jackie Patru. International Perspectives Ukrainian Archives. This site has been charged with hate crimes. Palestine Remembered. Altermedia-Worldwide News for People of European Descent. Sites we're just not so sure about Israel US Spying at Jeff Rense Pirate News, link from Ted Friedman. Like too many websites and writers, this site uses the term "Jewish" to identify neocon players, narrowing the
 focus in such a way that it gives the ADL credibility. While we understand the Zionist connections to be very significant, we do NOT agree with using
Jewish as a rude label to target the globalists. To us, the NWO uses every religion to help further a case for a strong global government. We do not
know exactly why the U.S. Constitution is being balanced against the Talmud. It makes no sense. Yet nobody will explain it for us. It's treated the
same way as communitarian law. It's deathly silent out there. The religious dialectic is such a fine line for the conspiratorial view, and we appreciate
 information that comes to us from outside the dialectic, without stooping to blaming any one group of people for the plan. Ad hominem attacks feed
the conflict ideology, it plays directly into the us v. them crap that permeates so much of modern American thought. Divide and conquer is not a
 conspiracy theory either. 14. The Arab-Muslim Conspiracy According to the U.S. President and his minions, this is the only official conspiracy allowed. The Arab world hates American freedoms. Arab-Muslim resistance to expanding U.S.-Israeli-British hegemony in the Middle East has nothing to do with the
Arab-Zionist conflict. Zionist academic opinions about Islamic fundamentalists totally justifies the War on Terror/Islam. Arab opinions don't count and their
journalists are biased. Official American news about the wars is the only un-biased news reporting in the world. Imbedded reporters who get their reports
from Army PR officers are objective. And for Heaven's sake, the phony "Peak-oil crisis," bin Laden's oil business ties to President Bush, Sadaam Husseins
relationship with the CIA and Rumsfield, other Arab-Muslim radical's ties to the CIA and U.S. Forces, private-corporate security forces in Iraq,
 sex scandals in Bosnia, Israeli-AIPEC spies in the Pentagon, Israeli spies in the FBI, Israel's nukes, Iraq's 1925 Constitution, Syria's Haifa pipeline,
 U.S. military support for Israel since 1949, and most especially the history of European colonialism in the Mideast, all have nothing to do with anything. A. Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction Theory: Search for Banned Arms In Iraq Ended Last Month. Critical September Report to Be Final Word by Dafna Linzer,Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 12, 2005; Page A01 B. Only Arabs are terrorists theories: A Vast Conspiracy. Nothing funny about this top-ten list. By Steven Stalinsky at the National Review. Reprinted by Likud of Holland which has
 many more links to Arab conspiracy news, including Palestinian and Arab extremism. Diana and Arab Conspiracy by Daniel Pipes and Hilal Khashan Weekly Standard, November 10, 1997. 6/01/04. Due to our getting so many searches lately, we've added information on Nick Berg at Nick Berg's Killing: 50 Fishy Circumstances,
Contradictory Claims, and Videotape Anomalies (Politics) by decon recon. C.The Arab views: Clarity and Resolve Twentyfirst Century Jews at ICSSA. Political Prisoners at US war crimes : how troops tortured Iraqi prisoners Al jazeera is an Arab news station. Controversial for it's pro-Arab reporting and showing brutal pictures of the war,
 it was bombed during the U.S. invasion of Iraq. List of wanted Jewish terrorists submitted to Israeli government by the Palestinian Authority in August 2001 at Electric Intifada D. The International views: US War Crimes, An International Vow of Silence by Ghali Hassan posted at, 10 June 2005 Terrorism in Palestine, UK. Israeli terrorists arrested in the USA Pravda, Russia. E. The communitarian views: F. Patty Hearst and the SLA INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING- DONALD DeFREEZE WAS FIRST BLACK PATSY IN SECRET GOVT. PLAN TO TAKE OVER U.S. by Mae Brussel
l and Stephanie Caruana, Berkeley Barb/APS in 1974. 15. The Banker/Fed/IRS/Theories The Final Call to Power The Banking Scam and Corporate Cosmos Born to Power Secrets of the Federal Reserve We the People Congress Congressman Louis T. McFadden's testimony and charges against the Federal Reserve Bank. 15a. The Bilderberg/G-8/Club of Rome Theories: The High Priests of Globalization Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory By Jonathan Duffy, BBC News Online Magazine 16. The Communist Conspiracy Theory My personal favorite "phantom conspiracy." From Henry Makow ( we learn The Highlander Center was founded in 1932 to serve as an adult education center for community workers
involved in social and economic justice movements, but according to the FBI " the school was cited for conducting subversive activities by the state of
Tennessee, and closed by court order in 1960." The 2nd Revolutionary Army of the USA Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was started by a Fabian socialist and works for the creation of a one world government. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels (1848). Erdogan Shakes Hands With Kocharian Of Armenia Turkish Press, 5/10/2005. Down With Any Elite by Joost van Steenis. Mr. Steenis is a former communist who's neither right or left. The Public Eye: Website of Political Research Associates is a progressive organization that supports international law over constitutional law. Anyone
who opposes balancing U.S. law against communist social justice is a conspirator, and their five rules common to conspiracy theorists includes: "Seeming
enemies are actually secret friends. Through the lens of the conspiracy theorists, capitalists and Communists work hand in hand." The Public Eye defines
The Dynamics of Conspiracism as : "The dynamic of conspiracist scapegoating is remarkably predictable. Persons who claim special knowledge of a plot
 warn their fellow citizens about a treacherous subversive conspiracy to attack the common good. What's more, the conspiracists announce, the plans
 are nearing completion, so that swift and decisive action is needed to foil the sinister plot. In different historical periods, the names of the
scapegoated villains change, but the essentials of this conspiracist worldview remain the same." [ The Public Eye definition places us squarely in the wacko camp along with American property rights organizations and other Americans defending
the Bill of Rights. We definately aren't warning of a plot to attack the "common good," but we do write about communists working with all sorts of
Americans to destroy individual liberty. Okay -- we admit it -- Marx and Engels never wrote anything, neither did Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin or Mao.
We made up the whole Communist Manifesto and U.N. Agenda 21. Hegel also never wrote about the dialectic, nobody ever died in a communist
purge, and the Soviet Union was always a lovely, perfect place to live. Queen Beatrix's Court and the Earth Charter don't really exist,
and the U.N.'s Russian poster boy Mikhail Gorbachev was never a communist either.] The Naked Communist by Cleon Skoussen (1958). Thanks to Ilana Mercer we found this link to Noon Tide Press's Conspiracy, Communism and Zionism book list. A few of the books we cite are on this list.
 Noon Tide Press sells politically incorrect historical revisionist books, and according to Mercer, who is "Foaming at the mouth over Israel," this site
"even tucks some legitimate stuff amidst the nutty material." Wormser, Rene A. Foundations: Their Power and Influence. Sevierville TN: Covenant House Books, 1993. 412 pages. First published in 1958 by
Devin-Adair Company, New York. "In 1952, Congress commissioned the Cox Committee to investigate U.S. foundations. In 1953 it was the
Reece Committee, and the author of this book was its general counsel. Wormser concedes that "the emphasis on a search for organized Communist
penetration of foundations absorbed much of the energy of the investigators and detracted somewhat from the efficacy of their general inquiry
 into 'subversion'" (page 177). He is more interested in an emerging "elite" that has control of gigantic financial resources: "An unparalleled amount
of power is concentrated increasingly in the hands of an interlocking and self-perpetuating group. Unlike the power of corporate management,
it is unchecked by stockholders; unlike the power of government, it is unchecked by the people; unlike the power of churches, it is unchecked by
 any firmly established canons of value." (page viii) Elitist Sentiments Threatening Liberties by Senator Barry Goldwater (1979). 17. The New World Order Conspiracy Theories Here's a taste of some of the most "elaborate discourse" of United Nations dominance on the net. Funny how this American woman's conspiracy site
has provided the ACL with (by far) the most accurate and up to date coverage of all the actions suggested by the United Nations and its NGO
affiliates, and we were able to corroborate everything we read produced by Joan Veon and the Women's Group about the U.N., with the U.N.'s
own published documents. Leaders, Celebrities, Organizations Call for World Government September 11, 2003, By S. B. Gordon, NEW YORK (Rooters). World Service:What is the World Government of World Citizens? INTERNATIONAL PARTY FOR THE WORLD GOVERNMENT by Toshio Suzuki, May 1997, WORLD GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE Capitalism Magazine has a lot of articles against the UN, but not one article about comunitarianism or Etzioni. They also feature articles by Daniel Pipes. Global Vision-Communicating Sustainability. Neither Aryan nor Jew by Peter Myers in Australia. Henry Lamb's Timeline to Global Governance is a great source for considering the claims of theorists opposed to the creation of a global government. "the history the government doesn't want you to learn". UN Free Zones with Daniel New. Vyzgoth From the Grassy Knoll. The Earth Charter & the Ark of the Gaia Covenant, brought to us by the Illuminati Conspiracy. This conspiracy site has some very interesting quotes
and links to the pagan issues the ACL mostly avoids. Did Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev both really say the Earth Charter is like the Ten Commandments? The International Association of Hetrosexual Rights has a list of all Maurice Strong's Speeches from 1993-1998, and they link straight to his 2002
speech before the U.S. Senate. The University of Georgia posts an article about Gorbachev by Larry B. Dendy where Gorbachev DOES call the Earth
 Charter "an international legal code based on a list of "environmental Ten Commandments."" Is the University of Georgia part of the "conspiracy theory" too? The New World Order (NWO)An Overview By Ken Adachi. This site ties the NWO to everyone and follows David Ike's work to include aliens as participants in the plot. Cutting Edge 18. ChemTrails/Health Related Theories AIDS. Chemtrails Over Ontario, Canada at A Petition to the Canadian House of Commons: The Government's Response regarding Chem Trails. Medical Emergency Health Act (MEPA) HAARP, and HAARP- Weapons of Mass Destruction and Raytheon beam controls mobs Mamta Popat / Arizona Daily Star 19. Miscellaneous theories pretty much sums up the whole conspiracy theory in emblems. Long Bets-Predictions (not exactly conspiracy theory but an interesting concept for posting them online) Frontier Survival Concentration Camps for Americans Introduction to Sociopathy. "The descriptor 'sociopathy' is applicable to the social behaviour of any group of people who adopt a belief system
 that causes them to behave collectively in an anti-social or anti-communitarian manner." Extremism at Meta-Religions. Insect uprisings University of Toronto Fraud. Burning Man Zero Population Growth Child support Thinking Peace by Mikhail Gorbachev 20. Witchcraft/Alchemy/Mysticism/New Age Theories: AMRC Rosicution Order The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave- CHAPTER 12. THE SCIENCE OF EXTERNAL CONTROLS By
Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler at Educate-Yourself, The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought. Numerology/Symbolism Corporate Symbology Iraq War Based on Occult Numerology Madonna-Kaballah Tree of Life WICCA What Is Wicca? Witchcraft Paganism Nostradamus Harry Potter United Nations Aquarian Age Madame Blavatsky Luciferians The Godless Sodomites that run Hollywood Edgar Casey Ramtha Saint Germain Shamanism Tarot I-Ching Astrology Psychics Pipe Ceremonies/Indian rituals Paranormal at Meta-Religions New "religions": Al Gore And The Cult of GAIA by Cliff Kincaid Honey, They've Just Greened the Kids by Joyce Morrison Temple of Understanding Movement for a Beloved Community Christian Science - Mary Baker Eddy Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, a great discussion of Scientology at Earhard Seminar Training (EST) Marianne Williamson - Course in Miracles Williamson's later books openly embrace Communitarian "values." Urantia Book Joeseph Smith- Mormons Jehovah's Witnesses World Council of Churches Dialogue Ireland Ancient Religions Ancient Religions and Myths at Meta-Religions The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah Mysterious Death theories: History is filled with asassinations, plots, coups, and conspiracies. According to modern day scholars, the only people who do such terrible things
 anymore are Islamic terrorists. Today, all fishy circumstances that imply otherwise are meaningless. Royals: Assasinations: OLEF PALME, Swedish President French King and Queen 1789 Russian Tzar and family 1918 Accidents: Princess Grace of Monaco: Princess Diana and (Arab friend) Important Americans: Friedrich List 1846 Alexander Hamilton 1804 Freemason whistleblower 1836 U.S. Presidents: Asassinations: Abraham Lincoln --Asassin: John Wilkes Booth Mckinley, William 1901 --Asassin: Polish Fabian JFK 1963 --Asassin: Lee Harvey Oswald --Asassin: Jack Ruby RFK year (candidate) --Asassin: Sirhan Sirhan Accident/illness: U.S. Congressmen Close Proximity to Bush James Hatfield. Margie Schoedinger Close Proximity to JFK's Assasination Convenient Deaths, 1963 - 1976 Close Proximity to the Clintons JFK Jr. List of dead bodyguards Religious leaders Malcom X Martin Luther King Jr. Mohatma Ghandi Movie Stars/Musicians: Marilyn Monroe The Fat Guys of SNL Sharon Tate Kurt Cobain Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Elvis Presley Judy Garland River Phoenix Michael Jackson (a fate worse than death) John Lennon James Dean Kidnapping: The Lindbergh baby Serial Killers: Ted Bundy Charles Manson Organized Crime Cults and Organized Crime Plane Crashes Atomobile Accidents General George Patton Buddy Holly Stevie Ray Vaughn Scientists Suicides: Oklahoma City More bombs Undisclosed FBI discovery documents David Koresh Janet Reno Branch Dividians DELTA forces Texas Rangers Investigation-Pyrotechnics Jim Jones Suicide cults Ruby Ridge Whores of Babylon Randy Weaver Gerry Spemce FBI William Cooper CIA experiments Sex Slaves Santanic Child Abuse Essays on child slavery, child pornography and sex trafficking, mind control, secret societies, ritual abuse, psychiatric abuse and government programming from the survivor's perspective. All accusations are alleged. Child Pornography Gaia Sexual Abuse Child Prostitution Missing Children Israeli asassinations: Palestinian/Arab/Muslim assasinations New Sciences: Sustainable development Anthropology Eugenics Ethnology Sociology Socio-economics Global Warming Rewilding America New Planets: U.S. scandals/cover-ups Iran-Contra Watergate Savings and Loan Enron Haliburton-Cheney U.N. Troops Clinton's "Watergate" Clinton's Arkansas drug connection Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal Geraldine Ferraro Iraqi tortures El Salvadorean death squads CIA in Guatemala, Chile, etc. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba U.S.S. Liberty Prescott Bush's Congressional Investigations International scandals/cover-ups U.S. Concentration Camps WWII Japanese prison camps WWII German prison camps Privatized prisons Suspicious camps Road signs Red list-blue list Traitors/treason Aaron Burr Benedict Arnold Rosenburgs Whitaker Chambers/Alger Hiss Jonathan Pollard
NOT "THE HEROES INDEX" GUYS Other terrorist theories = Militias Little did we know when we first challenged the legality of unwarranted new police searches of private homes in 1999
that we would be defined as conspiracy theorists. We were accused of it soon after we started asking Seattle government
 specific legal questions about the community mapping and data-gathering plan in our neighborhood. We were a designated
 pilot test of new enforcement procedures included in our British- U.N. Local Agenda 21 land management plan, and we wanted
 out of the test. It was our understanding of U.S. law that U.S. state citizens are NOT required to participate in human
subject's research without our prior knowledge and express written permission. Seattle government and King County
 public servants refused to answer any of our EXACT questions about the new program, and they absolutely refused
 to give us access to our individual files (in violation of the Privacy Act of 1974). When we refused to stop asking about
 the data-gathering operations and the illegal files, and we connected the program to the DoJ and communitarian-community
 policing objectives, everyone began calling us wacko conspiracy theorists. (These "non-existant" files recently surfaced
in a Seattle v. Sisley court case-Dec-2003). It took us a while before we included the theory in our research (we were sure the only thing making us appear crazy
was the city's program). Today we are convinced the modern conspiracy theory label was manufactured
 by Fabian scholars to discredit anyone who has the audacity to question the basis for new U.S. or U.N.
government laws and programs. While there are certainly some wacky websites out there, many of the
ridiculed sites are legitimate American researchers answering their own questions, which is what we were
 forced to do here after our representative, "democratic" government blew us off. It's not a coincidence that
the conspiracy theory "topic" list continues to grow, and ACL work apparently fits the vast inclusion of everyone
questioning government PR releases. The Communitarian Network used the "theorist" label to discredit
our anti-communitarian stance... but they didn't even try to say we made them up. And we're sorry,
 we can't avoid the fact that the Rothschild bank funded the Clinton-Gore Democratic Leadership Council,
or that the DLC's primary goal is to "define the Third Way." StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter copyright © 2001-2004, Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich
 (The Anti-Communitarian League) banned site, DISAPPEARED FROM NET DEC 2018.
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