The INTERNET is the perfect place to launch your writing career. ANYTHING you write will get published and people all over the planet will google your SUBJECT's search terms (you put it in your META TEXT,) and they will read you. Also, you still own it. They didn't pay you or buy it so when it's online, you can start selling it to magazines by SHOWING it in its ONLINE mode, to magazines. To PUBLISHERS even, NYC real deep pockets PUBLISHERS. Give the editor there the TITLE, a sentence that summarizes that piece & give him the URL. Even if you mail in hard copy, include your other online URLS or submit articles on a CD or floppy and in your BIO, hurl the many, mighty URLS.

As a beginning writer, start with easy, breezy subjects that have appeal to the INTERNET 18-40 singles set as they have the most free time to google around. Perhaps you've observed how it is that POPULAR people got to be that way, what they did, how they show up. Audiences love articles on how to be beautiful, popular rich or adored.Sure, it's trite, but you will publish it and get your name in lights and get read. First publish it perhaps at your own website. Then, you'll submit it to sites with themes like Singles Life, Courtship and Marriage, finding similar or at least, abutting interests. SOCIALLY PIQUANT WRITING will be controversial in nature so it will appeal to only half the people walking around. The rest will come after you with a hatchet.

Here are some tips on becoming really good at getting accepted:1.) EMULATE THE BIG GUYS. Know whose writing you adore. Internet-search to find every scrap that's published. Read and re-read it. Take notes on what they do that's quirky and interesting. Copying their tone is okay for a beginner. One editor in a hundred will realize you've borrowed style embellishments. .Play with it. Do one article the way Erna Bombeck wrote. Do one like PJ O'ROURKE writes. Better, Read DAVID SEDARIS. MARK TWAIN whose funniest piece was on ODD RELIGIONS.  George Bernard Shaw an early socialist mixed compassionate progressiveness with a dry, acerb, witty, aloof tone and never played a harp. Keep switching tones, authors and upgrading until you find the real you. Don't get stuck being ERNA or PJ. Learn to be a chameleon, an author of a thousand faces.

B.) GO FOR THE BURN! Find issues that are hot hot hot. Two years ago in 2006, that would be 16 Intelligence agencies in DC all agreeing that the Iraq war will make everybody hate us yet BUSH going ahead on it and why he might have done so. Argue both sides of your view point.  Today, a hot controvery would be Russia and her warring to protect her oil pipeline and her satellites from foreign encroachment. Might be the Gaza strip bombing & the future of the Western Settlements, the whole Palestinian/ Israeli land question.

C.) ILLUSTRATE YOUR POINTS. When you write, add a graphic. If it were politics add the map that sells your point. Append graphics that really sell your point. Use IRFANVIEW, free software to resize your graphics. Have software that allows for easy insertio of graphics. NETSCAPE COMPOSER works for me. It's in my NETSCAPE browser. It is an HTM file editor. HTM is what the entire net uses for instant viewability.

C.) BORROW FREEBIE QUOTES FROM THE EXPERTS. No one is going to come after you if you quote the experts on that issue. Pull their own words from their online articles, stick the quotes in yours, mention their name and the works they've done. If they are googling themselves some sunny day and they see it, they will love you for it. Frequently authors search on their name, find what you've mentioned it and will come see what else you've done. A lot of famous people will get a vague idea that you're out there. The day you  do a book, you  can go to them for a jacket quote. Who knows, Hillary may read your article and call you in to intern for her in the State Department. It could happen!

D.) Do a WEBSITE YOURSELF. It's 3$ a month to have a website, with domain name free. You can always have a live link to the BIG FAMOUS website that posted your article. If you write on three subjects, DRAK.NET, a fabulous webhost, gives you 3 websites and domain names for 5$ a month. Can't beat it. Go to MY "FIND A WEB HOST " article, don't use GoDaddy as they can empty your bank account if they don't like something you said. No use paying someone to censor you and take your money, both! If you write about singles life, find a catchy domain name nobody ever used. SINGLEMINGLE. or MATE-SEEKERS.ORG. If you write about WORLD AFFAIRS, maybe WORLDINMIND.ORG with a big graphic of a spinning orb. Test your pals to see if they can remember the name an hour after you spoke it to them. Don't pick a word that makes your eyes cross when you read it. Make it real easy to remember! HULU and U-TUBE really cut it, GOOGLE too. Unforgettable single words!

WHAT DO I GET? There's supposedly no money on the internet. Well, the first result of writing for the internet is that you get yourself a good google. A year ago, I googled my name I got 900 instances. Today 2014, it's 10,400. To shake the other ANITA SANDS, Irish Economist, I had to use my married name, becoming ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ. That suddenly gave me a lot better stat as I put that unique name on every article I had ever written, going back a decade, and RELOADING THEM (FTP) Google that name in quotes.

I google myself to see if my stats are growing and stumbled upon a VIDEO on me talking about marrying well, which  I don't recall making. "How to attract a man and get married" its theme. I don't look so hot in this video! Now I know what Pamela Anderson feels like.

HAVING a good google statistic won't make you rich or popular but when you show all your online articles to Mom, it'll make her proud. And when you show it to your date, it will sure get you admiring sweethearts! And if you really aspire to a writing career, it gives you loads of stuff to show your agent, the Publishing house or the important guy in the food chain, the EDITOR!