From SONY 'STYLE' MAGAZINE. Sept l999 issue.

Condensation of the article.

German documentary maker Ulrrike Koch shot SALTMEN OF TIBET in 1996. It was filmed on a SONY DCR-VX 1000, the first digital video camcorder, edited on a desk top computer and transferred to 35mm for theatrical release. Director Koch was able to shoot with only three other people on the crew, check the sound and image by simply playing back tape. Cost was not a problem.

Small size, weight was a help in TIBETAN locales. Philip Dolin has done music videos, just did B MOVIE using VX 1000. A tale of two park rangers who find a Hippie Community. 12 days, l7k cost. DV is fast, too.

Bennett Miller used one for THE CRUISE, showed it LA INdie film festival, and got distribution. Camcorder gives flick an intense, graphic quality, Director said "I over-exposed back (fill?) adjusted aperture on camera, enhanced contrast to emphasize effect. (Edges of this article are torn, as I ripped it out of a magazine that I didn't buy. I destroyed COVER so no one else would buy it, either.

Danish director Thomas Vintererg did THE CELEBRATION with a SONY DCR PC7, pocket size predessor to today's PC1. Budget 1 million.

Star Wars Episode 1 utilized some DV. Karen Weissman did 'LOVE IS DEAD, a low budget zombie movie with VX 1000. Lance Weiler and Stefan Avalos did LAST BROADCAST, with a VX 1000 and with a 50$ Tyco child's video camera. This can be viewed I understand, if you google it. Weiler was asked to re-do it on film and refused.

A basic set up for an hour of film is SONY DSR-PD100 DVCAM camcorder for 3k, an hour of profes. DV tape, 30$, desk top computer, editing software, 7k, then transferring the final edited video to 35mm is the studio's cost, maybe 40k. l0k is artist's cost to make the video film. Never worry about transferring it to 35mm film, it's the studio's cost. They buy your film, they do it.

COST OF VIDEO SET UPS. Cameras. PD 1000 is 3k, VX 1000 is 4k.