We are human. Being stuck in ILLUSION is part of being human and primary among the fantasies is that we are JUST a human. Another lie is that you think everything happening here is real. Thatís an  illusion being spoken about and believed in by a person who's living in illusion because there is no such thing as human. There is only a human body; there's only a humanity of bodies living on a planet, living on many planets, and those bodies are the illusion of form that we have taken on to live in and to create with.


The creator is not human. The creator is universal. The creator is formless, the creator is non-human. The creator is a master of all and created all because it's the total totality that there is in the universe. Everything you see in the universe was created. Who was it created by? You, me and God. Mother, father God. And as soon as you get that and accept the responsibility that you created it all, then you see that your word is law in the universe. Then you see that whatever you think and whatever you feel is creating reality.


       The question is, what's the difference between you and a living God? What's the difference between you and Jesus? What's the difference between you and a master, Buddha or Krishna? 


     STUDENT: They work they put into action.


       JULES Yeah, we all know the same truths only they live it and they perform it and what is the essential difference is they don't have denial. They don't have any denial of what the truth is. They only live the truth and would not even want to have one iota of denial ever. Where does denial exist? Denial can only exist in a mind that talks and feels and sees and believes anything other than its own reality. So let's say the opposite. A mind that only believes and sees and feels and knows and trusts in its own reality will never have any denial of any such thing as the ultimate truth which is I am the Whole Thing. I created it all. I am one with God. I, therefore, am love. I only create peace. And there's nothing I will ever do to myself or another which does not create peace and love and harmony and understanding and all of the things which we know are the truth, which is health and beauty and goodness and kindness and all those things. See, there's the rub. See what denial is all about is a question of I don't know, maybe he's right, maybe he's not, maybe this book is right, I don't know how to practice this book. I don't know what to do. He knows, Jesus is perfect. But I'm not perfect. The masters can do it but I can't do it. Am I strong enough to do it? Was I born with enough of the talents to do it? Maybe I don't really want that? Maybe I want to be fat, maybe I want to smoke cigarettes, maybe I want to do cocaine, maybe I want to die of cancer, maybe I want to do this or that or anything, because I have a free will and I can do anything I want. What difference does it make because I live forever anyway.

But see, that wasn't the question. The question was about denial. And is there going to be a place in which you don't have any denial? And when you get to that place, all you do is create love. Now, love might look like teaching folks to remember, might look like giving them food, a loan, a roof, or telling them how they can find all that.


 When you are existing in the kind of context we're talking about, which is you recognize that you're God in the Universe, therefore you only love and there's only love because there's only oneness, then love creates oneness and oneness creates love. There can never be any separation. There's no denial in there because then you've got the cart not before the horse, but you've got the cart in its right place. And the horse is God which carries and creates all carts and all things and carries you through and is your source and is you. So you and your source are one. And when you acknowledge source by loving source and praising source and thanking source, it's because it is you that you're thanking, it is you that you're loving, it is you that you're praising and it is you that you're one with and it is you that created it all. And when you see that, ---not Elias saying I know that I'm one with God --that's a form of separation, --but when you come from a ground of being that then you are God. You will give up Elias forever. You will give up pain forever, you will give up suicide forever. You will give up dying forever. You will give up cigarettes forever.


STUDENT - I've noticed that when my attitude is a definite influence in how people react to me. Sometimes I wake up in such a good mood and I'm singing and I write love notes to my wife and whatever happens and I say whatever happens, there's a reason for it all ----beyond me.


JULES-There's a reason for it beyond the little you, the mind of you that thinks the thoughts, but it's not beyond the you that is reality. There's nothing beyond you. You are everything.  If we don't take these thousand books which are stacked in metaphysical book stores across the world and in India, the words of every saint that's been here for the last 200,000 years, and start listening to them, we're going to still be in consternation and having a dialogue like we're having tonight. This dialogue is useless until we both get into absolute agreement, that there's only one thing to do, to create absolute love and peace in every situation, in everybody that we ever encounter for the rest of eternity. And when we choose that, and whenever we see or catch ourselves not choosing that we choose that, then we will see that that's all there is. And there's nothing else and you will never be again in pain, you will never again suffer and you will never again worry about anythng.


STUDENT-That's why in the Course of Miracles it says, "I am the holy son of God himself, I cannot suffer nor feel any pain. I cannot suffer loss nor can I fail to do everything salvation asks."


JULES-Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.


STUDENT-One way in which fear has been eradicated from my life to a major degree is the fact of I might not be able to explain it, but I know that God will never place me in a situation that he can not take me out, or in a situation that I cannot handle myself. And that, with the idea that God ---whatever situation I'm in, is really the very best, given the elements available. Based on that I go through life quite cheerfully. Of course, I cannot apply it very well, with my family.


JULES -   Because you don't really apply it in your own person. Your family is a reflection of you which means you're not applying it. If you were the perfect example, then everything around you reflects that. We constantly screw up with our close ties until we stop. A lot of what we understand now is quantum field mechanics, the theory of the vacuum state. Superfluidity and superconductivity, many qualities such as levitation and manifestation can also be achieved in 3rd dimension, but a being may only be able to achieve one or two of these powers. In 4th dimension, you would have all of these qualities and natural abilities, anything you want. Although in 4th dimension, you still would have to be shown how to do it, what the mechanics are, while in 5th dimension, it would be a spontaneous occurence. All of these abilities would be a natural phenomenon. Everybody would be flying through the air in 5th dimension. In 4th dimension, you would have to see someone do it, and then, once you see that it can be done, you will believe you can do it, too. And that is also why the masters will come again to earth, like Jesus and the others who ascended. They will not be born, but they will come as they are, and show us what life can be in higher dimensions. As we see it then, we will learn from that. That is the only reason for them to come, to show us how to refine and polish the 4th dimension. And when will they come? After the year 2000, around the year 2010. Although all time tables are dependent on our free will and our choices. We make all the choices--the way it is scheduled. We may achieve it earlier than the year 2000. That is up to us. And there are people here who are dragging their feet. You have been dragging your feet. That's what cigarettes are. That's what drugs are, being fat, not detoxifying --that's what not being totally loving to yourself and everything in the universe, your family, you're dragging your feet. We tend to wait until we are shoved to change and even those of us who know better still hold on a lot.


       There are so many ideas that we still hold onto, no matter how wise we are and until we let go of them and let go of them collectively, we will not be completely in the 4th dimension, let alone the 5th.


       And so, let us begin our wondrous journey and lead you from the 3rd dimension toward the light, into ascension;---for the time has come. These teachings are the first in a series of combined discourses on ascension from the realm of spiritual teachers and ascended masters, Ezekiel, Sunanda, Jesus the Christ, Merlin, as well as lady masters, Pallos, Athena, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. The powerfully moving information will impact untold knowledge of systems both new and ancient, of heaven and of earth, to assist you on your endless, fascinating, exciting journey of self-discovery and personal understanding. A gift of love from the masters to all of mankind. It is not meant to emphacize the ascended masters themselves, but to develop the master within each of you. Blessing to you. Om Sala. All there is and all there can be.



       There are three attitudes, the most important attitudes that anyone can have. They're called praise love and gratitude. So who do you praise, have love for and have gratitude to is first God. Then yourself And then everyone else. Thank yourself. You thank God, then you thank all your teachers and friends and the whole world. And then you praise God and you praise yourself and you praise everyone else. Then you love God and you love yourself and you love everyone in the world. How do you do that? By whatever way you want to. Whatever thought, whatever feelings and whatever words you can do. So praise, love and gratitude become the most essential attitudes.


       What we're talking about is the saying: 'when I don't know who I am I serve you and when I know who I am, I am you. ' That's a very interesting thing to know. The first part refers to when you're searching for the truth, when you're trying to find who God is and who yourself is, and what your relationship is to the universe and what everything is about, what life is all about--- you serve. Because if you do that and you're devoted to giving, you will receive because whatever you put out you get back. The law of life is whatever you give you will get back ten fold. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, that's the law. You know? Whatever you give you will receive. And so the law is to give, to serve. And that always works for your benefit and you're happy. That's the first part of this equation.


       The second part of the equation is the most important part. When I do know who I am I am you. I am Him. I am her. I am everyone. That's what it means to be one with the father. I and my Father are one. That's what it means to seek the Kingdom of heaven. That's what it means to be one with God. That's what it means to lose thyself and gain the world. What God is, who God is, what that word G-O-D means in English and in Spanish Dios, and in French, they all have a word for this omnipotent being called God, is not the anthropomorphic version which is the Church's version that there is a God who is a person who is dictating and controlling the whole world and somehow he dispenses justice and so forth... suffering, pain and retribution and all that stuff. That is not the truth of how the universe works. The universe is a creative process --you being the creator, so you create putting seeds in the ground to get a watermelon, you create taking trees down and sawing them up and making lumber, and building houses. That's a creative process. The same process exists in the whole universe. How it was created, how it flows, how it is inter-related, how everything is interdependent, how everything --the ocean, the skies, the water, the trees, nature is all interdependent. It's a holistic cycle of birth, growth, death. That's the physical world. Behind it is the creator. And that's who God is, and that's who you are. So when you finally know who you are, you know you're one with the father, you know you're one with God, you know you are also equal to everything there is in the universe. Where the equality is, is not in the physical --not in your thoughts, not in what you do, what you create, but in your potency which is the creator, who you are. So the same thing that exists in you is the potential that exists in a seed for a great oak tree or a squash plant or so forth. And that same energy which we know is called atomic and has electrons and neutrons and protons etc. and all these other descriptions of physics when we break it down to the invisible level, we see that everything, every stick of matter is in motion. It is alive. The refrigerator door and the floor and the cabinets are alive, in their own sense. The trees are alive. What sustains that life is pure energy. That pure energy is what sustains you. It's who you are. The person who's listening to me right now is invisible. I can't see him. The person who's speaking to you is invisible. You see a body, mouth, tongue, eyes. You don't see where I am. You can't.


*         *        *         *         *        *          *