I'm going to read from a book. "The presence of this fifth dimensional energy is enlightenment which brings about a shift of thought patterning for human kind, for the old processes have come out of fear and destruction.

The fifth dimensional shift brings about a greater strength with greater attunement to the earth and allows a finer and greater attunement to the universal energy. It will change the consciousness of mankind.

It is brought about by an alignment of harmonic vibrations that will bring forth a finer attunement within the physical world as well as in the mental and spiritual. The patterns of the past that have worked on this planet will no longer be a part of the patterns now coming about. To bring about a unification of this planet and to change the thinking patterns of mankind is of great necessity at this time. It is important to change the thought patterns of human beings for much of the fifth dimension change comes from thought which is the creative force of the universe.

There is always some effect created by thought. There is a universal impact. The beings upon this planet have great influence and there is a continual shift and change within the structure of the universe that allows the planet to change as well. These changes are wrought, to a large degree, by the attitudes and intentions, by the consciousness of the people on the planet. Realize that all thought is but energy, energy that is held within the personalities of human beings. You are a receptor, a holder of that energy and you act upon it. That is why it must change at this time for there has been much upheaval on the emotional level of human kind. You must understand that thought is the creative force of your universe. Be clear about it. It is the energy within and around you. It is the same as you think of an aura, electric and being a part of your being. It is the energy form of your being and is involved in the thinking processes of your conscious mind. Therefore, you have the power to alter its patterns. Its energy is available for your use and with its power humankind can influence the universe. Through thought you have built the path. In thought, you exist in the present. Within thought, you build your future. "

What the basic denial in people is, of not being able to follow through on their projects, commitments, relationships.. itís not that they donít have the ability to confront, or that they couldnít confront. Itís that they just donít know any better. They donít have an ability to see themselves as they were from the time they were a child, when they could never go and ask their father for money because it was too painful. They couldnít confront it. Their father would say. They were always afraid of a no. They couldnít tell him they failed, they couldnít make it, they couldnít make an appointment, they couldnít follow through on what they said they were going to do, so they avoided .. and that voids it for them. They just void it out. Itís no longer there. And thatís whatís going on with everybody. They have these simple, little, childish traits as adults, running around the world.

So somebody calls you on the phone that needs help and you know they need it and you donít call them back. You donít want to help them or you think you canít, or you tell yourself itís hopeless. Or you need to do something for someone, give them flowers, be gentle and you donít even see it. So this avoidance is just a childish thing that you did when you were a kid because you were frightened that you would be wrong, laughed at, punished, that you werenít going to get good grades and there was no approval from the teachers, and in the adult world there was no appreciation or acknowledgement.

I have a friend totally addicted, who went on the fast, quit smoking and drinking, he cleaned out his colon and now he is in ecstasy but all those traits of avoidance are exactly the same. Nothing changed in that domain because he doesnít look at the space that he occupies as the being who needs to actually graduate from this infantile level and he doesnít see it.

As Werner said, he doesnít see whatís missing as it doesnít show up for him as missing. If someone points it out and says this is missing, you canít hear what theyíre saying to you. You have to be cognisant. The part about health. The most obvious. If you look in the mirror naked, every day, your face, posture, the fat, the softness, youíd see what you're avoiding in the health, diet, cleansing program. If youíd see that part that youíre avoiding and then say Ďo.k, thatís what Iím doing, Iím willing to start anywhere being conscious.í Thatís all it takes. Being conscious of it. The rest will fall into place. Each thing will happen as you roll along in life. As EST said. This is not a prescription or formula you can take home but itís just in the process of life itself. It will show up. The work. The transformation.

So, now weíre at the secret which is avoided in the dogshit level of life, which is in the being part. In the doing part, weíre always faking it. Trying to show up looking good. Iím doing the right thing, Iím getting the job done. Iím treating others right. Thatís how we show up as doing things. But in our being things, weíre manipulating, lying, worrying and living in survival and hoping for the best and worrying about our bills and what we should do is reverse it. We should have in our BEING an absolute openness, clarity and generosity no matter what the shape of things look like, and be a contributor from your BEING, that I am totally open to give, be a brother, be in the family and be a real server. And in the doing level, you donít even care about. The body, the physical world never stops doing whether you're sitting in a chair listening or speaking, or making some food or eating or driving the car, or sleeping, the body is always doing something. But itís the being that is the mother of it all and itís also the m(&*#(%r that will get you totally miserable when you are not being true to this aliveness, serving level. Youíll have total happiness if you live at that level. If youíre at a disloyal level,---which means lying to oneself that youíre really doing everything that you could to be ONE, but in reality, your being is fragmented, separate and selfishóat the lowest level of disloyaltyóthen, you will be miserable.

Thatís the game. Now, weíre going to do this cafe. It doesnít matter whether youíre the architect whoís just going to get paid and youíre not really going to profit from it. Or youíre my friend whoís going to help and not really profit in terms of the day to day income and the success of it, yet the spiritual profit for those people could be bigger than anything for them. On the subtle level, whatever his relationship with me, heís going to be elevated, inspired, get other jobs, have relationships out of it. Heís going to love what happens. Heís going to have it as a trophy in his scrapbook, and be able to show it so in that sense, thereís a lot of reward in it but the reward doesnít count. Doesnít matter because the reward is the thing that God, your soul, always gives you when you do things selflessly. The other thing that your soul gives you is sufferingówhen you do things selfishly. Thatís a reward too. Oneís a positive reward, one is not. Just two sides of the same thing. The soul doesnít care. It lives in absolute oneness with the negative and the positive. If you do something that shows you suffering, the soul says Ďah great.í If you do something thatís wonderful and ecstatic, the soul says Ďlook what I did, there.í Thatís what evolution is about. Eventually, you only do what the soul wants, which is to live in absolute harmony.

When you are able to experience both the results, the experience of the negative and the positive, you then get to choose the beauty that you wish to create, and you get to choose not to create that which you donít want. So thatís ultimately the secret. Perhaps itís in your genes, three generations or a hundred, l00 lifetimes or a l00 million years, perhaps. Youíve acquired this addiction of being in survival and treating people the way you treat them which means youíre not creating unselfish, magnanimous giving. Youíre not serving for the art and the joy of serving but youíre serving so that you can survive. Perhaps thatís an addiction, a habit, what we call karma, and maybe itís something you canít do anything about.

If you canít do anything about it, you have to stop look and listen and be able to humbly get off it and for that moment, go into complete silence and surrender and say ĎI need help.í When youíre an addict, you canít do anything about it. Youíve got to seek help. Thatís why in AA they say the only answer is surrender your life to a higher power. You see it on bumper stickers. Iím powerless. When youíre powerless, you can get power. When you surrender, you can receive the teacher. When you open yourself to saying ĎIím addicted,í you can quit. The admission of your addiction allows us to have some power over it because in that moment, we really surrender our will and let another will come in, someone who can say to us, Ďyou know, if you go on this fast, and you do this program for a week, you wonít be addicted to coffee or cigarettes.í

The family is about creativity, oneness, serving, honesty, giving to each other, total unity, practice and perfecting and mastering the thing weíre doing together and always serving each other. So, whatever project that we have, whatever job, we come together and serve each other to make it, finish it, complete it. Whether it comes out great, works and makes money is not important. Whatís important is the family, the job. If heís down and Iím up, heís ok. If heís up and Iím down, Iím ok. But this other game .. if youíre down, the only thing thatís important is for you to get up. Crazy. When Iím down, the only thing important is to get up so that weíre back into the harmony that I can serve you even better. So, weíve lost a lot of time but time doesnít mean anything. Weíre always in this now. The time that weíve lost and the things that are going by and the vibrations that are increasing on the planet are to prove to us that if we donít come together, we are not going to be together. If we donít be together in our heads, weíre not going to come together. We have to be together in our head, think about the whole, and be giving and serving or youíre not going to come together. If you donít come together, youíre not going to have that being in your head. Itís a dual edged sword. You have to have these meetings, come to the job, work together, cut the trees, do the foundation, build the place by coming together but you canít do that unless youíre a being of one mind, unity, one idea of mastery of this thing and sharing it with each other so that everybodyís ideas are on the table and everybody is going to do their job.

Youíre addicted to not serving. Itís not a fault. Itís in your character, your M.O, the way of being that you have that you are karmically addicted to. Like I have a posture thatís bad. To change it, I have to constantly think about where the positions of my chest, abdomen are, and how Iím sitting. Otherwise my addiction will be there. I donít care how much my vision is to have good posture. I donít care how much your vision is to do the things you want to do and that you talk about if the addiction is to not be able to come up on line and do the results. if I cannot come up on line and change my breathing, posture and position of my chest, I will live and die with a structure thatís going to disintegrate into the addiction, not into my vision. Now, what is unclear about that is only going to be to the degree that youíre unable to kill your addiction. Whatís unclear about that for my bodyóweíre talking about the physical world, now.. this is not a spiritual problem. Itís the spiritual, psychic part of us that will cure the problem that is physical. Itís not a spiritual problem, itís only where a spiritual cure and the spiritual cure is when I have the attention and the discipline to make my chest stand up and pull my stomach in and have the right posture. Thatís because Iím conscious and spiritually aware that I have to do that because my addiction is to have bad posture.

No one should be arrogant enough or egotistical enough to say ĎI am Godí and everyoneís being tested to see if theyíre going to measure up to the standards but the truth is that we are all being tested to measure up to our own soulís standards. Thatís why I say your vision which is your soulís vision, you are testing yourself all the time and youíre not living up to it. Thereís no reason, not because of this youíre not living up to it.. because youíre not living up to it. Because I donít have good posture. I have bad posture. Itís not because I didnít think and Iím not aware or conscious. Even though my consciousness will make me aware but where it comes down to where the rubber hits the road, itís because I have good posture that Iíll have good posture. Thatís how amazingly insane it is.

In the realm of reality you do not function as a server like in the realm of reality I donít have good posture. Even though I want it and even though you want to serve youíre no good. Because you must be trained. You canít play that instrument just because you want to. Youíve got to be trained, got to practice, got to see what you donít know, what your fingers canít do. Your soul knows it all but weíre talking about transferring your soul into your doing and the only way you can do that is to correct your soul. Your soul has to get the being part. This is the difficult thing. This is not something anybody can do. Your son cannot become aware and conscious being until he gets it that itís important, then youíll see the results in the external world. Because one is a goody goody for one week or two weeks? No, when my being gets it that Iím a musician, Iíll practice for twenty years. The answer of one of my piano teacherís when I asked him how did Oscar Peterson get to play like that.. he said Ďhe practiced twelve hours a day for ten years.í You have not, I have not done certain things in my life 12 hours a day for l0 years or I would have perfect posture and you would be a true server. So, what is a perfectly trained being? One who serves and can do the result and be a talented genius at whatever he does and thatís what a trained being is and we call that a master, whether heís a musician or a swimmer or a juice bar guy or a gardener or farmer. So when I look at your being, I see you struggling with things that you donít need to do.

Werner Erhardt said in the early 70ís Ďthe definition of evil is trading your aliveness for survival.í What did he mean? He meant that when you thought about your survival, when survival was on the line, when it was me, mine and myówhen I had to worry about my success, job, money, rent and relationships, that was called survival. He said that was evil when you traded off aliveness, or the ability to be a server, to go for the gold, to always create, to be in the family, to have aliveness in your relationships no matter what it was, that you never went for the survival part. So that Ďliveí is Ďevilí spelled backwards. Thatís what Iím talking about. If we as a group, as a family matter what happens to me in my monetary situation, these kids we will always think about. So why donít we think about each other as kids. Why arenít we all kids? Why arenít we all children to each other and all of us the father in back of the pure, childish soul?  Our soul, our awareness is the father and itís always thinking about us as its child. Iím always thinking about you as my child but you donít think about me, because youíre into survival. When Iím down I donít think about survival any more I still think about you. Iím not saying Iím God, Iím not walking around testing all of you. Iím walking around as the soul that is one with God walking around testing ME. Therefore I know the same thing about you, thatís whatís happening with you.