There is something available in every city called 'A Course In Miracles.' If there isn't a group in your town, you can start one.  GOOGLE THAT TERM

The COURSE is kind of a gradual study to bring yourself to the point of seeing everything from the view of the spiritual rather than what we have learned to be the meaning of everything we see.

Lesson #1 starts with the basics - "Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything." Then you look around you and apply this idea to everything you see. For instance: this computer does not mean anything; this glass of milk does not mean anything; that wall does not mean anything ... this group of people trying to be spiritual does not mean anything and so on.

If you don't get what that is, how much luggage you're going to be losing when you do that, try it this way. Tell yourself what that computer means to you! The job, the website design business which is to make your rich. So much luggage. Or examine the glass of milk, what it means to you. My health, my energy, strong bones, shiny hair, self esteem. etc. Even a glass of milk is carrying luggage. Youth, health white teeth, strength? It maybe means Purification because it's not booze and once it was a glass of booze in front of you.

So this poor glass of milk is carrying the weight of the world on its shoulders. Now tell yourself that it actually does NOT MEAN any of those meanings you ascribe to it. Cuz you know what? Maybe you're wrong about milk. MAYBE it is just body clog, and not any of the health enhancing things you imagine! Maybe website design is not your life. Maybe the PC is a curse sucking up time. Your house, your sweetheart. Well, ALL OF LIFE is like that! WHAT YOU THINK things are may be self deception of the first magnitude.

The idea of giving up meaning doesn't leave you with less, it leaves you with more. ALL possibilities then open to you. Giving up meaning reduces everything to what it actually is - just energy that has taken different forms to be different things - but it is all energy and therefore everything can be considered the same - not different and therefore not separate - everything is one. The PC is as life sustaining to you as the glass of water and both are as sustaining as your mother in law.

Each lesson in the course in miracles builds on this basic principle that the more you can give up, the more you're opening the door to allowing miracles to happen. Because the work of giving up quickly shifts to giving up the need to be right, the need to fight and the need to convince others. When you do that, you are creating a space where miracles can happen in your relationships.

There are 365 lessons in the book --- one for each day of the year. My teacher went through it for one whole year ---he was a very tenacious, hard working devotee of all the studies he made. He said it was very expanding for me at the time. He said that he met people who had been doing it for like 7 and 8 years. And how he'd wondered about that - didn't they learn it the first time? Kind of stuck in a rut he thought.

My thought is that if they did it this long, it must be a tool that is eternally useful to the mind. Minds are funny things, they start to run back to their old modes. If you love A Course in Miracles see  the site of a teacher named David who made a blog  of it.

Anyway look at http://www.acim.orgif you have never heard of this before. THE MASTER JULES