In this chapter, JULES shows HOW you can profit from rooting out  negative emotions like irritation, anger, victimization and  fear. His suggestions comprise a new mind practice. Why bother to star this new habit? We GIVE OFF A subliminal negative VIBE if we are in anger, wound or fear.  Big arrows point at the exits leading out of the room where we are. Other People, as well as LIFE itself, will FOLLOW the arrow map you drew and by not loving you, give you all the things you feared!. Your fear makes you unattractive. PEOPLE find you odious so good luck, passes you by.Is that enough reasons to discard all negative emotions where habitual irritation, anger or fear.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, THE story of the THIEF  - A tale about fear and hatred in ourselves and others and success in rehabilitating ourselves and others. He is talking to someone who stole from him.

JULES: Some part of you is locked into a way of being. This involves fear and anger. The dreaded duo manifests as nervous-in-the-service, on your toes like a fighter, punching air. It manifests as being all porcupine prickly, expecting disaster to hit at any second, or taking umbrage at anything the least jarring. The Duo manifests as you 'touchy' with people and as you 'dodging' people or situations where you think a worst case scenario could occur.

For instance, a homeless guy showed up at my antique shop recently, wanting a job. I looked at him and I saw 'attitude' and bad habits, but not total craziness so hey, 10$ an hour and his eyes weren't totally burnt out. I handed him the sandpaper and let him loose on the unfinished furniture. Every day when I asked him to do another piece of furniture, I waited to see anger and saw interest and gladness. Every night when I paid him, I waited to see anger and saw gratitude.

With strangers, you have to relax and be in the now, impeccable in absolute, conscious awareness, never letting your fear close doors so that you dodge people ...but also never letting a trick pass you by without seeing it carefully. I was waiting to see the signs of fear and anger in him but I also take note of who makes me respond with cringe, paranoia, a sense of disaster, even aversion. An unshaven, dirty tramp who wants a job can do that to me at times. I have to stop and open my heart and think, 'God sent me this, let's explore it.'

Always explore people or events carefully at your leisure, like a man from the bomb squad, carefully turning a bomb over to see if it's real because it may not be the gunpowder hidden in them that's bothering you. It could be some permanent gunpowder disaster hidden down deep in yourself, whispering at you from within.

A lot of fear is based on your inner aversion where you're looking at something horrific and saying 'I will be that' or 'I might be that one day.'  That is scary. Michael Beckwith says that the only way you can dodge a neg mantra like that is to practice. Practice awareness. Practice looking at every person, or bomb or sorrowful thing without saying any neg mantra, like 'he could hurt me', or here's the bad one,--- 'One day I could  be homeless and poor and begging a job just like that.' The tendency is to send the bum packing because you don't like the feeling.

The only thing that's good about me ---the only talent I have is I am the most aware guy I have ever known in my life. I wish I could find another. I wish you would wake up from whatever dream it is that keeps you from being aware every single moment. Otherwise I would have scratched this car fifteen times. I'm the craziest driver in the world but because of awareness, I don't. And the thing that I tell unaware people, even if they're confident, sophisticated, is that they're not aware of their stupor, their sleep or their inner gunpowder. Worry about your own bomb qualities and eliminate them. Don't give a second to what's coming at you in life.

I know unsophisticated blobs,  very talented people and very humorous, people who are big successes, but they're totally unconscious. They fall over cliffs every minute. They hire business managers who take them for millions, marry wives who do the same.

STUDENT: At the level of surrender that I'm at, I can't imagine that I wouldn't listen and learn. For some people there's an aspect of denial of certain feelings that they just won't feel. To experience the fear that they actually live in every moment is intense. I have studied a long time, done extensive rebirthing, yet two days ago I was really tested. One of the biggest thing that we have butted our heads against, ironically is that others don't listen to us. My wife doesn't adopt anything I tell her. I adopt what she tells me l00%. I see that she actually had this awareness that she was focused on and in fact used it partially to avoid looking at what I was talking about. What she was saying was 'you are feeling feelings, and I feel your feelings and you are not acknowledging that you're feeling these feelings but they're there. One, and two you don't hear my feelings."

By that she actually wanted me to feel them. Why? Because from her perspective, which is enlightened, but has this need for tuning, she has the capacity to live in the 'I am you' space but she doesn't. I was going through rebirthing recently, and she was there and she was talking all the time. Just jabbering away. Man, I wanted to rip her head off. But when she said "I am you," I realized that those thoughts she was having in the moment were the same thoughts she'd been having about me for months.She was projecting. And she doesn't know she's doing it.

Recently, my wife's parents' home was broken into. They suspected their own children. But the mother thinks I did it. That's how intense her fear toward me is. When I met her in India, I was turned off by it. She comes from the perspective of 'I know it all'. For instance, she told me my marriage would have trouble in 6 months. To her I look like a playboy type, but what she's seeing is herself. It's hooked up with pain.

JULES: So not to escape from what I said about the fear button. All of this is reflected and happening and dramatized because of the fear that is in us. Your fear may be that she's going to destroy the marriage with her yammering, her twisted perceptions and her projecting on you. And you may be right, so you have to talk that over better. Whatever fear we have we must recognize that fear is what it is. If you recognize the fear in yourself and she finds the fear in herself---that's what will do it for us.

I recently lost a girl I cared about. If I had found the fear in myself with Candace then I would have opened up to her, to what she really felt, if I could have opened up to what I really felt. Then there would have been a total togetherness and oneness. You can't have that unless each person 'is' the other person.

STUDENT: There's a fear inside people. It has to be addressed. If you avoid it, your life becomes shit.

JULES. When we actually allow other people's feelings to be there with us and we vicariously intuit them and know exactly what they're experiencing and going through, you then have the possibility of being with them and teaching them.

Recently I tried to talk to that boy who it turns out, did steal money  from the collection plate at the ashram, from the yoga school I mean, which is where my antique store is, and also he took a few bucks from my bureau when he was at my house. We talked about trustworthiness. When there's love there's absolute trust. They can't be separated. The second reason was to leave him at my house alone and give him the trust to look at himself and see, was he going to steal something? Because that has a lot to do with everything he ever promises in the future. I got him to make three promises --that for three weeks no drugs, and no talk. He was not going to speak unless it was absolutely necessary, and the third was that he maintain total integrity, stealing nothing. And maybe the fourth was that every time he broke a promise, he was willing to recommit to it.

There needs to be practice. So after a week, we went over it. Did he work, practice silence or did he shirk work, take drugs and did he steal? I had to admit, he was trying. So we went a second week. Again about five bucks was missing. I told him no problem, I'd take it out of his salary. He saw that I noticed. So we're in our third week now.

One of the greatest practices is to do rebirthing or go to Yoga class. Or to be in a relationship where two people can give to each other and mirror each other, but it's all about practice, practice, practice. You can't be a musician or be aware without it.

STUDENT: I'd take away the word rebirthing. It's called breathing.

JULES: You know what the guy in Yoga class said today? He said 'you know these Yoga positions are more than just an excuse for breathing. They're all about getting free from your mind, your self, your fear. It really is about being my higher self and looking down at the old me as if he were another person. There isn't anybody except me my higher self. I am you and you are me. That abstraction is the whole basis for consciousness and awareness." A homeless, delinquent druggie thief told me that. So hey, I'm going go for the fourth week.


The question about truth is whether you are in ego or not. Either you're living in the self as separate from the other, or you're not. Either you're in your own head about something, and your thought and your opinion about something or you're not. There's no being or recreating with people who think that way. Many of us grow up in that kind of dualistic reality. Many of us have studied the truth and lived in ashrams and we've been devoted to gurus, and know that kind of God realization experience and yet we are the victim of not being clear that we are the other person, that the other person is you, that there's no separation and we are lost.

STUDENT- My wife's family is using the break-in to separate themselves from me.

JULES: Through all these violations of our physicality, our reality, which is only a dream and we know that there's nothing out here but people who are not realizing the dream, people who are living in the ego and survival consciousness, and the lie, there's only one choice that we have, for us not to be the victim of it, and not to be reactive whatsoever and also to realize that whoever does anything to us is us doing it to us. That's the big leap that we must make. When the other students say, why are you letting the thief continue to live here, when is he leaving? I say, so what, when he leaves, he leaves. In the meantime don't you see what I'm doing. What I'm doing is he's me and I'm trying to make me wake up. And I can't do that if I make him wrong, if I don't see who he really is, and where he's really coming from and to cradle him and be God to him every minute that he's in my presence and only through that will he be able to practice.

Recently one of the angriest students told me he acknowledged me, all that is about is people waking up to honoring themselves and to honor God. When they honor me they honor that place that I come from which is 'no me,' no self.

HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE INSANE? Let them be. In all so-called stages of enlightenment a person is only able to see what they can see. They only have a capacity to see according to their ability to make distinctions and see correctly and receive the truth in reality each moment that is coming to them through their experience. Therefore what happens that if a person is insane, it's that they don't make proper distinctions and they appear to be irrational, not able to function in a way which we call normal, which is that they would be logical, consciously able to receive instructions and follow them in a sequential manner and not show up as a nonsequiteur. And so therefore, in case of insanity, neurotics, psychotics, aberrated people, people who are unable to follow instructions, to follow dialogue in a logical, sequential manner, they are constantly at the mercy of their illogical way of being. And obviously, the only cure for illogic is to let them be as that will allow them enough space to experience over and over their own reactions and others' reactions and one day they may see they have to exercise a great deal of concentrated effort to be able to get rid of the mind that seems to be talking to or controlling them that creates them acting in an illogical, irrational way of being. There is no answer to the question what is enlightenment and there is no answer either to the question of what is darkness. 'Endarkenness' we could say. For both states of consciousness, enlightenment and endarkenness, are just expressions of the one mind that exists in all of us and what we get to do is to see what is the true mind of God in all cases and that of course we call enlightenment, and what is its function and its description is the whole of this book. And what is endarkenment is everything else.

LOVE is the bottom line and it starts with loving yourself which means that you love God, because you are the only God that exists for you. Inside you, in your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, in your whole being, in your spirit, this we call God. Your God self. So whatever that God self creates in its thoughts and feelings is what it's going to have in its life. So if it creates negativity, I'm no good, I'm too poor, I'm going to have to drink to get high to escape this, I'm sad, I'm lonely, etc. What you will have in your life is sadness and loneliness and lack and limitation. What you project out of your consciousness, out of your mind, feelings and thoughts is what you're going to have. So what do you need to do? You need to be absolutely clear about being positive, loving first, and loving yourself. What does love mean? It means whatever creates peace and harmony. So here's the bottom line rule. Whatever creates peace and harmony, do that. Whatever doesn't create peace and harmony, don't do that. So when you look at yourself every day, you say 'are these thoughts, are these actions going to create peace and harmony?' Inside your conscience which is the God self, answer 'yes or no.' When you go to take that drink or cigarette, you ask that question. When your God self says no, you don't do that. When you eat healthfoods and you think loving thoughts about yourself and others, you say to yourself 'does this create peace and harmony' and inside yourself the voice will say 'yes.' And you do that.


JULES, TAPING HIMSELF TALKING TO THE DRUNK THIEF STUDENT:If you need to change your environment because you're affected by other people drinking, and if you're affected negatively by the city and when you're in the country and on the farm and you're healthy and happy---then it means for a while you have to go there and do the simple living.

You cannot come back in the city until you're strong enough to be in the city and get a job and live in the country in the city, creating the same vibes, do yoga in the garden, take the bus to the beach, swim with the dolphins, be healthy, work outdoors, whatever it takes, but never pick up a drink. The test is when you come back in the city. Not the test whether other people are going to influence you but the test of whether you have the will power to be healthy and happy. Whether you have the will power to show up at Agape Church Saturday morning and be well groomed so you meet friends there, and they take you out to the beach or a picnic. Do the things that you read in the books, and the things I talk about, or whether you're going to go back to drinking and being involved with people who are like that. So that's the clarity, right? The negative things that happen to you when you come to the city. You must never speak of those things. Nothing negative happens. You created them. You are responsible. You're the creator. You're God in the universe. Your word is law in the universe. Whatever you say, think, feel and believe is what you're going to create. Simple

If you were a person that had this neurosis where you carried a knife around and every time you got unhappy or afraid you took the knife out and you started jabbing yourself in the stomach, well they would take you away to save your life. Because they'd say this guy is crazy. You're doing the same thing. Every time you're o.k., you feel wonderful, then you come back to the city and you start to feel lonely, afraid, without a job. The first thing you do is take a drink and that's the knife. And then another and another. So you keep stabbing your belly, body, mind, life with this drink. You're crazy for doing that. It doesn't mean that you're crazy like a person in an insane asylum; you're worse. Because you're crazy and you're self inflicting it and you know better, and you could control it and you don't. That's crazy. You're a good person and you have a good mind and heart and yet you kill yourself with these actions of being crazy. There's no criticism, no judgement. There's nothing bad about you. Stop being crazy. Stop worrying and stop doing things that you don't like to your body and mind. The formula is only to create harmony and joy in your life, and that comes from no fear and lots of love. There's no sense in having fear because it will create some kind of negativity. So you might as well dump the fear and look what you can do for others. You must stop blaming the environment and your families which are all full of fear but that doesn't mean for you to take it on. You have to not take it on. Here's where your problem is. You keep on blaming it on something else. When you talk about 'this bullshit and these people and every time I get around them,' that's blame. So don't say you're not blaming when you're blaming. The other secret is, never say anything negative about yourself or anybody else in the present tense. In other words, you are not this, you are not that. You don't say these things. They are not true. The only thing that's true is that you're love, you're God and you create peace and harmony. If you don't do that, and you keep on blaming and saying everybody else is responsible and every time I get around blah-blah you gotta stop that. You have to love them and create peace. The love is there but you don't practice it. You practice fear. You practice neediness, wanting, being scared. You tell me all the love is there but when you're in fear, hurt or alone there's no love. When you blame your parents or society, there's no love. Blame, fear, neediness --that's not love.

Your mind is the only problem. You must function with the mind of God, not the mind of Steve. You must function only with the clarity and appreciation and love and gratitude and praise of God for God, for yourself and for everything in the universe, and then you will eliminate the mind of Steve which works out of separation, fear, need, worry, anxiety and helplessness. You stop that part, you stop any thoughts of need, and you exchange them for quietude of a meditative mind praying and looking and seeing God and feeling God in everything and everybody. Then you will be around great people and change in an instant. Until you change your environment to a place where truth is, you can't have anything except the chaos, fear and stupid, insane people that reflect your own mind.

All of our minds are insane. There's no mind that isn't insane is the mind of God, the mind of love and peace. So everytime I talk to you when you get the truth, you have to play the tape back over and over until you have this language so you can create this joyful universe. You create from language. Not because someone gives you something, not because life is God to you. You will create being good to others and create good for yourself, too.


Do you understand the impossibility of these two different points of view, that can never meet? The one point of view comes from one who is trying to live from the full expression of selflessness and the holy spirit, or the mind of God, and the other person is living from physical limitation and his ego and what he thinks and his mental tapes and never the twain shall meet.


You know the secret. All people are beautiful and the ego is insane. There's no way to deal with a beautiful person that has an ego because you're dealing with a beautiful person who's insane. In the true spiritual sense. The course in Miracles says, 'the thought system of the ego is in direct opposition and conflict with the thought system of your holy spirit.'  True, they can never be in the same room together and that's why there is always this conversation, this debate where someone wants you to recognize their opinion and point of view. Somebody has to win, somebody has to lose and it's the lowest form of human communion. The highest form is communication which is a dialogue where people commune together and wish to receive each other's communication and see each other's communication and grow with each other's communication.


JULES: (reading). "If you become fully awakened and still wish to retain a physical body you would not simply cast off the needs to support that body. These would not disappear because they are inherent in the arena of physical form, however should you make the choice, you would realize very quickly what we have just discussed, and that is this. That it would be quite easy for you to manifest whatever chosen need there was of either the physical form or the thing that you manifested to support it. These would simply become by-products to being in the physical experience and what I was relating to you before was that in the process of waking up the same thing holds true. Manifest whatever you like but recognize the difference. In other words. recognize the difference between the one who is the manifestor, the real mind of God, the infinite being that you are, and the things that you're manifesting for the form that you're occupying. We have spoken many times about the value of recognizing motivation and I hope that serves to further clarify the meaning. One brings you from the point of view of need which serves to misdirect your attention from the real issue, while the other allows the real issue which is your awakening to be fully resonant with you, to be fully resident within you as well, and then as all other things that you attempt to bring into your conscious awareness, within your physical experience are simply things that are desired that support that physical experience but which do not have a basis in reality."

That's the game. We are trying to be fully awake, conscious masters and that's why we're here on the earth, creating, perfecting and mastering ourselves. And in the process, we have needs for the physical form and our life which we call abundance but we don't have to be concerned with those things, they will simply be brought into being to support us. He says that in the process of perfecting ourselves, all these things will be given to us. Jesus said that 2,000 years ago. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and then, all else will be added unto you.

He says that there's no force in the universe that's going to support your call for a manifestation simply because every other force that exists in the universe that is in alignment with recognition of its true self the mind of God sees no need. If you are the mind of God, you are everything, you created everything, you don't see need. But then he says 'I'm not telling you to abandon your need, --to eat, sleep and have sex---I'm only telling you to abandon your definition and see it as a mechanism to support the physical experience, then do whatever you like with it. (reading) "The ego can send you on many wild goose chases with the belief that the choices you make have value attached to them regarding your being able to wake up. Please understand, these are diversions. They are only attempts by the ego to cloud your thinking from the single issue there is at hand. if you can hold this awareness and simply allow each choice, as it appears to come, with the full recognition that it doesn't matter, you then can choose whatever it is that you prefer."

Whatever choice you make simply needs to be made from the basis of recognition of your being. This is making a choice that gives you a sense of peace. That sense of peace is the closest recognition that you currently have of being in alignment with your real self. The choices themselves, have no value, but the motivation with which you make the choices is where the value lies. You have asked God to wake up, you have asked to experience the true state of your being. It is not, therefore, absolutely congruent with all the principles that you are learning that this is what you will receive. As we speak of manifesting a support system for the physical experience, do so in a way that is equally congruent with your realization of your being. Therein lies the value of your recognizing the parallel aspects of manifesting within the physical experience and extending your creative nature in the state of reality.

"The recognition that it is a parallel course, albeit confined to the physical experience, is the important issue. How could you dream to create something to support the physical experience, believing that the creation of it was necessary to support your being? That's what happens when you place importance on the thing you manifest as opposed to the process of the manifesting. Simply allow things to come into your awareness. Allowing is the expression of your natural being. You will recognize the ego taking part in the process when you recognize the urge to accomplish."

JULES: He's saying that's how you recognize the ego, saying 'oh I need to do that, oh it would be wonderful to do that.' He's saying that he wants you to make the emphasis on recognizing the process of things naturally manifesting as opposed to being focused on the thing you need and want to manifest. The urge to accomplish is worrying about the result and the thing you're going to get. He's saying that the only thing that's important is the process.


In the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, or any fourth dimensional consciousness group, and there are many planets in that now, and where we're going after the year 2004 or 2011, is that you will be able to manifest through thought. And it doesn't mean particularly physical as the physical is just an outpicturing of the matrix or design that you create in your mind, so that in Atlantean or Lemurian times, let's say 20,000 years ago, before they destroyed themselves with natural disasters, or atomic war, whatever happened there, they had this power. They could live as long as they wanted, they could create the DNA the way they wanted to, so if they wanted to live 2,000 years they just instructed their DNA and their body and cells to do that.

The true things that will manifest in this new age, after 2004 and 2011 are the manifestations of consciousness, so if Atlantis arises again, maybe the consciousness of Atlantis that all of us are the same beings reincarnated. All of the young children that are 5 to 10 years old now are previous Atlanteans and Lemurians and that whole consciousness will arise again, so what Edgar Cayce was actually channeling didn't mean that the continent of Atlantis was going to all of a sudden appear in the Atlantic ocean because it probably is not, but the truth is that the consciousness of that will arise as all those people are going to have to clean up their act about what happened then and not do it again. Because that's what an awakened process is.

The last paragraph on page 83 "You have been asked to wake up. You have been asked to experience the true state of your being. It is not therefore actually congruent with all the principles that you are learning that this is what you will receive and as we speak of manifesting a support system for the physical experience, do so in a way that is equally congruent with the earth realization of your being. Therein lies the value of your recognizing the parallel aspect of manifesting within the physical experience and extending the creative nature in the state of reality. " See now, in the state of reality. Reality does not mean the physical experience. The state of reality is the state of your being the mind of God, this infinite being. The recognition that it is a parallel course, albeit it confined to the physical experience, is the important issue. How could you dream to create anything ---something to support the physical experience believing that the creation of it is necessary to support your real being.

And that's what happens, in other words, he's really saying it's not necessary to believe that it's important or necessary to have the physical experience to support your real being. Your real being is what's creating the physical experience. You don't need anything to support your real being. And that's what happens when you place importance on the thing you manifest as opposed to the process of manifesting which is this whole thing of getting the cart before the horse. The true place of the cart is that the horse leads and the horse is the process. That's always the thing that you're involved in, is the experience, of being the mind of God. Simply allow things to come into your awareness, allowing is the expression of your natural being. You will recognize the ego taking part in the process when you recognize the urge to accomplish. I also suggest to you that in the past when you have attempted to manifest things from the standpoint of a basis of fear, or a need or a sense of lack, that these things have not been manifested. The fact that they have not is congruent with your request of waking up." He's saying you have a request to wake up. That's the real request that consciousness has. So that a person who doesn't manifest stuff is because when they come from a standpoint of fear or need or lack, they won't get that to happen, because the real need its to wake up and the real mind of God is saying as long as you keep on fearing, I'm going to produce fear and lack and limitation. As long as you think in limited form, that's what I'm going to create. If they have been manifested when you attempted to bring them into existence from the basis of fear, they would not be confirming of your true identity of your being. If you had feared that you could never be rich and then you got rich, it would be a complete non-confirmation of your true identity. The spiritual truth. It would fool you. He says, you have not asked to be further fooled, your request is to remember the true nature of yourself, therefore it is not more simply understood that everything that happens to you happens to you in absolute congruence with this request. It's a question. He says, 'therefore is it not simply understood that everything that happens to you absolutely perfect congruent with this request? And when your ego requests something that does not appear, you will know that your request has been granted again. In other words, the request which was fear or lack or limitation --that's your real request and you will get back fear or lack or limitation. What a game, uh? So this book, you see, is really the most abstract, insightful, simple way of learning the games that we played on ourselves and how much we've got to come out of the dream to be able to create in the dream, called the physical world.


An actual process of being able to talk to your DNA and talk to yourself. And your DNA is where your true soul body is waiting for you, your real higher being form which we have, the ageless, immortal being. This changing of the DNA and being able to age reverse and have immortality and eternal youth is a fourth dimensional process and will actually manifest in our physical body as we go into fourth dimension because awaiting us in our true matrix or astral body or electromagnetic field and within our cells themselves, which are surrounded by field is a DNA which we haven't contacted which is not from our ancestors or parents which programmed us to die at 80 and get old, decrepit and sick. Actually, there's a pattern in there which we must wake up to, and wake it up to becoming our real self. And that will become ourselves which will make us young eternally and immortal. In the time of Atlantis they used to live 2,000 years. We have these legends. Noah lived 900 years. What I'm working on and have been working on for a long, long time is immortality. I've always believed in physical immortality. Now, I'm coming into contact with all these channeled books from the masters who are saying 'look you gotta do it now. It's the time.'


We ask that you recognize the emergence of an entirely different vibrational being into a physical condition that is hitherto not supported that vibrational activity. Much that you would understand as physiological will move in a new modality of vibration accelerating beyond human consciousness perception. It will accelerate into an entirely new vibrational plane of existence. Hitherto, all medical science has judged and understood the human condition in terms of its own mortality. There is very little of this understanding that will be useful in the future. For it is all part of a mortal and failing condition. We are now moving into that which is termed unlimited science where medical science would be utilizing the field of super fluidity rather than the field of normal conductivity on earth. As you are recognizing, then, a whole new velocity of being is emerging in the cellular material. The old cell, itself, carrying the beliefs of its ancestors, which limit this new activity. Each of these limitations would be seen first as thought forms that exist or co-exist with the DNA. These limitations or thought forms are on a substance level similar to the amino acids but more subtle than the amino acids. They have yet to be discovered as cellular material. These thought forms are composed of compacted thoughts and ideologies which have formed in the crystalline structure that exists or co-exists with the DNA. They have caked themselves about the DNA and veiled it over. They have indeed influenced the very structure of the DNA such as to bring forth certain personality traits as well as biological truths over time. The substances of these old thought forms are now being released from the cellular material and the genetic code. They are beginning to influence the structure of the blood as well as all of the structures of human physiology. The conduction of all electrical currents in the body are beginning to alter as the very structure of the body is altering. Layer by layer, these elements are being released from the physical system of all beings. Even those walking a normal course of events are being influenced by a radiation of light of such magnitude as to bring forth emerging souls. It is now possible, in this time period, to bring back this emerging soul or revitalize this emerging soul into its true essence in a physical condition. This physical condition in itself will transform as the soul's radiation contacts it for the soul's radiation is unlimited whereas the physical condition is limited. All of this, you understand, is now to radiate its own unlimited condition through this limited physiology and bring it up to a level of transparent existence where it is luminosity not just physicalness. Luminosity means it radiates from within itself. It requires no source of outside influence for nutrition. It requires only itself and its guiding light. As this light is now being guided into the body, the body doesn't always know which way to turn. It is often confused because its old programming has told it that it is a limited condition based upon a certain ---
(then it breaks off and tape ends)

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