STUDENT: The key thing getting in the way of making a living and delivering the goods is that I walk around my whole life in that work perspective. No matter what happens with me. I kid myself that I'm OK. But me being ok, no matter what was going on and showing up and saying I can do it ---all that did was make me a harsh person who lost my life.

JULES: What was lacking and missing was to see that you could do that and answer the call at the same time. They were not separate. Being under the pressure of making money, running a business and taking care of people who are screwed up did not give you the out to act other than Godly, other than answering the call which was to go to Yoga class, and go to the beach and play and exercise and have fun and do music and do all the other things too. That's called budgeting your time in a way in which you don't get into 'overwhelm.' And once you see overwhelm coming, you become more selective about the things you participate in. And you weed them out.

We are now on the verge of weeding everything out except the perfect, harmonious way of living. If that means giving up any part of our life, then we give it up. If it means changing the course and direction, we change. If it means that we don't associate with certain people and don't waste our time doing certain things, we do that. Answering the call means that you see who's calling and what's calling you and what you see that's calling you is the call for love, harmony, goodness accomplishment, abundance, serving, giving and then you also see where you answer the call. Not with abundance that creates pressure and disharmony for you but the call that creates harmony, no pressure. If it's music, business, any particular thing, if it's harmony do it. If it's not, don't do it. The old axiom whatever creates peace do that, whatever does not, stop doing that. That is the game.

See, the scenario is that mastery is the game we're playing. To have great posture, a great body, great talent, to master all the arts, to master your way of being, to master your ego, master peace, love, giving, serving. To know how to clean a house, wash a toilet bowl as well as make love and create a million dollars. That's the mastery that we're engaged in, in the material world.

The question is, are you going to do that? Or are you going to have something else in your head? If you're going to have something else in your head, it's going to deflect from that. It's going to deter you from that. I don't care if it's sex, life, ideals, those things are deflections. They are the very snares, the sickness, the ideas that you put into your head that keep you from peace now. Anything that keeps you from peace now you can see that's something not to do. So thinking about having your wife back, or the million dollars you don't have, or thinking about how you could be more beautiful and how to correct the mistakes you've made---all of those things do not create peace now.

Just do what creates mastery and flow. Anything else you are bullshitting me, yourself and the world and looking like an idiot because as you will reflect in hindsight, you'll say why did I do that? Why did I waste my time being in pain? Why did I waste my time thinking about someone who didn't want me? Why did I waste my time wanting something I didn't have. Remember the old saying 'want what you have. Don't be attached to having what you want.' Wanting what you have will allow you to be in the moment, to accept your lot right now --as it is--and then go on from there. This philosophy is why the orientals don't have aggressive relationships with each other. They accept how things are in the moment. Then, they accomplish from that place. So asking questions about what you don't have is being silly. If there's something you want, create it. That's the strategy.

STUDENT: But if I say the way to sell more products is to not want to sell more products, and I just sat in this chair, where would sales come from?

JULES: You can create selling more products and you can create having your wife come back, but that's a strategy that has nothing to do with wanting it. But be at peace in the moment and satisfied with what you have.


We are complete. The female is complete because she can create life. She is a mother. A creator. A man thinks he is incomplete because he cannot create life and he needs a female partner with him to become one and then create life. Separateness and incompletion is an illusion. We are all complete. Being in love is something you are, not something you get, or receive. Being in love is a greatness that you have. Don't make it dependent on having some person to share it with. You can share it with every person. The being that can be equal to you and reciprocate is somewhere around the corner. That's why men are so frustrated. Because they don't have 'the one' that is their perfect soul mate. When we find one and we think it's our soul mate, and they leave us, we are devastated because we say 'how can our soul mate leave us? Didn't she know that I was her soul mate? No, they don't know yet. They know they can have any man and make him into their soulmate. They can choose the one. If you're not the one, they'll go and find another one. They'll make him the one. And we are stupid enough to think that we can't do the same thing? We can find another one and another one. There is no such thing as 'the one.' 'The one' is what you already are. You are 'the one.'

STUDENT: Meher Baba describes Christ as a mischievous chicken, the same one who first 'woke up.'

JULES:We're 'out' the second we know who we are. That's what this fifth ascendancy is all about. To see that we're going out. That 'this' isn't 'it.' But that this 'is it.' Me, I'm it. Not this. Not the material world. Not the relationships, conflicts, growth, wisdom, knowledge. No, I'm all it. When I see I'm it, then all the growth and conflicts resolve and we see them for what they are: reflections, mirrors, creations of and by ourselves. Effects. We're a cause. We're cause in the matter. When you see yourself as cause you are out of the whole game. You're a master. You are cause in the matter. And you have to constantly remind yourself that that's who you are. That's what meditation --reading the books, staying in the light and doing the work is all about. Acknowledging and constantly reminding yourself that you are one and you are God, and you are the master, and the disciple, always honing and sharpening your blades.


A conversation about love, about life and that you are God, the miracle, the expression, the voice, the hands of God, you are the lover of God, the giver, the server.

You are God serving, you are God's humility--that's the only perfection I can ever hope to be. That's the only perfection that I could ever hope for you all to be. And if we all do that together, then wouldn't it be perfect, in terms of whatever business that we do or relationship we have, or the way we receive each other, the way we share and give to each other, the way we perfect our businesses and homes and environment, and what's to be done---the way that would all turn out to be in a sense of the cooperation and the kind of humility and attention and awareness and consciousness to be with each other. And then, when I spoke, we spoke it would be inspiring. There would only be the total consciousness of this way of being, God's love, humility, serving, the path of getting the job done, the path of creating results, the path of being there for the other person, never lording it over another, never hurting. The path of incredible giving and being given to, in a way in which there is no self. And with that said, what I can say is that I would like to move on to correcting what is incorrect, i.e., which doesn't reflect that if you're in agreement to doing that with me.

We must see ourselves, at all times in our way of being as we exist now. When we see ourselves in the absolute clarity of the way we're being, as we act and react with others, do our job, go about our business, live our moment to moment existence, we are going to be conscious of the way we are, and what we're creating with the other person and what we're creating as results. What are the effects of our way of being? And that's what I would ask you to look at, in this moment, that we're here, the three of us together. Is it not true that when the simplicity of being the most powerful being in the universe is just being aware every minute that you're aware of what is needed and wanted in that moment. And that is the highest, hardest, most disciplined, phenomenally focused attention human being that exists, someone who can do that. It's not that it's difficult like climbing Mt. Everest, it's difficult in the sense that we have been trained and programmed to be an ego, to react, to worry, live in fear, crave applause, have all these ordinary traits and reactions.

All that's being asked is to not have those any more and to be absolutely selfless. When there's one gorgeous woman in the room, that none of us go for her. That we just allow her to be and magnetize her by our beauty and radiance, by our clarity, by our godly look. When they look at you or me they see something flowing they don't even know what it is. But they're drawn to you like a magnet. And you never go after them. You never go talk to them and tell them what you do and who you are, and turn them on and try to get them. We stop worrying about any of our mates as if they had to be something that they're not. The way they are is the way they are. Let them be. If your love wants to be with you and be happy. If she wants to be miserable and away from you or unhappy, let her be that. Don't try to help and correct them. Just tell them the truth. That's the biggest opening in a relationship.

You can't tell the truth to anybody. You can only tell the absolute truth to somebody who does not react angrily or drastically because you told them the truth. The compromise we had to make as humans was that we could only tell the truth to those near and dear loved ones in our lives that would accept it and not damage us because we told the truth.

But with fellow seekers, there cannot be a moment of pause between your seeing something that you need to say to a fellow seeker and your saying it. You can't do this with any person because they'll just go off on you and you'll never get anything done because you'll always be busy trying to clean up the shit from their reactions. I'm only talking about in a relationship like fellow seekers have where there is ooks like a great idea when there are a lot of pressures coming at you.

When there's a team we must be candid, say 'look, this is what I see, and this is how you can help.' Obviously any truth that you see for someone else, and they're not seeing it, and it's important that they see it, and you withhold it, that creates a perpetration, doing damage to another or yourself. Every time you withhold the truth from another, you're conspiring against that person and yourself.

This masterful thing of mirroring each other, and knowing that you have the truth for one another. We see each other as mirrors. We can look and see the other, what he needs, even though he can't see it for himself. The teacher mirrors and the student does it then he becomes as good as the teacher or better. are we going to be aware of our addiction to certain behavior so that we are not addicted anymore. If you're addicted to a way of being, and we all are, the only question about enlightenment is...are you going to see what you're addicted to in a way of being that doesn't work for you and drop it and create a new way of being that does work.


Seeing your behavior completely, being totally aware of a practice which lets you hone yourself so you become Godlike, focused, peaceful, centered, beautiful, humble, trustworthy, kind and openminded, a real mensch. See yourself in every moment, no matter what you're doing, see the behavior that you have and correct the parts of it that are needy, attached, manipulative or dishonest all of which turn people off. The behavior correction would be to do the things that create what you want and to say the things that would create greatness. To have that all the time would be wonderful, but to try to correct the behavior of missing it when you don't have it is a mistake. Instead of missing it when you don't have it, be creating it when you don't have it which means learning more, practicing more, making more money, accomplishing your job so you have more time, all the things that contribute to your having what you want are correct behavior. But saying 'oh, I wish I could practice or do that work every day; is not correct behavior. That's an excuse for not creating it all the time the way you want it.


Visualizing in your mind is a great way of seeing the way you want it but creating the behavior, the circumstances, the action, the schedule and the participation in creating the way you see it the way you want it is a different matter. That is a game that takes your mastering every part of what is needed and wanted to create the vision. You have to have it all happen. You have to be the creator, instigator so it can happen. And that's all creation is about. You want a million dollars; create a vision and a plan for having it then go after that and do every step of the way to create the million dollars. That's what all those rich people who don't have an ounce of spiritual insight did. They have that kind of insight. But they don't have the insight that it make take to be happy. But they have the insight to make a million dollars or ten million and have everything they want on the material level. And that's the paradoxical game with spiritual people because spiritual people have this insight about what it takes to be serving and to love others and to let love in and do all these spiritual things which are the real taste of truth but then they don't know how to create on the material level; they don't know how to use that same visioning process to create what they want on a material level and there's a lot of paradoxes, inconsistencies, conflict about doing that. You have to be able to create what you want without conflict. That's what we're talking about with each other, and trying to give to the world. Insight about having harmony, peace and no conflict, and creating abundance with each other. The answer is love. Love. Love. That means love yourself and love others, with a total unconditional quality, an objectivity so that you can see the forest for the trees. And you love not just to have love or to make others love you, or think you're wonderful but because love is the true understanding of the oneness of all beings.


We are not going anywhere and there's no place to go. That's the essence of it. There is no karma, no good, no bad, no right, no wrong. She didn't do that and that's bad. He should have done that. None of that is real. Those are just thoughts about occurrences. What's occurring is what we're creating and the ability to create is our god given Godself creating. We have the ability to create situations, environments, circumstances, people in our lives and relationships, love affairs, food, clothes, travel. We create those every moment that we're alive. We create the whole universe. That's all that's going on. All exists in the now, this moment, one eternal constancy, our true self. We've always been one with that. There is no time nor space; we exist beyond time and space. We are that being that creates all time and space. That's how big we are, and that's how big a game we're playing. And when you wake up to that and start to give to that, give thanks, gratitude and love to our real source, which is that true self that creates, then we'll start to become that perfect and that mastered, and create all the things that it takes because we see that we are God, Master in the Universe. We are the creator and source.

The bottom line is that we are love, complete, whole. There is no place to go. We have it all, this moment. Everything there is in this moment. There will always be this moment, forever. Forever doesn't exist, only now which is the infinity of the inexpressible. It can't be put into words because the one who puts it into words is the one. You can never describe the describer. You can never see the seer. It's just the simple truth.

The truth serum has begun to work. And every person on the planet is going to start to speak, listen for the truth. That's what's working for us now. Nobody can escape. Anybody. And everybody wants to know and live the truth. The truth is you're God and everybody's God and when are you going to start seeing what your job is, how to live and react. How to be, how to speak and receive.

Now we have the opportunity to say yes to god, yes to love, yes to awareness, yes to oneness, yes to growing up, yes to wanting to be healthy and happy, yes to having what we want in life, yes to peace and harmony. Saying yes to love creates it all. Real love. The love of yourself, love of God, love of the universe, love of the planet, every relationship and opportunity. When you come to that place where it's all love..there's only gratitude and that makes you heart centeredness. There's no place to go, nothing to do or accomplish. It will all take care of itself. Because then you're living in the eternalness of this moment.

Whenever you forget and live in the momentary reaction of whatever you're conflicting with, fearing, worrying about, struggling to accomplish, you forget your true source and self, you're making a big mistake. You must correct the mistake by seeing that whatever is coming out that you have love and appreciation and acknowledgement and knowing that you are source and the person in front of you is source and it's all one. Just keep on remembering to remember. Putting your attention on remembering.


Why would you ever want to read another book that gave you spiritual truth, insights into reality. Why would you want to eat another sweet, delicious pineapple? Why would you ever want another great sexual experience? Why would you ever want to see another movie, or the same movie again? Because you want to have the experience of ecstasy constantly. Whether it's in tasting, or being in a spiritual state, whether it's being in sexual ecstasy, it's all the same. We all want to experience the ecstasy that comes from these high experiences.

God has nothing but good humor, fun, the delight, living life just for the delight and fun of it. That's what God's message is, and we are not carrying out the message. Sure, at times, when there's teeth pulling to do, life becomes no fun, but God gave us an anesthesia for those moments: the anesthesia is humor. The anesthetic for life is humor the grace, the fun is to create fun. The greatness of life is to have levity and be in total lightness, fun, games, hilarity and running on the beach. Why do we talk about playing games and music? Because it's all fun. We want to be good at fun. We don't want anything heavy. We don't want pressure. Don't create pressure. Whenever you see yourself becoming serious, stop. Go back to fun. That's what we have to do with our businesses. If it isn't fun, don't do it. We have to make fun out of collecting money, and all business relationships.

When you get heavy, stop thinking about yourself, start thinking about fun and games. Go to the gym, go to the beach, do your creative art form. We're so inspired, joyful and up when we're creating. Imagine if we actually started creating the real 'ship' that we wanted to create for ourselves, our fellow man and the planet. So let's do it. Let's keep on keepin' on.

Create that 'ship' or 'work' through the nucleus of people you're with now. Keep expanding your mind and your brain power to get more than l0%. It's all about awareness, paying attention, being awake, about 'no self', caring for others, caring for God, caring about the chore that's in front of you and getting the job done, being happy, practicing your instrument, picking the fruit, tasting the strawberry, having that delightful sensation of bliss over---the ecstasy of living life as God wants us to. Being his true nature which is work, love and joy.


Succumb to the harmony of the grace that you know the truth of God's universe, that you are free and everyone is free and then, you just luxuriate in the essence of the truth that everything is yours. You have no needs. All of your needs are met. Abundance is what the universe is made of and you made it all. Not only do you own all the universe but you made it. That means you can make more and different and better. Thing that have never been here before. That is our true game. The great humor and joy that we will have

in the near future, starting this minute, will be beyond anything we could have believed because we have never had that experience before except when we weren't in a body. Except when we took acid. Well this is going to be on the natch. We're going to have it and own it this time. We're going to have to own being God. We're going to have to own being the creative genius of humor and light. It's our job. It's our responsibility. Then everything becomes making valentine cards. Everything becomes going to the beach and you no longer dwell inside your mind about self, because there ain't no self. There is no self. There is only consciousness which creates anything it can imagine.


The book must say 'Luxuriate in the lap of God's grace, God's good consciousness which is who God is. He is you. There ain't nothin' else. You ain't goin' anywhere. There is nothing to find. It isn't going to get any better. It's already best. It's finished. It's over. You get it? Your life is over. It's complete. The rest of it is just going to the beach.


What is the roller coaster but the grandest illusion ever created by man. Up and down. Good and bad. Unhappy now happy later. I have everything I need --no I have nothing. I want this, no I want that. Just the roller coaster of our minds, of desire. The cause of all suffering. Stop suffering forever. That's the book. It would just have two words at the top of each page. 'Stop Suffering.' That's the whole book. Show that face to the world. The one that doesn't suffer, the one that's in laughter. The one that is the idiot, the crazy buffoon. That's why we love comedians. Because they were totally enlightened. The 'don't give a shit' attitude and being totally fun and having everybody in uproarious laughter and humor was their mission.


If people realized they don't have to get sick and die, they would program their pituitary gland and their chakras, the real controllers of your life, the glands. These glands are related to energy centers called chakras. If we could inspire the chakras and the glands we could change the program in them so we didn't age or die. The glands are really controlled by very subtle forces, i.e. what is your spiritual reality? What kind of wisdom and knowledge do you have? What is your mental reality? What kind of use of that knowledge and understanding and thinking processes do you have, and emotionally, what kind of control do you have over your feelings and your thoughts and the way you emote? Those things control your physical body. If you understand the relationship of your body to light, energy, breath, oxygen, nutrition, thinking, cleansing detox techniques, energizing, oxygenating and practice these methods, and also have the talent to perform, you would then be in a position to have some control. The results and the effects that you would want in terms of no aging, disease or death starts with the program. If you put a program into your imagination,--let's say, 'I wish to know about the truth about health, disease, aging and living and dying,' then the knowledge would start to come to you. The student must ask and then he gets. If he goes home and practices he will become a teacher of this, himself. It's in the student/teacher relationship that we learn things, whether it's nutrition or just being happy. There's something inside us that must yearn for it. Jesus yearned to be enlightened, so did Buddha. They received it. Some people yearn to be great swimmers or great musicians, Miles Davis yearned to be a great trumpet player. Einstein yearned to know the cosmic laws. They became the masters through their yearning and striving. So we don't throw desire out. But we practice 'right desire.'


If you get knowledge from some teacher, book or school, and the knowledge told you how to practice something that gave you the results you wanted... You could learn to be a swimmer, cook, actress or painter, or learn to eat correctly, or detoxify, or develop your muscles, or build a television set. The process of cause leading to effect, action leading to creation, a process which produces a result. All of that is the way a seed put in the ground grows into a plant which produces a fruit from water, sun, earth. But the potential was in the seed. So all of that is something that we're aware of. We can see all this through what we call our mind's eye or intuition or understanding. It's all called 'awareness.' Awareness in the attention, focus of attention on something related to a transformative process. Let's call it a class. And when the instructor first swims for you and tells you to swim, you feel inadequate. But after your 20th class you're as good as the teacher and maybe better. That came through putting your attention on that class and practicing it as a discipline, as a process that you went through in a physical way. But it entailed more than the physical. It entailed attention, emotion, mental process, assimilating, absorbing and understanding and putting it into your physical being as a something that you could experientially accomplish and know, like riding a bicycle, and this is the same whether it's with nutrition or exercise or building a body or having health, or having a perfect relationship, or having the ability to be talented in some art. All it takes is your attention and then your understanding of what you need to do to practice, then practicing and seeing the results like a tree growing, like a seed experiencing puffing out of its shell and growing and producing an oak tree or a flower. That's how simple life is in what we call the process of creation, or evolution or bringing into being something from nothingness. Where does awareness exist? It doesn't exist as a something. Awareness actually exists as a no-thing. And as a be-ing. As a state of, a context, not a content. It is a space in which something happens a beingness. A consciousness. That's the true state of cause leading to effect. Of the state of the creator creating creations. It's this reality and awareness that we focus on in any course, or any work or business that we want to accomplish. If we're sick and want to be well, you focus on what is the process that you need to be aware of to practice and produce a result? Be do and have cycle. Being must be first. Being must say yes, "I will clean out colon, I will eat fresh fruits, I will not exercise." Then you practice those things by doing them. Then actually you produce a result, healthy feeling, no sickness, energy all the time ability to run and dance and play, grow younger as you get older, the ability to be stronger and healthier as you grow older. Older means you can be younger. The paradoxical things become apparent. Awareness, attention becomes your foc o been given to you. You and your father are one. That is the metaphor, and in that consciousness, you will only choose things that give you harmony, peace and love. That's what it takes to be a practitioner of the science of spirituality and awareness.

With this metaphor we see into, and intuit this primordial essence. You can never really know God. Realizing God is done through a kind of 'beingness,' not something we know as an intellectual exercise. You can never know the truth about music, you can only be in the 'practice' of music. Through that practice you can know music but always without knowing how you did it. Through the experience, or the creation, you can know the creator. You are wholly one with God. The games are the expressions. The one who is expressing the music is you. Is God. You have to make that distinction to make a unification. To make no separateness, to create a oneness.

When you think that money is important, you have separated yourself from the fact that you are the creator of the money. When you know that you are the creator of the money, then money isn't important, you just go out and create some more any time you wish. You can create music when you're willing to be the creator of music. Train yourself to be the creator of music and money and a clean room or love in your life, or anything. Cleaning your room, becoming a swimmer, or creating a diet to have a good body or working at a craft to have money. You do each of these things as a creator, and the creating of the effect is a discipline for you as a creator. Discipline is being a disciple, a student. It's not something difficult. Discipline is a conscious awareness of focus, putting your attention on something and producing a result. It's no more difficult to be disciplined than it is to be undisciplined. Undisciplined means that you're phlegmatic and your mind wanders and you don't have focus or awareness or consciousness of what you want to create. That's the difference.



You can live forever without aging, for thousands of years, maybe tens of thousands, if not forever because your true source and existence is one with the universal creator so you have the power to create anything you want. That's what's happening cosmically and universally right now. We're coming into fourth and fifth dimension, which has nothing to do with having some other dimension to accomplish but rather, there are many other dimensions of reality which are manifested physically and non-physically all over this universe, none of which are your true state of being. You are the creator of all those dimensions, the experiencer of them and you are one with this whole cosmic source called the creator or Mother/Father God. We are shifting in our collective consciousness to higher consciousness which is to be aware of these dimensions that have existed all the time. We're not becoming something else. We're becoming what has been there always. We are going to be aware of it. When you train yourself to focus on agelessness, perfect harmony, seeing yourself as youth and practicing youthening yourself and loving yourself, you will receive all the wisdom. Just as your picking up this book is a result of your seeking to know something. Somehow your inner seeking allows you to find forces of guidance, which is phenomenal.

A person who's in a coma, or hibernates or goes to sleep or dies and goes into a state of perfect rest is trying to go into a place where he can rest from the turmoil and congestion of his mind, spirit. He wants release. We do things to get release. Drugs, alcohol, sex, travel, business, work. They watch a trial on t.v. all day. These are all coma states.

You go in and out. You make contact with your inner self and know that 'this is what I want' but then you are dragged away by your ego, this other false sense of self, and you're dragged into a sensual or material world, or into a relationship, or into fear, or escapes, or your parents' ideas or the world's ideas, or you become a politician or a great leader of a company, and you're possessed by something other than God's way. When your will is God's will, then you will always be connected to the work, the path, the way, the will of the Cosmic truth. When you're connected to your self will, you can be dragged away at any minute and go off into another course, or hide and forget about the knowledge. The mountain top is indifferent to the path you take to reach it. The mountain top is indifferent to whether you stay up there when you get there or not. The mountain top will always be there. God will always lie the truth. Harmony, perfection, love, bliss, excitement, ecstasy, play and wonderful frolicking in the universe of delight, living life just for the fun of it will always be there. That is the mountain top. It will always be there. The question is, will you be there? Will you be one with your brothers and sisters? Will you perfect yourself? Will you be in the fantastic joy and bliss of living in the mountain top? Will you be on that path all the time to approach the mountain top and when you get there, never leave again? That's up to you. It's all a choice because you live in a free will universe. You can leave bliss and ecstasy any time. You find God in your life and you can leave God any time. You can leave him any time and go back to being selfish. Go back to being fearful, being an ego, being right and making others wrong. Go back to having material wealth and think that's the end-all. Go back to eating junk foods. Go back to taking drugs. Or, you can go forward to the place where the truth exists, where the metaphorical mountain top exists, which is health and wealth and love and bliss and ecstasy and sharing and kindness and no fear and no mind and total absolute l00% use of your consciousness which will eventually give you l00% use of your mind. We only use l0% of our brain, maybe less. What's happening with the other 90%? The other 90% is depending on your awareness becoming l00%. It's all cause and effect. If I practice music 1 hour a day, I receive 1 hour a day's results of perfectionment. If I practice 12 hours a day, you know exponentially what I will be accomplishing.


The purpose in any conversation that I may have is that I cannot tolerate disease in any brother or in myself. Whenever there is disease, it's because someone is not at peace, not at ease, not living in the luxuriousness of peace, harmony, ecstasy and playing the game full out and enjoying oneself from participation and producing results. That's our only need. That's the mountain top calling us. So therefore, every day we must wake up and go to bed and in between pray without ceasing for this state of consciousness to find ourselves, to be 'ourselves.'

We must constantly be evoking those things which produce bliss, ecstasy and living life for the delight and fun of it. We are masters at this. We have done all the work. We have studied all the text, all the masters and they've been with us for thousands of years. We've been trained, been chelas, we've had the urge and the connection to the hierarchy, the descended beings, the angels and archangels, to the brilliant wisdom of the cosmic mind. We have had that connection. And our only gap is a disconnection that occurs when we live in a self consciousness about 'I want, I need' I have to have, I lack' ---any separation or gap in perfect harmony, abundance, joy and equanimity, --any gap means you have disconnected from your connection, from connection to source.

As Werner used to say is, all you have to do is acknowledge source. All you have to see is what Master Maurya says, not worry about the direction but see that you are connected. That you have the connection. When you have the connection, you will be in the direction. When you practice being in the direction, you can never lose your connection.

So what's so difficult to practice every day is that what comes up is desire. 'I want. I need. I don't have. I need the perfect woman, the perfect house, perfect job, perfect amount of money, I need the perfect creative outlet. The perfect environment, the perfect harmony in my life.' Desire never ends.

The reason we see women as the goddess, the perfection of the 'ooh' in sex is because it's the physical expression of that thing which is called oneness, ecstatic bliss and oneness with God. We have to not see a difference and realize we have that already. We have the female goddess inside of us. And females already have that complete polarity, too. When we see that we are complete within ourselves, then we come together in the magic, mating dance not possible when we live trapped in the selfish consciousness that exists on this planet. Such desire. All selfishness and desire is an acknowledgement that you're not there. The only acknowledgement that you're there is to give up selfishness and desire. Underneath selfishness and desire is equanimity. You are there. You are it. This is it. The paradigm of life is, 'this isn't it.' 'This wife, this job? This pollution, this city? This body? These parents? This couldn't be it. Well, the truth is right 'this is it.' That's all there is.


The final question is, how do you get someone who is not doing that to do it? When you see your family members and friends in such a drastic need to perform this ability to get right underneath and get on the levers and dials of perfect happiness, harmony and equanimity by seeing that they already have it, that they have their hand in the hand of God and God has his hand in your hand, and you are the mind of God, the hand, the light of the world, that you have perfect harmony and equanimity already and all you have to do is acknowledge that that's who you are and that you're not self, and you're not desire and you're willing to give those up, that's the only thing that will work. But you must practice. It's like getting a piano lesson and knowing that you have to do these scales, practice them every single day, for hours on end, and then you'll blow beautiful music through your hands.

You have to practice giving up the ego for hours eery day and then you'll 'blow God and love and happiness.' That's the teaching.


There are two sides to the issue of being alive. One is to know the truth of the essence of your being, of what your relation is to this cosmic life going on. In relationship to that, there is you. Who are you in the matter? In relationship to it? What is that is keeping you from having it all? What is it keeping you from realizing and being one with having the knowledge, wisdom, ecstasy, bliss, understanding of the totality of the universe. Those are the two issues. What is the truth and the second is how do you get it? What do you have to do to reach the truth because in essence, everybody is asking the same question inside until they have the answer. 'What's it all about, why am I here, what is this life about anyway, what's going on and where are we going?' So those are the essential questions that any being who has any kind of desire returning to know those are the questions. The answers to those questions are not difficult. What is really difficult is to get the core issue of what keeps you from having that particular answer or formula, or technique or way of being that allows you to live those truths because the truths are self evident and the truths are in every religion and every philosophy and every wise man's writings, every wise man's voice that's ever been here on the planet has said the same, perennial philosophies. Those are where those truths are. People have realized and known them for eons and eons of time. But the difficulty is that ordinary human beings either don't look to see what those truths are, or if they do get inspired to look, they are unable to live them. They are unable to fulfill the promise that those truths contain in their self evident reality. So, where we're at, is to see what is the core issue that keeps us from having it the way we want it. From being happy? What doesn't allow your life to be happiness and abundance.

When someone says my core issue is my financial problem and if I had enough money, and if I had it, I could pursue those beautiful things and those truths. That's not true. Because everything you come up like money, love, education, talent or satisfaction or success is only a symptom. Only an effect of your core issue. The core issue is much bigger. The need to have momentary success, to find a relationship that works, to be happy..are symptoms and effects of the core issue. As soon as you say that you know, the most likely is that you won't. What your core issue is---is something that's hidden from you. What's missing but what you don't see as missing. Something that is cloudy and not clear for you to really see. Something that you may suspect or feel in some part of yourself but you haven't defined it in your conscious mind. Their blind spot. The reason we use that word or say 'something missing' is because you don't and can't and you're unable to see yourself clearly as someone else may or as maybe you could if you were put in a position of objectivity. Just off the top of my head, I might be able to find it for you. I might ask a guru of mine---what's my core issue.

Everybody wants to live the fantasy life, rich and famous, living in Bel Air, swept off their feet by the richest opposite sex person, and taken to the castle to live happily ever after with all the glamour, dreams, beauty, riches, family and live forever and be young forever. All of that is just an archetypal symbol or metaphor for what we're talking about, being Clark Gable or Marilyn Monroe. None of this is real. They're only illusions, fantasies, which take place in a mind which has free rein to create a scenario or vision. The core issue is underneath it. The basic one is 'I want to be perfect.' I want to be like God I want to be a God. I want to have a magic wand and take it and create the love, harmony, equanimity, power, talent as I wave it each day. That is the truth about our inner desire. All core issues stream from those desires which are not accomplished. Fear is the basis of all core issues. It's the fundamental problem. It's underneath all core issues.

You can read in a book that there's no such thing as fear, that fear is an illusion, but we must deal with the illusion to dispel it. Because fear is an illusion doesn't mean you don't have it. We have fears all the time, of being poor, not having the rent, not making it, being kicked out of the house. When we go to an audition, we have a fear we won't be good enough. Or not beautiful enough. All of our core issues are based on fear which is an illusion but that illusion is running most people's lives and it will get in the way of our real success.

So, now, to look at what is the core issue that fear creates in your life is the main thing. Contemplate what the fear is. Your desires are all coming from that core issue which is coming from fear. If you can see what your desires are and what fears are underneath those desires---if you can see what your needs are, and what fears are underneath those needs, --see what your real reactions are, the way you're triggered to react, the way your buttons get pushed, you will see the fear is connected to the core issue.

When I say the word 'core issue,' I'm not talking about something that's real. Like fear, it is self created, self inflicted, a button pushed stickless response mechanism that's in us all and it's not real, just something we've been trained into or robot-like don't have any control over it. A Pavlovian response. It could be 'I need to make it big. I want to have everything the rich guy has.' So you have to look at what it is your mind thinks you need to make it. It just happens to be something that separates you from source. Your core issue is separating you from the truth, the truth being this ultimate understanding and wisdom about the universe, its principles, why you're here and what it's all about.

There's nothing wrong with core issue, it's not good or bad. It just happens to be something that separates you from source, makes you stand in your own way and prevents success. To be connected with source at every moment is what you need to feel blissful and obtain your dreams.

So when you read spiritual books, you will start to see what it is that you can do to get yourself smart enough and adept enough at practicing teachings and disciplines that will bring you to the truth and then your core issue will disappear and you will have everything you want, love, family and money. Of course money. Be a conscious, listening being and realize that money goes with it. It takes money to have a family. Listen to the wisdom of the universe and you'll enter a new phase of your life and see what it takes to be happy. Love. But it has nothing to do with anybody else.

It has to do with you letting it in and letting it out. As long as it's hard to do, you will not have it. Until it becomes an easy thing to do you will be struggling with the most important part, to understand what love is in its entire wise way of being. It's the whole egg. It includes being loved, giving love, receiving love, loving yourself, knowing yourself, realizing your true, essential nature and oneness with the entire universe which is what God is all about.


Whatever comes out of your mouth is creating your reality so the first step is to create thought and feeling and words out of your mouth that create the scenario, the vision and the description of what you want. Never speak negatively about yourself or anybody else in the present tense. If you have negatives, say 'you were a bum, you're going to do a 180, be great in the future.'