To be happy with yourself and show yourself to the world --- as a master --  is to glide through the place and the space in which you are now encountering obstacles, like furniture in a dark room that you bump into.  Every blow makes you howl with pain. Your shins are bruised. These Ďrocksí in your sea make you feel beset, mistreated, put upon, angry, wounded and enraged. What are those treacherous rocks you bump into? Your needs and your desires. Unmet, obviously.

To create a clear path in front of you, and float like a MASTER, learn to be still and undo the Ďunmetnessí of what you can control. You canít control othersí treatment of you, but you can control the things you need and want. SOME of your needs and wants are real and can be won.

Separate your dumb needs from the real ones. Needs are often something you really donít need. My friends tell me they need a roof over their head. I beg to differ. They need a pressed suit. Not really, I say. Not if youíre going to get your knickers in a twist because you canít have that pressed suit. Then you donít need one. It gets in the way.

Desires are something you really want, wish for. I donít consider them as treacherous as needs. Their most useful feature is that when you pursue their attainment, thereís a certain ecstasy in doing that creative work.

And while you wander around in the last few days of this state of frustrated need and desire, it helps to say to yourself, ĎI am loving, blessing, grateful, joyful, accepting. This is my state of surrender; itís the state of vulnerability, the state of me being whole, the state of being complete, the state of being absolutely one with the universe. And thatís called spiritual enlightenment and thatís what Iím all about. Iím not about my needs and desires which Life isnít meeting right now.Ē

See, if you live the ordinary lifestyle and you just have the ordinary babble of your mind controlling you and the ordinary babble of the world mind coming into you, and thatís your dialogue, conversation and itís usually mind-numbingly angry. Every second youíre shooting sparks. What a waste of energy! Add to that the television viewing,  running around, driving around, the movies you go to and the friends that you have, then the spark shooting, tell me, what time or energy do you have for higher consciousness?

There is a blissful, tripping higher state you could be in which is like the penthouse, your top floor. You live in the basement now, but you could go up the stairway into the supra conscious, creative realm, out of the realm of gossip, out of the realm of needs, anger, blahblah yammer, --out of the realm of fear that you wonít get your wish list. Thereís a top floor in the realm of love, joy, creativity and experiencing yourself as a creator and a co-creator with God.

Thatís the real purpose and the real game thatís here. Now, to see yourself completely and hold yourself up to this light, one that shines on you so brightly that you see what you must discard which doesnít work and shows you the luminescence of  that stuff you do which really works so you can do more of itÖ.. that is the job that youíre up to now. Thatís where youíre going to grow and glow.

Thereís nothing you need do or nothing you need know, nothing you need say or think about...rather, the choice is to be open and accepting and listening and conscious and aware and letting things in and being in the mode of being a real student of the joyful things of life, the higher things, the knowledge, wisdom and creativity skills that will bring you these things every moment, every now.

In case you have fears, somethingís bothering you, youíre afraid of something, you donít like it, youíre uncomfortable, youíre worrying, what you do with that is stop and choose to be loving and happy and open and receptive, to think about exactly what you want to create and how you want it to be. You stay with that vision, that feeling and that thought and all those worries, fears and thoughts go on the back burner just like a radio playing elevator muzak in the background and you donít let it distract you. You donít like a lot of that stuff on the back of the stove but you donít let it interfere with your joy and what youíre doing.

Freedom is wonderful, but whatís even more wonderful than freedom is discipline. The kind of freedom that you get from discipline enables you to be self-powered, self-esteemed, self-motivated and satisfied with your own abilities to create a life that will make you healthy, wealthy, happy and wise.

Whatís happening with you in the past has been that you only had half of the equation. You have to know that eliminating is important, eliminating blah blah desire based yammer, the jealousy and covetousness it rides in on and the anger it produces. CUT. WHACK. OUT!

There is no real freedom without discipline, and there is no real discipline unless it creates freedom so itís not the kind of discipline where you put someone in a prison and you say you canít do anything except follow my rules, eat, go to bed and get up when I say so. The other part of discipline is yes, you eat and go to bed and you donít do this and so forth, and within those ground rules, thereís an amazing amount of freedom to be, the freedom to create, to study, to learn, to play, to have relationships, to be intelligent, the freedom to receive and give love, all those freedoms arise out of the ground rules we adhere to because the ground rulesí only purpose is to make a human being fulfilled or the opposite, fill-fueled. Filled up to the fullest you can be, with education, knowledge, attention, awareness, sensitivity, compassion, understanding and wisdom.

Maybe the problem that you have is that half the equation is being lived, the freedom part but the freedom without sensitivity, humility, awareness...will get you in accidents, people dislike you, there wonít be a harmonious life, everything will be out of balance, balance occurs in the relationship and interactions that you have with other human beings in terms of your goals, visions and the results you produce in life. The key for doing this and teaching others is being an example. The key for understanding and learning it yourself is to practice it and then be ableóas you live in relationship with your friends or family---to exemplify the very goals and characteristics, high thoughts of being a real disciplined, free, happy, satisfied human being. The only way you can do that and have it rub off on anybody else is to show up that way, yourself. Be able to see yourself and get others to see that you see them. In relationship to your children, you want to be able to get them to see that you see them and that will enable them to see that you see them and they will be able to see themselves the way you see them. When they can see themselves the way you see them and when they know that you see them, they will know what you see.

In that seeing, they can achieve that high level, that high thought...that ďoh, my mother sees me being an egomaniac and being out there, trying to impress others and always screaming and yelling and getting the attention and have the freedoms and carte blanche that adults have.

When youíre a 2-year old...you can only have that freedom when you live with the ground rules that 2-year olds have to live with. Itís the same thing for us at thirty. Only now we have creativity, education, understanding and the ability to mold ourselves.

You have to be a really practicing, creative student. Thatís why itís called a disciple. A disciple is a student whoís disciplined enough to listen to the guru. If you make it up and you donít listen to what others are saying and make up your own idea and thought about it, youíre always going to be in trouble. Youíre doing something you think is OK but you made it up. You didnít hear what was being said.

To hear what was said, is you have to not say, think or do anything except listen until you hear it enough times. Like learning a scale in music. You canít hear it one time and say I can play that. You have to hear and practice that scale 1000 times before you can play it and know it like the person who taught it to you. He had to do it 1000 times before he knew it. Thereís no way to make it up. You have to be the quiet, listening student all the time. Ground rules are important but whatís more important is that you become a disciple. YOU CREATE IT ALL  with any decision you make, but make THAT one, and you create the best path possible.

The easiest thing in the world is to be a reactionary and get hurt, upset and lash out when you see people doing unkind things, when somethingís going wrong out there. Itís easy to say thatís fucked up. I want it out of my life. 99% of the time it has to do with your closest people. In that personal contact, thereís always conflict, two ideas, two feelings and then thereís an argument which leads to stress then people want out because what they really want is happiness, the true state of your soul. The only way to have happiness is to have your soul feel wonderful and your soul truly is wonderful, a happy human being, in a body, having a wonderful experience of traveling through the material realm and creating these things. What we do is get into our ego and desires and when we donít have what we want, we react negatively. Thatís the time to react positively...when you lose something, when you donít have any money, when your desires arenít satisfied. Thatís when you must act positively, give more, be happier, healthier, work harder, get on the program and say Ďthings are not good, I am going to change them.í Thatís what courageous people do. Thatís what successful people do, high people, loving people, saintly people, Godly people do in the face of adversity.

The examples we have of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna or any great being---they were always loving, no matter what happened, when things were bad. They were loving, giving, serving helping, healing, blessing, patient. So when you scream ĎIím not going to put up with this anymore, I canít stand this life, Iím unhappy, this is miserable, Iím not going to live like this, what am I doing in this relationship? Why am I broke, why donít I have a successful careerĒ ..that is blocking you from being relaxed. Say to yourself, ďwhatever is happening, Iím going to be loving, happy, good, serve others, help everybody, work hard, practice, go out there and get the job done.í Thatís the way to talk. Not this other way, not this other negative thing, ĎIím not going to put up with this.í Put up with what? Youíre putting up with yourself. You created it all. Youíre responsible for whatever is in your life. So you can get to be happy, wealthy and wise if you will just realize that you are the creator of it all. Thereís nothing else out there. You created all of this.

The job you have is to be absolutely certain to not give up on the beautiful path of joy, peace and happiness. Whatever creates peace do that. Act that way. Act on that. Create that. Whatever does it to create peace do it. You will have all the happiness you could ever imagine. And whatever doesnít create peace, recognize it and stop doing that. When you get angry, as soon as you get disturbed, when you tear things apart, as soon as you become violent in any way inside yourself, notice that thereís no peace. Our only goal as souls, as Gods walking the universe, is to create peace and not the negative. Thatís why we have the negative, so we donít create that, so we can get that contrast with the positive. We have the negative to see that we canít go there. We have hell to see that we canít go there. We only have violence and hate to see that we canít be hateful, or be violent. We have to be happy, nurturing, giving and go to heaven. In heaven, thereís no hell. You only have heaven and hell as opposite polarities as contrasts to see that you choose one and you eliminate the other. Your true state was power, peace, God, energy, creativity. Youíre the creator. If you are, why would you create hell when you can create heaven? Why create negativity when you can be positive, why would you create dumb when you can be smart? Why would you create being poor and living in a basket when you could be rich? Why would you create animosity and negative vibrations with any other human being when you could create positive vibrations and beautiful things with another human being? And then you say Ďitís impossible, I canít, this doesnít work with this other person. I tried.í Thatís a lie, more creating of hell when you talk that way. Everything comes from your thought and your ideas and your word is law in the universe and your actions create your results. Remember that and you will be fine. No more bumping into obstacles.