THE MASTER JULES, famed philosopher, teacher

 as given by THE MASTER JULES (Jules Buccieri)

Typed and edited by Anita Sands Hernandez

Primary in creating a SHIFT in realization and accomplishment and to move to the new page in your own life as a personal challenge, is the need for purification. If you don’t purify, the nervous system doesn’t get handled, doesn’t get smoothed out, calmed and fortified with powerful foundation of centered-ness and purpose. So purification is the foundation or work that everyone needs to do to have centered-ness and focus. That means purification of your body, colon, bloodstream, lungs and eventually of your brain.

When your body gets purified what happens? Your nervous system, which is connected to your thinking processes, mind and the way you feel, and the way you react, and the way you act, changes. You enter into the state that philosophers and writers call “the superman”. It is characterized by bliss, a brain simmering with creative ideas, a feeling of love for and forgiveness toward everyone. It’s a good thing, too, so, the conditions for purification must be established. Are you anywhere close? Let’s look at what’s happening with you now...

What’s the state of your nervous system, have trouble sleeping? What’s the state of your colon, which reflects your eating habits? Toxic? Constipated? Look at your breathing habits, little nervous, shallow breathing probably. What about your exercise habits, can you run a mile? Look at your meditation habits. Can you still your mind when it’s giving you yammer? Tell me what you read or watch on television. The anguish of the nightly news? Crime shows? Mysteries? Porn?

How you nutrify your brain and body and perceive life to be has to be looked at and evaluated every moment that you’re alive to see if you’re making the right choices in those particular things to bring about purification of your physical body which will bring about purification of your emotional body, your mental body and eventually, your spiritual body.

These are connected to your physicalness, the physical thing, what you exist in, this bag of bones. This body has a nervous system, a brain. We cannot function in this world in equanimity without doing some purification. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire or a homeless bum. If you don’t purify, you will not be able to fly, you will not be able to feel powerful, you will not be courageous, you will not be creative.

Remind yourself right now: the most important thing is to be creative, satisfied, happy, fulfilled, serving, giving, having everything you want, creating your dreams, creating your vision, being in the space called I am one with the universe, I am God, I am powerful to be a Jesus, to be a Buddha, to be an enlightened being—feeling that love and bliss.

Those guys were the simplest, most purified people that we’ve ever encountered. If you read the actual words of Jesus, he was the sharpest, most convoluted thinker, no country hick. He had immersed himself in the Essene texts of Jewish mysticism that were a thousand years old, copied in the Qumran monastery, stashed in jars, thousands of chapters. You know them as the Dead Sea Scrolls, full of the most sophisticated philosophy. He spent years reading and talking it over at the Synagogue with the rabbis and more years digesting and distilling his own unique take on it, bouncing it off life around him. Then, he went out in the countryside to share the good news with the humble people who didn’t read. And they just loved him. He was better than TV, a revelation to them. In those days they used to stone women for adultery, so the Gospel of love and forgiveness had them awestruck. It was bold. He said that we who followed him could create change in people and in ourselves, intrinsically do the same as he did. He said that we’d do him one better. Therefore, we have to become the most simple, purified people to be able to be like Jesus or Buddha.. that’s where the process starts and it goes on and on by being devoted to this godliness, this centeredness, this oneness, this simplicity, this egolessness, this spiritually attuned, open-minded person, every minute that you’re alive. You cannot let one second escape that you’re not devoted to your God-self. That’s where you really live, in your soul, your spirit. When you’re devoted to that, you’re on the right path.

To do that, you have to purify yourself from the things that are keeping you from being there, the things that make your nervous system NOT be able to do that, the entertainment that dyes your mind black, the foods that give you insomnia, the things that keep your mind reactive instead of creative, bummed out instead of blissed out, without problems. I feel that if you think you have a problem and have to deal with it, THAT is the problem. That continual, negative approach can only be eliminated by not dealing with the problem, looking at the problem or seeing any problem.

You have to go to the opposite end which is to see where the solution is, where the clarity and spiritual truth is, where the fundamental reality and light of the truth is, that dispels the problem. When you shine the light in the darkness, there’s no more darkness. What happened to it? Well, you found out there was no darkness, it was an illusion called darkness. As soon as the light shows up, there’s no darkness, there is no problem. And you say, “What happened to the problem? I don’t know, it isn’t here anymore. I can’t see it. I can’t find any problem.”

As soon as you say, “I have feelings of not being adequate,” that’s the case. When you say, “This person is a thief, this other person is a liar,” you get stuck with that person tearing at you. A man says, “I only feel great if I have a relationship based on possessiveness where this person wants and needs me.” He’s got the wrong formula to open the safe, but it’ll keep him tinkering with the combination to the safe and spinning dials for most of his adult life.

These misbeliefs are all really illusions. They’re problems that you created in your life and they grow long roots and take over like vines that seize hold of your entire life and strangle it. You’re no longer the cause, they are. When you believe in problems they start to grow fat. They soon exist without any solution. The clarity, the satisfaction that you need in order to create, never comes. The vines grow bigger and create nothing but more dissent in your mind. You’re utterly on the path to madness, so never study your problems or lacks.

If you feel inadequate, and that sends you looking for ways to show up as adequate, you will constantly be fortifying inadequacy. We laugh at the guy in midlife crisis who buys a red convertible to advertise he’s a sexy, attractive, hot guy. Certain women can read that and lo, he’s created a life destroyer.

If you have a desire.. you want something.. and you constantly want this something and try to find out how to get what you want, all you’re doing is fortifying and magnifying what you want and inviting total nemesis. (Take note of the fact that the original meaning of the word 'want' was LACK.)

When it seems to someone that the only solution to the problem is having what you want, you’re nuts. When you actually have what you want, like the guy in the red car with the peroxide blonde, guaranteed you won't want it anymore. If you still do want it when you have it, then you’re insane.

The process is too difficult to look at in terms of any logic. You have to get completely out of your mind. The creation of what you want is a process in which you act as the creator, to act out the process of being the thing that you ‘wish to create’.  If you want to be attractive to women and you’re fifty, work out, swim, get tan, be interested in the interesting things. If you want to be rich, be consciously rich, be absolutely certain and secure in your richness. Feel it, live it, act it, know it in every fiber of your being, without having any evidence for it. Be the solution not the problem.

This is the teachings and training of Science of Mind, how they heal. Don't be ill, be healed. It’s the metaphysics of transformation, of higher consciousness, of God-training. How do you get someone to be Christ, to be as God, to BE God, in the moment, to see things already done, believing it is already done? You have to first have the thought, the idea, the belief and the process. Start with the thought, idea, understanding and then transfer it into the belief, the acting out, the acting ‘as if’. Follow through with every fiber of your being, with every action, with every feeling, with every re-action to be a creativeness. That’s it. You can’t teach this, you only have to see it, and see it, and practice it, and read it, and hear it, and then become it.

Everyone you or I know are living the opposite. They think in terms of I can or I can’t, or I’m poor or I’m rich, bouncing back and forth like a ball off the wall. People think in a reactive way, they react to the way others maybe think they are, or the way they have been or the way things are that week or the way things look.

You are doomed to be the ball—eternally slammed by the wall—thinking those things. You are the creation of your beliefs, thoughts and reactions. What is the difference between being slammed around by your mind and God-consciousness, and wanting to create in a moment the power to change things and create them the way you want them? The difference is, the wise man is busy being creative every moment and not ever being up in his head, thinking, counting, score-keeping and reactive. To be or not to be, that is the question.

So let’s not let the ball play us. Let’s put the ball in play. When you’re on the court playing this tennis game and you’re McEnroe, there’s no ego there, there’s only the ball and the racquet and the perfect hit and that’s called the zen of tennis. Of course McEnroe wasn’t perfect. When the umpire says the ball was out and McEnroe goes crazy and says it was in, he took himself totally out of the zen of the game. What happened to him? He got enough money, ego and bullshit in his life to become involved, addicted to winning and not be the zen master of tennis anymore. Now the experience of all that is a great lesson in humility, maturity and non-attachment.

Therefore, our job is to stay as the zen master, student, disciple, teacher, ‘God-neophyte’, always playing every side at every moment. Our job is being receptive, open, surrendered and totally confident in every moment. It’s the ultimate position. You’re playing all the positions at every moment because there is no you. You’re every side, every mind.

The part of anybody’s life that is an expression of the beauty and the power and creativity, eloquence, the mastery, the talent, the real creative part of you, whether it’s creating a house, sculpture, painting, novel, song, music, that part of us that is able to create that, to make a dinner or make love, clean a house, drive a car, swim in the ocean.. that part that allows us to do and master and learn those things and be able to create, is the part that is truly soulful, truly a student, truly open, accepting, willing, disciplined, aware and conscious. The part that lives and functions as a truly magnificent, high-minded teacher or student or lover or one who is loved, one who can give and receive, that part of us which is the true creator is not ego, is not selfish, reactive, bound up in survival. That part of us is truly the one who is free and working on mastery whether you’re Streisand, Monroe or Einstein. That part of those people, doing the thing they love to do, was in ecstasy and was totally free of the constraints of ego and survival and hurt and pain.

The part that lives in pain and hurt is the part involved in the conversation of the ego, “I want more from life or from my lover.” “It’s not good enough, I’d like to be greater.” “Is this all there is?” “Is this enough money?” “Do people like me?” “What about my next business deal, novel, movie, song or sculpture?” That part of us that speaks that way is the defensive survivalist, egotistical, needy, wanting one more big score.

As long as we stay in our desires, as Buddha said, we suffer. When we stay non-attached, then we’re on the path, the open road, the path of non-attachment, the middle way.

Ego and spirit can’t live in the same house, just like problems and solutions can’t live in the same house. If a person is afraid, they go in the ocean but they’re afraid, they can’t really enjoy the waves. So what do they have? Fear? They want to get out. If you’re in a relationship and you’re afraid, or jealous, it can’t last. The only way you can be in the ocean, in a relationship or in a job is to be free of the self that talks to itself about “what if”. “What if she left me?” “What if he cheated?” Keep pushing fear away. The state of being Godly is the state of being free, selfless. People take drugs to get there, but the problem with drugs is the downside, they exhaust and age, they mask the ego for a few hours but they don’t decimate it, and next day when you’re tired, the ego is worse than ever.

What’s the problem with ego? It’ll kill anything good in your life. You have a relationship, you fall in love. You think that being in the mating game, you will now have someone you’re close to. You can depend on each other and you always will be OK. BUT as soon as that person isn’t the way you want them to be, you feel hurt, in pain, you feel lost, you feel fear. You feel like “I don’t know what to do now.” “I don’t like them anymore. I want to pull away from them.” That’s ego. Or “this person is pulling away from me, now I want them, need them. I’m in love with them and they’re not in love with me.” All those things occur in a mind that talks to itself, being identified with desires. That’s ego.

Only in the desireless state, where you don’t care what occurs in the external world.. you only care about your internal state, that it’s calm, peaceful, secure, happy and one with your spirit and has no fears and has no desires. It only creates. It doesn’t react. Only in that state can you live in Paradise every second. Practice gets you there. How do you play the piano? Practice. How do you make sculpture? Practice. That nagging, desiring voice of the Ego is always there, so you have to constantly silence it. You can’t just clean for five minutes and when your ego tells you that you’re tired, quit and hope the house is clean. You have to push beyond your usual limits of boredom. Gurdgieff taught that. He asked huge time and effort commitments from his students, and after making that effort, they got to that bliss place as they’d killed their own egos and all of them wrote books about the miracles of consciousness which the old guy was able to squeeze from them.

You use anything, yoga, swimming, housecleaning as a ‘push past your own ego exercise’, like ancient monks in hairshirts or fakirs sitting on nailboards. You can even use more painful things, like your own insecurity and jealousy. Let the sweetheart go on that weekend without you. Let it burn. Monday morning you just say hello and give them a kiss. No questions, just silence and bliss. Assume the pose.

You use everything that’s at hand to constantly practice burning up the ego until it actually dies and that practice period is ended. You have to constantly be aware of quieting the voice that is talking with you. It’s about consistency.

To see then, all the phobias and mischief and foibles that we create in our life, how we are, how we listen to our crazy inner yammer, just look in the mirror and see our unhappiness, our broken hearts because our yammer drove off loving friends. We must look at our poor posture, our sagging spines, the blubber drooping down like a mudslide. We must look at our poor health, how our cruddy bodies cannot even taste or smell food anymore, so toxic are they. We must observe our poor habits, the indulgences we have whether it’s drugs, sugar, tea, coffee, carbs, sugar, alcohol or envy and jealousy, or mouthing off negatively. Rage. That’s a big one. For some rage is wound. Whatever it is, when we see those addictions, we put that on our list. Finished with that. We write it down, we sign our name. It’s a vow, we break those habits.

When you see that you’re anxious all the time, you stop. When you see that you’re speeding all the time, stop. And you see what’s creating it. Is it coffee giving you mind yammer? Sugar giving you highs then lows? Bad food making you sludgey? Too much toxicity in your system? Too much fear? What is the habit?

Knowing your habits are wrong is hopeless. Understanding and knowing are sort of a booby prize. The real prize is wisdom, which is the application of knowing and understanding. When you apply what you know and understand, you practice which makes perfect. If you know sugar is bad for you, or cigarettes, being way overweight is bad for you, not exercising is bad for you, being angry all the time, speedy and anxious is bad for you, you work on changing that.

If you don’t work on it, you’re the mischievous one in your own life. Remember, ‘Who is the problem in your life?’ YOU are. ‘Who is the barrier?’ I am.

You have to see the program you’ve put into your mind. If you’re using cigarettes and you know you have to give them up because they’re screwing up your body, your lungs, your ability to taste food, enjoy simple food, or even exercise or make love, they’re screwing up more than just the way you smell and if you keep on smoking, life continues to be miserable and you’ll die.

Some people, dumb people, refuse to wake up from the sleep. They should recognize they’re asleep, say to themselves, “I will wake up.” That’s a great start by the way. Then, they have to work at it, read, study, get a teacher, a buddy system, “Did you smoke today?” You know, get a truth-teller of a pal. The dumb addict who's smoking drinking coffee and eating burgers now will have to substitute tea and tofu. They will have to remember that they are aware you have always been awake, you know, the good stuff. And that burgers and smokes impede that awakeness. Or at very least are known to eventually cause death of the system even if today's burger and ciggie doesn't kill you.

The stuck person will have to breath walk until their lungs come back. Breath walk as a brave baby taking his first steps; don’t look at what is keeping you from walking, just keep practicing walking until your lungs and your legs get strong. You can feel the muscles get stronger. You can quit smoking and your lungs will heal and you’ll feel better.

The speed junkie can quit coffee and white sugar and pop a raw green juice with a half pineapple to make it a delight, a drink which will really get him high and he won’t have anxieties and be speeding around dithering like an idiot with his eyes bulging and his heart going 120. And he starts digging personifying calm wisdom, not agitated yammer, nervous in the service.

You and others will see you as a powerful, healthy person when you’re doing meditation, reading the great books, listening to the really thoughtful, deep FM radio talk shows (great nutrition for the mind), going to classes, swimming, doing yoga. You will impress.

There are a million ways to improve but you can’t deal with improvement if you’re dealing with your faults. You have to throw all memory of your faults away, burn them in the fire of willingness to let go. Surrender. You burn all your attachments, negativity in total surrender. Let it go. Drop it. Let it be in the background. Just that conversation that’s constantly in your mind, put it on the back burner. Let it be. It’s always there, just like the crickets are always there, the sky and air are always there. We don’t have to pay attention to that conversation in our heads. Just let it be like you let the air be.

You can strengthen your lungs by breathing, and you can strengthen your psyche by taking in the right thoughts, affirmations, prayer, awareness of God, awareness of self, higher-consciousness and putting those thoughts into your brain computer, and don’t worry, when they’re digested, you will start to exude a sweet perfume but also you’ll start to mend your own fences.

You know how when you’re worried, you go to a film, you focus on something else so much like a meditation that everything else is on the back burner. It’s a form of letting go of the question and then you come out of the movie and the answer comes.

You want to get past that point, where you don’t have a question about the right thing to do. You do the right thing because you’re conscious of what the right thing is, rather than having to make a decision. Decisions have to be eliminated eventually, replaced by choices. The choice for the truth is simple.

What is reality? What is the truth about reality? What’s the real skivvy on the whole deal? It’s that I’m here, you’re there, they are over there, three distinct human beings, five billion distinct human beings, entities throughout the universe, there’s the chair, wall and lamp, the floor, sky, ocean, the planet... all distinct and material entities, objects that we call the external world.

You can touch and rub your hand and you can say that’s the external world. I can feel the skin, bone, fingernail. That’s outside. Where I’m sensing, experiencing and feeling it and where I live is INSIDE. But the inside is not inside and the outside is not outside, they’re just relative terms. I’m experiencing inside what is outside. What is that reality? There isn’t any inside outside, the inside is you, the experiencer, the energy. The outside is what you’re touching and looking at and feeling and seeing, and it’s all the same thing.

In other words, everything has an internal and external reality but it’s all this God-source, this creative energy that is expressing itself in different forms which we as human beings have had the power and insight to see. With our imagination and in our minds and thoughts we can actually create and mold things to be a tiled bathroom, a house, a saxophone, a swimming pool. We have the ability to write a book, to speak words that touch others so much that the words trigger a new them. Five hundred years ago, the human mind considered children were small adults. As soon as the child was weaned, it was on its own, an adult to be left to wander, starve or be misused. Was it any wonder that so many people of that day were sociopath killers and warriors? Considering the childhoods they had? Even so close as a hundred years ago, children had to work in factories 10 hours a day, until Queen Victoria’s time. One writer named Dickens changed all that. His novels were about compassion for the child. The thinking about child labor, in the western world at least, changed, and laws changed. Fifty years ago, a black man could be mistreated in the cruelest ways, sanctioned by popular consensus. What happened? Novelists went to work on the theme. Evolution happened. Now half of films and TV is full of happy blacks (or happier,) enjoying equality, and that reality has happened from the efforts of journalists and novelists.

We can create evolution through sharing our thoughts whether as  bloggers, gurus, TV scripts, novels, laws, music lyrics, (Rap is INCREDIBLY WISE these days, very influential. All are useful for waking up consciousness. We function with each other and think and reflect about life and create our insights about reality and share them, and almost effortlessly life moves a click up and evolves and improves.

All of that should affirm for you the mysterious power of basic energy, the same energy being expressed everywhere, constantly, instantaneously in the now. In this moment. That’s all there is, the wave upon which matter is moved, the unseen photon. The moment that just occurred and the moment that is now and the moment that is coming... that is now... is all there is. And that continuous continuum of now, that constant reality is what, who, where, when we are. Play and make things, know yourself as all there is, and above all, forward the action.

Realize that you are playing tennis with God. If you’re lame, do you think He wants to stay on the court where you are stumbling about with your racket? It would be tedious for him. But if you practice and avoid petty thinking and take yourself into what works, exercise, health foods, charity to your brothers, watchfulness in speech and word, compassion for the amazing sensitivity of children, the spirit of service which is you forwarding the action, then God is going to want to play with you. Those God photons are going to be available on your energy continuum.

Have faith in the invisible Photon. Recognize the God principle that is your life, that is everyone’s life, that is the life of the universe, and recognize that it exists everywhere simultaneously, so all truth and energy is you and is surrounding you and is intimately expressed everywhere. You wake up and 99 other monkeys will too. Have faith in that invisible law. Time and space are nothing but a projection of our inside insight and perception... just a projection of that... doesn’t mean they exist as they exist, they exist as structures but the reality that sees all the structures is not a structure. It doesn’t have a form. It’s formless. There is something beyond that is unseen but which contains you, is you, generates you and in turn, you generate IT. This is the key to the puzzle—when you know that you who perceives and knows all the changes are changeless, that the part that knows and perceives all the forms is formless, the changeless, formless Being, the eternal, internal being that has no structure and no form. Therefore, when you know this, you know that you’re one with the Creator and you’re one with all other Creators because in the formless state everything is joined. Everything is. Everything is infinite throughout the universe and it’s not in a state of measurement, nor in perceivability, nor in form. It just is. And that is why we can never talk about, or put into words or express that which is inexpressible but we can point to it with our words (philosophies, religions, spirituality, enlightenment) and with our actions. I’m reminded by the scene in Indiana Jones where he knows the diving board is there, though it’s invisible and he walks out over the edge of the cliff on the invisible diving board. Well the feats of magic that you can do when you know you’re supported by the invisible Matrix, are immense.

You have to be able to see what’s not real to see what IS real. If we keep seeing the world of negativity and fear and want and greed and all this competition as real, we will never get to the real. There was an educator who won the greatest educator award and all he was saying in essence was we have to go back to the turn of the century when people went to school twelve to fourteen weeks a year and knew more and learned more and read more. There was no illiteracy because everybody taught everyone. A schoolroom was five different grades in one room with one teacher teaching eighty children who all became teachers of each other and there was no competitiveness. Now, children are kept children, little babies with balloons and birthday parties and craving the new in-toys until they’re twelve years old. Then, they’re thrown into the zoo of having to compete and see who’s going to get the best score and we have the Bell Curve and it’s all insanity and the government thinks everybody needs to go to college until they’re twenty-nine and then they’ll be OK. The only OK is when people educate themselves to be truly their own, committed, responsible person and try to be the master of themselves. Mastery is the only game. And until that occurs, everyone has the karma of being buffeted about thinking that they have to score, to make it, to do something and be somebody, all the words involved with keeping score.

Everyone who is well-read, did it on their own. When you become a musician, it doesn’t matter how many music schools you go to, it’s how much you practice. My mother and your mother and all immigrants that came to this country from the old country, didn’t have educations. My mother never finished grade school. She could read beautifully, read books all her life, spoke three languages. She ran a grocery store for her parents at age eleven as they couldn’t speak English. My father came to Pittsburg when he was 17, had never gone to school. He put himself through college, got a master’s degree and became a college professor. How did they do that? Initiative. But what makes initiative?

It’s about being interested, not trying to be interesting, about being interested in the books put in front of you, the history, the English books, interested in having your life be a wondrous thing that you love, and loving to do the things that excite you the most. It’s about being very excited, interested and inspired and passionate about working on something, anything and everything that life is about.

Be interested. You become a person of value, a person that enjoys your life because you can do things, play, make things work. You can know about understanding others. You can travel, enjoy yourself, be in the world but not of it. You can be a child of God playing in the ocean of love and light.

See, what happens from the idea that you are God in the universe is that your word is law in the universe, that you are one with God, that there is no difference between your consciousness and the mind of God. You’re not just a mind, ego or powerless victim. The truth of the thought that you’re not an ego, but that you are God comes about when you give up all thought about having to want anything rather than just getting busy creating it. Just create and enjoy your creation. That rumor that Life unfolds in a linear way is the illusion. The truth is that we live in the now always so the only time we can ever be happy is now. The only time we can feel abundant and healthy is now, no matter what it is, no matter what’s happening to you. You put yourself in the now. You say “I’m having this pain but I know that it will pass because I can create whatever I want.” And your consciousness extends out into the universe to see what it takes to be healthy, what it takes to be happy, it is all now, it is all right, being conscious, aware and sensitive every minute to do the right thing.

The right thing comes out of your ability to know that you are God. You are not an ego, you are spirit connected to everything in the universe and your vibes which you send out which are your actions and thoughts, your sponsoring thoughts, the real thought behind your thoughts. That vibe that you’re sending out, that vibration, that wave goes throughout the universe. That’s why thoughts are things that never stop creating a reality. So, the sponsoring thought of your life is the thought that is behind your thinking, behind your desires and fears. Those sponsoring thoughts are the ones you have to be totally conscious of to change. If you want things to be different, if you want your life to be a certain way and it isn’t that way, then you look to yourself and see what way have you been thinking, acting. How have you been spending your time? Because it’s a cause and effect role. You’re the cause and the effects. You say, you think, you feel powerful, wonderful, creative, intelligent, or practice, train yourself, master yourself to be a great, powerful, masterful being. Then you will be sponsoring those thoughts which create mastery.

If you create and sponsor thoughts which create weakness, victimhood, ignorance, poverty, alcoholism, then you’ll be producing those results. Nobody is out there dictating that you should be intelligent or stupid. In fact, you can come from the lowest level of stupidity to the highest level of intelligence by training, by putting your attention and awareness on the reality you sponsor.

The caution and the reality of this physical world is to realize that we have all potential, good or bad. It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that you understand who you are—that you are God in the universe, that you have the same substance to create as God does. Be the creator.

That’s the important thing, not to realize why you’ve failed or succeeded, but to see how you succeed and how you fail is by the way you sponsor your own feelings, language, attitude and your way of being in the world.

Underneath it all, we’re all one, we’re all God, all perfect. It’s when we react and talk, have misbeliefs that we become imperfect, fearful, insecure, paranoid, without time for creating. When we have faith, silence and organize our time we become commanding, creative, talented. It’s a choice. Study, read, go to college, learn the most important things, bring your awareness, attention to the highest level or don’t, but be interested.

If you’re Albert Einstein and you don’t see how you’re Einstein, then you’re obviously not at the library looking at stimulating books on math, numbers and science, are you? If you’re not looking, you’re not at the highest level. The highest level is to be the interested researcher, reader, observer, experiencer, to see who you are in the matter, that you’re cause, that you create your life.

Nobody is doing anything to you. You are able to control all circumstances by being the sponsor of your circumstances. No matter what comes up, you handle it. If someone hates you, causes you pain, you don’t have to suffer the hurt. You can say, “This is temporary, this will pass. It’s only a mistake.” “Forgive them, they know not what they do.” Or the better thing to say is, “If they’re like that, who needs them? It’s a good thing they’re leaving.” And you bless it. And you’re at one with how it is.

Of course, your ego can whisper to you and you can be reactive and lash out and go load a few guns and create a war with them and create more pain—centuries of Israel and Arabs killing each other—or you can stop immediately by saying we’re all the same, let’s love each other and live in harmony.

Order, balance, growth is what leads you to harmony. If you don’t have order, you can’t be balanced. Order your life, the way you spend your time, order your priorities, the way you think about what is satisfying to your inner soul. When those are ordered, your life will create a balance of health, well-being, harmony in your relationships. When this growing self which is constantly changing to be better, closer to being God-like, happy, talented, creative and powerful creates the harmony that you wish to have in your life—that gives you the God-perception that is necessary, which comes because you’re able to see that everything and everybody is like you, is you.

The whole universe is you. There’s no difference. You’re not different, better, or smarter than anybody else. Potentially, you’re the same. And that’s what God-perception is. That everyone is God, created by him and you see God in every thing. And you perceive yourself as God perceiving God in everything. And then, what else can there be but love because you see the whole universe as one unified thing and then you can only have compassion for everything in the universe because you know to love without prejudice—without prejudice is true compassion.

Behind it all you’ve always been there, always OK; you were always God. You always were this higher consciousness but one day you realized it. You realize that there never was time, it was always now and all you had to do was reach this point of perception where you saw the truth. And that’s the truth, you’ve always been there. It’s all right now.

When you’re asleep, you can’t see this truth about who you really are, so then you act out of selfishness, self-preservation, survival rather than selflessness. The definition of selfishness as juxtaposed against selflessness, is simply when you think of yourself first and others afterwards, you’re selfish; when you think of others first and yourself after, you’re selfless—and when you’re selfless you’re high as a kite. That’s a very simple equation.

A Christ, a Buddha, always thought about others first; they were Christ-conscious. They knew they were going to bring the light to the world. They ate light, spoke light. They never had to worry about what others were thinking, or if that bellyache was too much pork the night before. They could focus on the ideas, and how to phrase it for the level of the listener. They were out there, being effective communicators, not in here, scorekeeping.

The first meditation, action to reach a higher state of consciousness is to stop your thinking and stop your thoughts. Whatever they are, don’t pay attention to them. They aren’t going to get you there. The only thing that is going to get you there is to live and to be, to communicate, to serve, to forward the action. Live this consciousness. Be this consciousness. Not to think, worry, desire, fantasize about a future that isn’t here yet, and how you’re going somewhere and always planning what you're going to have or get. That’s a waste of time.

Just live in a state of God-consciousness and command life to be as wonderful and powerful and abundant and beautiful as you can possibly ambition. Just command it to be that way for you. Affirm it for others. Use the verb form ‘this will happen’ a lot. It’s very affirming.

Know that all evil things pass. When you’re sick, if you’re not attached to eating, you won’t be sick very long, you’ll get well. When you’re hurt by someone, and you’re not attached to what that person thinks of you, or what they did to you, you won’t be hurt for very long. It will go away. This too shall pass. So it is attachments which keep us locked in to misery and suffering. It’s non-attachment which keeps us happy and harmonious, where we’re not allowing anything to attack our invulnerability.

God is invulnerable. He can’t be hurt by anything because he’s not attached to anything. He’s not attached to pleasure or pain. He’s not attached to tasty food and pleasurable sex and He’s not attached to how dull brown rice tastes. He’s not attached to the thread count of sheets or the marble floors keeping their luster. He’s not attached to Bentleys and what is the plural of Lexus, Lexi? He’s not attached to wealth. Whatever comes around, he ignores it and goes on with being non-attached. And because He’s relaxed, guess what, He gets wealthy. Stress impoverishes us. The relaxed mind naturally evolves.

Ponder what action of non-attachment you need to take, what course of non-attachment do you need to follow to be non-attached? What way does your mind have to think, what way does your action and reaction have to be? What way do you have to control your desires and enter a little monastery up in your head to be non-attached? When you make your monk’s list, you will find yourself to be in harmony.


When you’re asking questions, when you’re talking intellectually, when you want to know things and find things, you’re already coming from a place in which the mind is talking to itself. It’s saying, “I want to know the difference between consciousness and being, between awareness and consciousness. I want to know the difference between reality and unreality, the ego and the real self, the difference between mind and God.”

Those questions are ultimate questions, but they’re coming from some idea you have about the way it is. What you want to do is give up all ideas and all thoughts and all reactions and all wanting anything, rather observe them.

What I mean by giving them up is that you don’t actually express them as questions or as statements or as the way you see it or react to it. Observe, be able to see that your mind is talking to itself and constantly creating thoughts, ideas, feelings and reactions. As in Blavatsky’s quote, “The mind is the slayer of the real, slay the slayer.” Whatever your mind is doing, that is not it. So what is it? When you slay the slayer called the mind, then you see reality.

You see reality by seeing that your soulular self, your essence, the silence in you, the watcher, the experiencer, the observer, the one that notes and perceives all the changes, who is changeless, that soul, that real self, that one which is united in silence with the eternal now and the eternal presence of God-consciousness, awareness, being, whatever you want to call it—only words to describe the undescribable, pointing at your real consciousness, God, self, soul, no-thing—it is you, you the one that notes and perceives, the one who listens and walks and talks and speaks, that one. That’s the one you have to come to each moment of your existence as a blank canvas, not to try to be intelligent about it, not to talk about and not to know anything about it.

This is all a metaphor for the reality that we wish to accomplish in everything in life which means I have to stop my thoughts. This private conversation is tyrannizing me, dominating and running my life and making me think I know something, think that I am something, think that there’s some value in my thoughts, reactions, whereas the truth exists in becoming silent, conscious and aware and totally in the moment, seeing my vision, my goal, my promise. What am I accomplishing, moving the action forward today to push myself in a way that I don’t usually do. How am I going to change those things that I wish to change? How am I going to accomplish those things that I wish to accomplish? How am I going to become greater than I am today and yesterday? By giving up my mind. Only by giving up my thoughts, any idea I have about it, and in that space there’s power. In that space of silence and awareness, there is the motivation and awareness to push me in a powerful way to react and act consciously to accomplish the very things that I envision.

The only problem that arises in all of this is our old way of being, reacting, our old posture, our old habits of being, our way of speaking, our old mind which talks and reacts. Stop paying attention to the old ways, old thoughts. Only pay attention to expanding your way of becoming more honest than you were yesterday, more real than you were yesterday. The expansion of your consciousness, that you can push yourself to accomplish right now, this now, this now, constantly paying attention to more creativity, organization, perfection, mastery, giving up your old self to have a new self. You can’t pour new wine into old bottles. They have to be cleansed of the old, then you put the new wine in. There’s only this now, when you’re sleeping, dreaming, creating, washing the car, painting the house. The now in which you engage God, in which you involve yourself with God, in which you propose to yourself that you will love, praise, worship and adore and thank God—your true self—which is united with the true self of the whole cosmic universe. It doesn’t matter what it is, but to know to be it. To be it is to know it and you can’t know it with your mind. Killing the mind is total silence, awareness.

The books we read, the words we hear are inspirational. The truth that’s been perennially told to us by every philosopher, poet, saint and wiseman has always been the insight into God’s truth. Our job is to be one of those poets, one of those saints, one of those Christs ourself so we must consciously be an open channel to receive the word of God, the wisdom of the universe, the knowledge. And you can only do that by having a blank canvas mind on which this beautiful truth is painted every moment, every now that you exist.

Let your mind expand every minute to ask ‘how, where, what’ you should be doing, knowing, practicing, promising, envisioning, mastering and becoming. Whatever you’re doing, no matter how low it is or how high, in terms of your evaluation, has nothing to do with reality. You can be scrubbing a floor or a toilet bowl or playing a musical instrument on a stage before a hundred thousand people, they are the same consciousness. The same consciousness is to be created doing any of those tasks. To be in conscious awareness unified and linked with the God source, your real, soulular source.. it doesn’t matter what you do or where you are.

You will be led to do what your real heart, soul wants to create by being in the moment, loving and enjoying it, whether you’re having a massage, mastering your instrument or writing the greatest book in the world. It’s all the same. This moment is the same moment that has existed forever, it is perfect in itself. We’re not going anywhere and there’s no place to go. All you need to do is be in this moment now and enjoy. Praise and thank God for the love and wisdom that is pouring to you from every atom and cosmic ray of the universe. It is all vibration, unseen photons that shape matter.

There’s no judgment about anything you’re doing or anybody else is doing. The only thing that you ever need is to be conscious and aware, now, in this moment and have no reaction and no ego about it and constantly be in thankful gratitude, love and praise for the opportunity to be in ecstasy this moment.

The truth is always that the mind is the slayer of reality, slay the slayer. You are the changeless, soul, this silent watcher and everything that comes to your mind as a reaction, need, desire, feeling, idea has only the value of a movie. You watch it and you see if it’s important to your goal and your vision that you gave yourself to accomplish.

The truth is, in essence that you can never find the truth in the false and you can never find anything false in the truth.

By pointing out somebody’s faults, you can never get them to see the truth. And by pointing out the truth to someone who lives in the false or lives IN their faults, they will never even be ABLE to see that truth. So the truth is, you cannot change a false person. Why even try? You'd be lying to yourself. The only way to change THEM is to live and be the truth yourself and then to no man can you be false, of course, that goes without saying but what this means is every time they act out of LIES you'd mirror them. You'd put the truth right on the table but without attachment to their getting cured as they already have a lying habit which you'd also put on the table.

At least it would be INTERESTING!

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