Thirty-six predictions for the world

from Natural News

Ask around and you'll hear this over and over again: People are
concerned about what might be coming. They're concerned about a global
financial collapse, an ecological crisis and potential disruptions in
the food supply. The radical weather patterns now being witnessed across
the world are further indication that something's wrong with the world
we thought we knew.

But what's really going to happen between now and 2012? Is there any way
to take an educated guess about which challenges are most likely to
appear? That's what I've done here in this collection of thirty-five
predictions for 2010 --- 2012. Although I can't actually see the future
in some sort of crystal ball, I do have a successful track record of
predicting many large-scale events years before they happen. As
published here on NaturalNews, my predictions for 2009 clocked in at 79%
accuracy -- I'm on the record calling the 2007 housing crash a full two
years before it took place at natural news dot com, and those who have
been following these writings for several years know that I openly
warned people about the dot-com crash two years before it happened as
well. So here's what I see coming in 2010 --- 2012. This is based on
'educated guesses' about where current trends may lead us. This is not
some sort of psychic prediction exercise; it's based entirely on
observation and forward thinking. By the way, if these predictions seem
too pessimistic, be sure to read the bottom of this article which talks
about the upside of what will happen after these next few years.
Ultimately, there is good news ahead.

#1 --- Worldwide shortage of rare earth metals

The world depends on Rare Earth Metals (REMs) to manufacture everything
from electric motors to solar panels and computer parts. Expect a global
shortage to hit hard over the next three years. (this means getting rid of
all the people in Africa and taking over.)

There will be one or more serious disruptions in the food supply that
will wake up Americans to the possibility that their food may not be as
secure or plentiful as they had imagined. While this could take the form
of a crop disease that spreads across corn or wheat farms, it's more
likely to involve radical weather patterns that destroy crops and limit
food supply.Although the CORONA VIRUS has affected our grocery shopping
already in 2020. But HEY, it was ON THIS LIST as #3.

#3 --- Deadly superbug mutation goes wild

A deadly superbug will escape the hospital and get into the 'wild'
(meaning it starts to infect everyday people, perhaps being transmitted
through gyms or schools. A review of what led to the escape will point
to abuse of antibiotics and failure of hospital staff to wash their
second generation,i.e. seeds so NO BROCCOLI EITHER!

#4 --- New evidence links vaccines and neurological disorders

New evidence will emerge linking vaccines to neurological disorders such
as Alzheimer's disease. This evidence may point to the chemical
adjuvants used in vaccines which cause an inflammatory response in the
body.. The vaccine industry, of course, will deny any such link, but
evidence will mount that points to the link.

#5 --- U.S. power grid suffers catastrophic failure

At some point over the next three years, the U.S. power grid will suffer
a catastrophic regional failure that puts tens of millions of people in
the dark. The power grid is a fragile system just waiting to be brought
down by cascading failures. It will be repaired relatively quickly
(perhaps in 72 hours), but its failure will leave many people on edge
and cause a rush of business at preparedness retailers. DOES INDIA COUNT?

#6 --- Satellite breakdown

There will be a huge failure in one or more key communications
satellites, causing widespread disruptions in telecomm services,
including those serving emergency and law enforcement organizations.
Likely causes: Space debris, solar flares or deliberate targeting by
land-to-space rockets. (China may even begin to shoot down U.S.
satellites if a military confrontation breaks out, see below)

#7 --- GM crop contamination leads to crisis

Somewhere in North America, the contamination of crops with genetically
modified DNA or seeds will flare into a crop crisis (and perhaps even
crop failures). Tensions between affected farmers and seed corporations
like Monsanto will escalate, and new public attention will be drawn to
the problem of GM crops. (As a side note, new evidence will also emerge
linking GM foods to internal organ damage in laboratory animals…)

#8 --- Honeybee population collapse spreads to other species

The Colony Collapse Disorder now striking honeybee populations will not
only get worse in honeybees; it will also spread to other species
including amphibians. Bird watchers will record an alarming decline in
bird populations throughout North America, and scientists will note a
disturbing trend in the loss of species diversity in many areas.

#9 --- Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized 

Expect to see more flood, more earthquakes, more droughts, more heat
waves and more cold spells as the world's weather patterns show
increasing destabilization. Droughts will come to areas that typically
see plenty of water, and too much water will appear in areas that are
normally more arid. Many humans will be displaced and property damage
will rise into the tens of billions of dollars. (Note, I wrote this
prediction in early January, well before the recent snow storms hammered
the East Coast. But there will still be many more radical weather

#10 --- Nuclear power sees global resurgence

The need for cheap, non-fossil power will drive more countries to
embrace nuclear power as the 'clean' energy source of the near future.
Expect to see more nuclear power plants approved for construction.
(Actually completing the construction can take a decade or more,

#11 --- Nuclear weapons unleashed in the Middle East

I only give this a 25% chance before the end of 2012, but it seems
possible that low-yield tactical nuclear weapons could be used in a
conflict in the Middle East, most likely involving Israel targeting
Iran. One dangerous possibility is that conventional 'bunker buster'
bombs could be used to bomb Iranian nuclear processing facilities,
releasing a cloud of radioactive dust that blankets the region, causing
countless civilian casualties. In terms of nuclear threats, another
important possibility that I predict could unfold is the theft of
nuclear weapons from Pakistan by more radical forces who then use their
stolen nuke weapons to threaten and destabilize the entire region.

#12 --- New exotic superfood from South America emerges in western markets

There will be at least one new superfood from South America that breaks
into western markets in much the same way that Acai did a few years
back. It will be an herb or fruit that virtually no one in North America
has heard of yet, but which has been known in the Amazon (or surrounding
areas) for thousands of years. NaturalNews may, in fact, be involved in
announcing this.

#13 --- A high-tech, portable vitamin D sensor device is invented

The timeline may be a little short on this prediction (I actually have
more confidence of this appearing by 2016. The prediction is that a
portable vitamin D sensor device will be invented. It will allow people
to have their blood levels of vitamin D tested within two minutes, with
either a tiny blood draw (such as with diabetic blood glucose testers)
or, even better, a laser or infra-red detection technology that's
non-invasive. The widespread use of such devices could revolutionize
health by pinpointing people who are deficient in vitamin D. A
deficiency, as you probably know, causes cancer, diabetes, obesity,
heart disease, depression, osteoporosis and many other diseases. There
is a good chance that the invention of such a device could be blocked by
the FDA as a way to prevent this lifesaving technology from going into
widespread use in the USA. Why would the FDA block this? Because if
people corrected their vitamin D levels, they wouldn't buy as many
pharmaceuticals and the cancer industry would all but implode.

#14 --- U.S. debt gets downgraded while world investors slash purchases of U.S. debt

The U.S. loses credibility in the financial world. This leads to rampant
price inflation combined with currency deflation of the U.S. dollar. The
U.S. government, with its debt climbing ever higher, will find itself
virtually unable to sell more debt. It will then resort to printing more
money to pay its own debt, which is roughly the same as using cash
advances on your credit card to pay your minimum monthly debt payment on
that same card. The end result will be the complete financial bankruptcy
of the U.S. government well before 2025.

#15 --- U.S. nearly comes to military conflict with China over natural resources

This may take a few more years beyond 2012, but by 2016, I predict a 50%
chance that the U.S. will very nearly engage in military conflict with
China over natural resources. The most likely candidate? Oil, of course,
but natural gas or rare earth metals could also be part of this
conflict. China will emerge victorious in the negotiations because it
will secretly threaten to sell off U.S. debt and crash the U.S. debt
ratings (see above) unless the U.S. gives in to its demands over natural

#16 --- Huge new scandal implicates major pharmaceutical company in scientific fraud

This is a no-brainer, actually. It's only a matter of time before Big Pharma gets caught yet again committing a
felony, bribing researchers, faking clinical trial data or burying studies that it doesn't want the public to see.
Expect to see another Vioxx-scale scandal unearthed, possibly from a Big Pharma whistleblower.

#17 --- China unleashes armies of corporate espionage hackers onto western nations

This is already underway, actually, but it will accelerate in the next
three years as China uses this new method of electronic warfare to steal
corporate secrets and disrupt western society. Particularly vulnerable
are DNS root servers. If they are brought down, the entire internet will
effectively grind to a halt.

#18 --- Medical imaging scandal unfolds as older patients begin to show
serious health damage from radiation via mammograms, CT scans and more

Cancer caused by medical imaging technology is one of the 'dirty little
secrets' of western medicine. Expect to see more research linking
medical imaging to health problems. The medical imaging industry, as
usual, will try anything to suppress the evidence (this includes the
mammography industry, which is already engaged in medical violence
against women via medically unjustified mammography).

#19 --- Another 9/11 false flag incident like ASSAD gassing Kurds. NOT HIM!

Desperate to convince the people to accept more police state oppression,
certain dark forces within the U.S. government will stage another
large-scale false flag 'terror' attack most likely involving a dirty
bomb or biological weapon. Following the attack, government authorities
will issue new calls for surveillance and movement tracking of the
entire population. RFID implants will play a significant role as well
cell phone tracking. Propaganda television ads will show implants are
being harmless and put in place to 'protect your family against
terrorism.' But the real purpose will be to establish a database of the
movements and locations of U.S. citizens that can be data mined to
discover patterns of meetings among two or more people. If you meet with
the 'wrong' people, you will then be added to a list of those to be
watched. Those who refuse to be tagged or tracked will be denied air
travel and other forms of free travel.


#20 --- The world won't end on December 21, 2012 BUT IT MAY END!

The world didn't come to an end on December 21, 2012, but certain
elements of current human civilization may certainly be coming to a
close within a decade more.. The global money system, in particular, is
headed for a total collapse. Many elements of the environment are at a
breaking point (such as the chemical pollution of the oceans). The
chemical burden on the citizens of the world is reaching a critical mass
they may culminate in a population collapse. I don't put any special
significance on the date of December 21, but I do believe many things
are headed toward collapse (and rebirth) over the next several years.

#21 --- EPA pressured to regulate pharmaceuticals in the water supply

After ignoring the problem for decades, the EPA will finally be
pressured into taking on the regulation of pharmaceuticals in the water
supply. Big Pharma will fight this relentlessly, of course, because it
makes more money by distributing more drugs that end up in the water
supply. So don't expect any real action to limit Big Pharma's drug
trade. Mostly, we'll just get talk (but no action) from the EPA.

#22 --- Nursing home drugging scandal exposed

A major scandal involving the criminal drugging of nursing home
residents will unfold in the western world. It will be discovered that
staff are intentionally drugging residents into a mental stupor in order
to make them 'easier to handle.' Several deaths among nursing home
patients will occur, with one of them being mysterious enough to set off
the investigation.

#23 --- The psychiatric industry will declare more normal behaviors to be 'disorders'

Between now and 2012, the psych industry will 'discover' yet more
disorders that will be promoted as vehicles for selling more dangerous
mind-altering drugs to children. These new disorder will actually be
normal behaviors that are 'undesirable' by parents or teachers. For
example, temper tantrums may be classified as a disorder requiring
pharmaceutical treatment. 'Talking back disorder' will be given some
cientific-sounding name (to make it seem legitimate, of course) and will
be treated with drugs that harm brain function. There's no end to the
disease mongering of Big Pharma. Expect to see more disorders targeting
younger children, expectant mothers and senior citizens. This is all
part of Big Pharma's effort to expand its customer base. Scary
possibility: Adults who refuse to follow government orders for RFID
tracking or other Big Brother plans may be labeled with a new disorder
called 'Adult Authority Defiance Disorder' (AADD) and be rrested and
medicated against their will to 'treat' their brain malfunction. The
only way to avoid being labeled AADD is to go along with whatever you're
told by the government.

#24 --- Vaccine industry goes crazy with new vaccines for all sorts of 'diseases'

The vaccine industry has been itching for new diseases to promote over
the last few years. Big Pharma has realized that vaccines are the future
of big profits because their sale doesn't require anyone to actually be
sick. This is a way of selling drugs to healthy people, and this has
been a long-term goal of Big Pharma for at least two decades.. Between
now and 2012, expect to see more vaccines marketed for various concocted
infectious diseases (much like H1N1) as well as vaccines targeting
behavior! For example, you might see vaccines pushed that claim to stop
smoking, or alcoholism, or even over-eating. A 'diet vaccine' would be
the ultimate goal of Big Pharma: Take a shot and lose weight without
even trying!

#25 --- War on health freedom ramps up, targeting raw milk, homeopathy,
herbs and supplements 

The war against raw milk will result in farmers being treated like drug
dealers by overzealous (and misguided) health 'authorities' who engage
in armed 'raw milk raids.' Homeopathy, anti-cancer therapies, herbs and
supplements will all continue to be viciously attacked by the FDA and
FTC, and these attacks will escalate as the FDA enters a new era of
police state tyranny against the American People who are only seeking

#26 --- The world becomes a far more dangerous place for honest citizens

As economic, environmental and infrastructure failures occur, they will
displace more people from their jobs and homes, leading to a sharp
increase in crime nearly everywhere around the world. We already saw
this after Hurricane Katrina, where hundreds of thousands of jobless
refugees caused a huge crime wave through neighboring cities like
Houston, TX. Expect to see significant increases in crime in all major
world cities. The worse the economy becomes, the fewer police officers
can be afforded by municipalities. This translates into increases in
street crime: Muggings, robberies, hold-ups, etc. We're already seeing
this happen: Here's a news story from a 73-year-old man who robbed three
Tampa banks to pay his mortgage: he was only robbing the banks for $600 each
because that's all he needed to pay the mortgage. Don't you find it interesting that it's
illegal for people to rob banks, but it's perfectly legal for banks to
rob the People! (Bailout money)

#27 --- New attempts are made to destroy internet freedom

There will be a significant new attempt by one or more governments to
destroy freedom on the internet. This will take the form of 'hate
speech' laws, identity laws (so no one can post anything on the ‘net
anonymously), or the outlawing of internet text on certain topics (such
as making it illegal to post information on natural remedies). This will
be put in place by desperate governments who realize they are losing
their propaganda wars thanks to the freedoms of the internet. You can
also expect to see more cooperation between Google (and YouTube) and the
NSA, FBI or CIA. Governments will maintain secret information taps into
all the major search engines, email service providers and content
websites. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube and many other sites will
function as back-door surveillance platforms for the U.S. government.

#28 --- China's boom will bust, sending ripples through global economy 

China is driving a super-heated economy to the brink of a bust.
Everything looks great during the boom, but this boom will come to an
end before January, 2013. China is a mass consumer of natural resources
and construction materials like concrete and steel. When its economic
bubble bursts, it will send shockwaves through the economies of all the
major first-world countries who supply many of the materials and
technologies that are currently underlying China's fast-paced growth.
Most importantly, China's economic bust will cause a sharp drop in the
country's ability to purchase more U.S. debt. China's central banks may
even decide to start selling U.S. debt notes. This act could set off a
chain reaction of global sales that would tear open a huge hole in the
metaphorical Titanic of America's counterfeit economic prosperity.

#29 --- Central and South America will drop the U.S. dollar as a currency

Ecuador currently uses the U.S. dollar as its primary currency. The
dollar is also openly accepted in countries like Panama. But within the
next three years, the U.S. dollar will lose its dominance in South
America. I predict that Ecuador will be well on its way towards ditching
the dollar and embracing either its own new currency or adopting a new
South American currency by January, 2013. All the South American elected
officials already realize that the endless creation of new money by the
Federal Reserve is causing a devaluation of the U.S. dollar (effectively
resulting in a transfer of wealth from those nations that use the dollar
to the USA. This is seen on the street as an inflationary event that
raises street prices of common goods (like food and fuel) in developing
countries, making presidents increasingly unpopular among their
citizens. The only way to defend against this erosion of wealth is to
drop the U.S. dollar as a currency and switch to your own national or
regional currency.

#30 --- Local currencies emerge following the collapse of the dollar

Speaking of currency, although the collapse of the U.S. dollar may take
several years beyond 2012, once it happens, you can expect to see a
flood of local currencies hitting the streets in towns and cities across
the USA.. States like California or Texas, for example, may quickly set
up their own 'state reserve banks' that replace the Federal Reserve.
They will then issue state notes ('Texas Bucks') that serve as currency,
replacing the dollar. There will then be exchange rates between the
currencies of various states (I'll give you 1.25 California Bucks for 1
Texas Buck etc. Fortunes will be made and lost as currency traders
bet on the fluctuations between state currency valuations.

#31 --- TSA suspends full body scanners after celeb photo scandal

The TSA swears that your 'naked' body picture is deleted in mere seconds
after it's taken. But I predict that a famous U.S. celebrity will have
their body scanner picture taken, saved and swapped all over the
internet. The public outcry will cause the TSA to temporarily suspend
body scanning operations, but after the protests fade away, they'll
reinstate the procedure. 'Sheeple' air travelers will go right along
with it, believing that a little more security is worth sacrificing any
amount of freedom. A current law suit regarding breast milk not
getting thru will change that puny stupid regulation.

#32 --- Cell phone brain tumors start to appear in younger users

By 2012, numerous brain tumors will be documented in people in their
20's who were heavy users of cell phones through their childhood and
teen years. It takes time for these tumors to develop, of course, which
is why they haven't shown up in large numbers yet. Today's 30+ adults
never used cell phones as children, but the current generation of adults
in their 20's grew up with their heads being subjected to these intense
electromagnetic radiation fields on a regular basis.

#33 --- Medical industry claims to find cause of autism

In order to deflect blame from vaccines, the medical industry will
falsify whatever research is necessary to blame autism on something
else: Probably a combination of genetics and exposure to certain
chemicals. This new 'research' will be published in a 'prestigious'
medical journal (which caters to the interests of Big Pharma, of
course). SO OFFICE POOL, Whattya think it was? I'm betting 5$
on GMO FOODS. Another $5 on everything Mom ate or took which
gave her an MSG headache. During the nine months of her pregnancy.

#34 --- Terrorist strike on the U.S. water supply

(The text of this prediction has been removed, as I don't want to be
blamed for giving terrorists any specific ideas. In no way do I wish for
any terrorist attacks on anyone. But I should note that terrorists are
pretty clever and they have ways to come up with their own ideas.)

#35 --- Sperm count drops, infertility rates rise

The next five years will see infertility rates continue to rise as sperm
counts drop and DNA mutations (caused by pharmaceuticals and other
chemicals) keep rising. This is the beginning of the genopocalypse, as I
call it: The genetic degradation of the mainstream human population.

#36 --- 'Stealth personal recorders' go mainstream

I predict that over the next 3-5 years, tiny 'personal recorders' that
can record 24 hours of audio and video while being covertly worn by
people will go mainstream. This will have huge implications for police
work (expect to see police caught in the abuse of innocent citizens),
business meetings (expect to see video clips from private corporation
meetings ending up on the net thanks to whistleblowers), government and
many other areas. A key court case will eventually emerge that
challenges the legality of the personal recordings, and in the end, they
will be allowed as evidence.. New laws passed by Congress in the year
2015 will limit the use of personal recorders in public schools,
government buildings and other 'sensitive' areas. These devices, by the
way, will likely take the form of finger rings (for audio recorders),
necklaces, bracelets or eyeglasses. Some specialty technology recorders
may even be placed inside false eyes. The year 2010 and beyond will be
the 'counter surveillance era' where citizens are watching the
authorities. YouTube will play a huge role in this, but sooner or later
it will begin censoring and blocking videos that threaten the
credibility of the government. Clipper Owner Donald Sterling just got
hit hard by this one in the hands of gal he just dropped.

Don't believe these predictions? Read John Perkins

Now, the one event, the big one coming a bit BEYOND these would beMASS EXTINCTION
THE world is facing a mass extinction event that could be greater than that of the dinosaurs, new Australian
 research shows.  Macquarie University palaeobiologist Dr John Alroy used fossils to track the fate of major groups of marine animals throughout the Earth's history.

He compiled data from nearly 100,000 fossil collections worldwide, tracking the fate of marine animals during extreme extinction events some 250 million years ago.

The findings, published this week in the international journal Science, showed a major extinction event was currently underway that had the potential to be more severe than any others in history.

"Organisms that might have adapted in the past may not be able to this time," Dr Alroy said.

"You may end up with a dramatically altered sea floor because of changes in the dominance of major groups. That is, the extinction occurring now will overturn the balance of the marine groups."

The research shows a combination of human behaviour and climate change could have devastating affects on species across the planet.

"When there's mass extinction all bets are off and anything could happen," Dr Alroy said.

"So what we're basically doing as the human species collectively is we're running this gigantic experiment with nature."

There have been three major mass extinction events throughout history and biologists widely agree the world is currently suffering from another.

The last mass extinction was an estimated 65 million years ago when an asteroid smashed into Mexico and wiped out the dinosaurs, making room for mammals to thrive.

Dr Alroy said a new mass extinction wouldn't be the result of a single horrific event such as an asteroid hitting Earth.

Instead, it would be the result of a factors from introduced foreign species, run-offs from fertilisers and pesticides, pollution and deforestation, he said.

Climate change and an accelerated growth in the worldwide population were also playing a part.

But Dr Alroy said the current situation was not yet as bad as the worst mass extinction 250 million years ago, known as Permian-Triassic extinction or The Great Dying.

"It's safe to say that we have not yet lost nearly as much as what was lost during that event but it's also reasonable to say that we could end up losing as much as was lost in that event," he said.

"We're currently playing games with evolution on a epic scale.

"Really, really big mass extinctions happen very, very rarely and they have very important long-term consequences."

For those who have never really seen the way the world works, some of
these predictions may seem outlandish. If you want to know the way the
U.S. government really operates, read books by John Perkins: Confessions
of an Economic Hit Man -- The Secret History of the American Empire and
more at John's writing will forever alter
your view of the way the geopolitical machinery of our civilization
really works. If you think Haiti is being helped for 'humanitarian'
reasons, for example, think again: It's all part of a well-practiced
process for exploiting natural disasters to economically ensnare poor or
developing nations. Now for the good news

I actually share John Perkins' positive vision for personal and global
transformation. It's interesting, since I've never met John in person,
 but living in Ecuador I've shared experiences with the Shuar Indians
that Perkins writes about in his many books.

Perkins and I both believe that following a period of economic and
geopolitical upheaval, there is an opportunity for the surviving People
of our planet to 'dream new dreams' that set us on a new course. We can
create a future built on sustainability, respect for nature and honesty
towards our neighbors. This possibility is within our reach if we only
have the courage to set our sights on a brighter, more positive future.
This article isn't the place to detail what's involved in that, but know
that despite all the predictions I've listed here, I'm an optimist! I
believe the world will go through a very difficult time in the next
decade (or more), but We the People will emerge stronger, more
resourceful, more humbled and with a sense of renewed freedom in
creating whatever future we desire.

I will continue to bring you news and information as we face the coming
challenges and emerge from it on the other side. Join me here on for news and updates on all the issues that matter to us
in creating a brighter, more sustainable world for our collective
future. The future is nothing to be feared. The rise and fall of nations
is a normal, natural cycle that's been observed throughout world
history.. The end of one empire marks the beginning of new opportunity,
and the important thing is to be present and active when it comes time
to set course for our improved collective future.
by Mike Adams.


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