URAN/PLUTO conjunct gave us the sixties. Two less compatible energies don't exist. URANUS is evolutionary, idealist, intellectual, avant garde, humanitarian, noble, selfless & forwards the action while PLUTO is street scum, about getting the money, he's underground, guerilla-ish, criminal even. The two by nature are sworn enemies. Why is because Uranus rules AQUARIUS which is square to SCORPIO, PLUTO's home sign. Their energies are squared off. Nevertheless they were forced into hanging together for an entire decade --- the sixties. An explosive decade, a real scramble -- with reason! Altruists on one side and rabid black Panthers on the other side and Gov CIA spies and covert agitators in between.

VIRGO rules mundane things like workers, science, healing, doctors, computers, office equipment, the working class. Throw UranPlut into a conjunction you there you will get NEW STUFF there in those keywords like Jimmy Hoffa and crooked Union leaders and Bobby Kennedy going after them and sure enough we got holistic medicine and vegetarianism and iridology and holism and ecology as you try to roll Pluto in with Uranus and smoke it.

VIRGO is a mutable or common sign and in your chart it has a sixth house energy, the area of life ruling "let's roll up our sleeves and fix the problems." It is a sign fitted for Protestant work ethic, hard labor. Growing your beans or starving. Virgo rules the underclass, farmers, and peasant classes, like ethnics. Back in the sixties, CIVIL RIGHTS made its appearance with filips like WELFARE for them and EQUAL RIGHTs.

Virgo rules the workplace, the office. PLUTO rules unions, the lumpen proletariat so at this time Cesar Chavez appeared to organized the unions. Virgo rules jobs, 'fixing stuff' doctors and healing & insurance. This ocurred back in the sixties and you never saw a generation go at fixing like that one did. Viet Nam, War, Healthfoods. The pair were both sextile nutcake NEPTUNE IN psychdelic and sexy SCORPIO  A decade of free love. However at times, URAN/PLUTO had the burden of being OPPOSED SATURN IN suffering PISCES (mental problems.)  Virgo is wholistic, ecological, and Saturn opposed from PISCES broiught in empathy & compassion for victims of the Vietnam War even our own soldiers. And Scorpio is about rehabilitation of the wounded or even insane. But Neptune rules shrinks when in Scorpio and that's a Freudian, Gestalt, Primal, R.D.Laing-ish energy, even a tad TIM LEARY in tone. So we had mind Drugs and this new ethos that CRAZY was OK. This was the signature or ZEITGEIST OF THE SIXTIES. To this day I call the quadruple linking of malefics, some in sextiles... the MAD MAX aspect, (see article on celebs with it.)  URAN PLUTO SAT/ NEP all linked gave us the birth of many celeb Transformers of society, Organizers, critics. Activsts, Healers, vegans, ecologists, hippies and Silicon Valley billionaires And today with SATURN grinding away at all of it fromVIRGO, these folks are suffering losses, poverty, joblessness,  ill health and confusion as they empathize with victims of our Vietghanistan. It's time for them to make a decision, either lie there confused and depressed step up to the plate and make their REAL soulular NATURE KNOWN showing up as heroes.

The nature of that generation was predicated on the planet URANUS. This was the most uncooperative, wild maverick god in all Mt. Olympus. He drove the other gods quite crazy with unpredictability, brilliant and insightful but nuts! Different. THE VERY PLANET is weird as it's tilted on its axis and rolling at the same time. That's URANUS. You DO NOT have Uranus as your ruler. To find out what Uranus rules, we'll look through your chart, and see where there is a house that is Uranus ruled, because Aquarius sits there. This will be where YOU find the mavericks in your life. On the 5th it's the sweetheart, on the 7th, the mate or partner, the 9th, the teacher. The llth is the friend. Well not so lucky, Grizzle. It is lord of your fourth house of family, roots, one parent. And part of your fifth house of CHILD, GIRLFRIEND, beloved. So it represents a lot of people.

THOSE people are like URANUS. HIGH VOLTAGE. J.K Rowling, Courtney Love, Ice Cube. They go where no one's been before and draw lines on the ground and have things they will not go near. Courtney for whom I worked for 8 yrs has fitful allergies to things and goes into hissfits. Ice Cube won't let the white world come near him. His posse is black. Rowling is a hermit.

URANUS was a GOD in MYTHOLOGY who always did the unpredictable. He wasn't a belonger. He was the first real outsider. He was cranky to all equally however, being a true democrat and, in fact, was less cranky to his friends than to his own children. His children the GOD URANUS threw into an abyss for all eternity. Since that day, Uranians have been doing the same thing. They are disinterested in CHILDREN unless it's the CHILDREN of the planet and reforms for their benefit.

BARACK OBAMA has AQUARIUS rising, is URANUS ruled. Karl Marx, FDR both did too. Jesse Jackson. (Rainbow Coalition) expresses the best side of it, which is team up, an Aquarian keyword, for power. No team, no power.  Do you have a relative who is a club member, team member, a progressive into liberal politics, ecology or socialism? A Democrat? Pro OBAMA? They will have a strong URANUS.
Or is it you? Ecological, daring, a reformer, a critic of the government's dumber policies? See what we have with URANUS in VIRGO is a planet in its own 8th house. Keywords of this house: daring, taking risks, interested in job market and work, Virgo terms. They'd be into PC's or computers,a virgo keyword.  Into rejuvenation or alternative healing. This would be someone whose ruling planet aaspected URANUS. Or the archetypal person from your own personal house where AQUARIUS IS. If Aquarius is on 7th it's partner or wife. Aquarius on l0th, it's parent or boss. If you aren't Aquarius rising, who are your URANIANS? They are the people who come from the HOUSE in your chart or horoscope where AQUARIUS is. We all have one house with AQUARIUS IN IT.

They are symbolized as being interested in practical Virgo type philosophy, ideas, methodologies, human synergy for the betterment of earthly life. They are interested in domestic livestock, orchard tech, holism, herbs. Because Aquarius and its ruler URANUS have this impersonal tone, they are concerned for people in the collective sense, not in the personal, individual sense. They ignore their kids and families and give them either their spectacular temper or mordant witticisms, wild advice and dry ideas to feed on.While they ride off on a white horse to save humanity.

URANIANS are disinterested in anything routine, establishment or concerned with personal profit. These are humanists, universals, Utopians, radicals, reformers, kooks and quacks. Karl Marx had Aquarius rising, so he was a true child of Uranus.(In other words, he was URANUS-RULED.) Jesse Jackson has Aquarius rising. Early in life, this made him feel unusual, different from most people in his community, as his father was married to another woman than his mother and lived nearby. He is also a reformer, a typical Aquarian trait.

The true Uranian is so basically nervous that he can't drink coffee long. He becomes an insommniac and after a few years of that, gets tachycardia. He gets circles under the eyes but boy are those eyes alive and wild! Is that anyone you know? Like humanity itself, coffee and tea give a big charge for the first few years. Think back to the mid 17th century when the first coffee houses opened in LONDON. Suddenly books tripled in size. Verbosity was the new artform. It is a thinky alkaloid! Very verbal planet.

Being nervous in the service, Uranians are accident prone in the extreme and should not try risky tricks. They always end up with broken bones. When bad transits HIT URANUS you get surprises. Adverse ones. For instance, URANUS was in PISCES NOV 08 thru AUG 09, Saturn came along and opposed it, we had the Gigantic Wall Street Failure, the MELTDOWN and a RECESSION STRIKE. You might watch over any child born then.

URANIAN keywords are: restless, electric, inventive, brilliant, communal. Uranians fill the rest of the world's need for somebody exciting and different. They hear a different drummer, one we wish we could hear, but we wouldn't want the cost they pay in broken lives. They don't do anything ordinary. They select people to love who would never be suitable for them, probably much too routine, and may marry but end up loathing the mate. And when an Aquarian loses his temper, it's like an electrical storm. Lightning bolt time. Eventually, in their self-created ivory tower, they keep themselves busy and they make their mission to reform their primary union.

Uranus goes with the sign Aquarius,, you may have gathered, and a great deal can be understood about this sign by looking at the glyph. It's a man holding a jug of something that pours out. Now, Aquarius is an air sign, so this couldn't be water. Look carefully at the waves, they look like this. ^^ but two of them, two layers. In fact, the glyph for Aquarius is this wavy thing and It is electricity! It is idea power. Maybe wild electrical ideas, but basically good stuff. (Taken by humanity in small doses.) So let's look at your Uranus, see which house it rules as thatís WHO IT IS and where it sits in your life. THATís the HOUSE. And what aspect it makes. A lot, none? Do your chart at ASTRO.COM and get back to me with that gif file.

YOUR URANUS may be the lord of the fifth house of beloved, sweetheart and  child or the tenth house of authority parent or the fourth of maternal parent. If that URANUS is in VIRGO, the planet of brilliance, science, progress and invention is in the sign of science, troubleshooting, healing, medicine, also insurance, the kitchen and office workplace, purity, diet and vitamins and prevention of disease and servants and social criticism you have a person with scientific abilities.

If you were born with it ruling YOU, your first house, is it any wonder that the years of your infancy were the years of the infancy of the California healthfoods and vegetarianism movements, the beatles smoking weed, the food processor, the office computer and wordprocessor, HO CHI MINH arising in Chin and social criticism of the USA for its NAM war?

This was also the period when the truly litigious raised insurance claims to state of the art? VIRGO rules insurance, URANUS rules reforms, surprises. And since Virgo rules the common man, peasants, Servants, workers, during this period, a rash of immigrants from the 3rd world moved into all lst world countries, giving everybody inexpensive Mexican maids. OR Turkish maids in Europe.  And LABOR UNIONS became very volatile and in control.

Virgo is an earthy, practical sign, concerned with the job, home cleanliness, purity, also services we can render which provide us with cash. Virgo rules organizing our lives, preventing health troubles by studying the latest scientific methods of diet & food preparation and thru health insurance. Also a big item in the sixties, just starting but became huge.

You can almost feel the energy of Uranus in Virgo. Something snapped back in the 60s, when you were born, and suddenly the forces that be --perhaps in Washington, decided to make it known that saturated fats could kill you. That smoking caused cancer. Facts began to emerge like crazy regarding the effects of food on longevity and the environment related to disease statistics. The ecological save the planet movement was born. Virgo rules diet, nutrition, the orchard, the goddess with the sheaf of grain, the harvest, the small domesticated animals we call pets. URANUS here brings revolution, upsets, the unexpected.

And what happened was that a whole generation of young people went VEGETARIAN back in the 60's, revolted against anti-biotics and started using Vitamin C and the man who had first written about it, Dr. Linus Pauling, got so high-profile he won a Nobel prize.

If you've got important house rulership, trines or power conjunctions to YOUR personal Uranus, wonderful, new, exciting health-promoting events occur and KEEP ON occuring in your lifetime. You get the right doctor and the right therapy. You are active in ecology movements. You will perhaps have luck in other Virgo areas: job, office, word processor/computer use. And you'll find perfect servants, have fine employees. But if your VIRGO PLANETS ARE AFFLICTED or other planets in the chart are afflicted BY this URANUS you or the persons ruled by it will have unusual health or digestive ailments, health problems, and servants, pets or doctors can have an adverse effect on your life.

If YOUR PLUTO IS also IN VIRGO. This is a generational placement. Everyone born between 1957 and 1971 has this flavor in their chart. The planet of transformation in the sign of medicine. Oddly enough, these are ALMOST the very same years in which URANUS ANOTHER planet of transformation, modernization, was conjunct Pluto also in Virgo. And the same years that NEPTUNE in SCORPIO was sextile (a harmonious aspect of opportunity) them both. Scorpio rules 'hidden secrets of nature' sign, SCORPIO. Almost EVERYONE with PLUTO IN VIRGO has this triple harmonious yet volatile aspect.

URANUS conjunct PLUTO is explosive in VIRGO, symbolizing a time of revolution, but with a motif of purity and criticism, VIRGO words. Recall the demonstrations of the government about the Viet Nam war? The people acted out of great purity and an anti-war sentiment, and criticized their own government policy, en masse. VIRGO rules people of lower station, servants. We had the civil rights period, the emergence of what had previously been a servant class, "Class system" break-down fairly effortlessly, as the time was ripe. Unlike the Roman Slave uprisings. The next time Uranus conjuncts Pluto perhaps we can expect the freeing of the Sudra (unclean caste) class in India which still hasn't happened. Emergence as never had been seen on the planet. Imagine a single aspect in effect for the whole DECADE of the 60's. That's what we had.

PLUTO and URANUS together symbolize transformation, revolution, criticsm, purity. VIRGO an earth sign, rules the orchard, the planet, the goddess Gaia, associated with the care of the planet. This period signalled the beginning of the ECOLOGY movement. But this conjunction affected yet another front; these two planets paired in VIRGO, sign of MEDICINE, healing. The 60's generation revolted against traditional cooking and healing methods and started using brown rice and herbs, especially an illegal herb called marijuana.

The children born during this period are destined to be interested in holistic medicine, herbal healing, alternative therapies and prevention of disease thru diet. They have the ability to troubleshoot, criticize, judge, separate wheat form chaff, solve problems. You'll be one of those chosen to do this as a doctor, psychiatrist, healer, preventer of diseases, public health expert or holistic hobbyist (as I am.).

At the same time that Uranus and Pluto sailed through VIRGO, NEPTUNE was out in SCORPIO in sextile, and as they travelled at the same speech, this grouping endured for years. It began in l957 with NEPTUNE and PLUTO in sextile. *Plut/Nep is interest in supernatural things. We had the BOOK BRIDEY MURPHY on reincarnation, UFOS visiting. SCI FI novels becoming best sellers. All ruled by PLU NEP. Those two stayed together for years, getting a third of the way thru Virgo and then in August, l962, URANUS entered VIRGO and joined them, holding its position in sextile until September l968, (and coming back May, June l969). Everyone born in that middle 60's period will have luck thru science, diet/nutitional studies, ecology, medicine. Sextiles are an opportunity aspect. VIRGO is an earth sign, earth means fertility, money, so many of you will make money in fields like landscaping, organic farming. Virgo also rules organization, sevants, cleaning, computers, healthfoods.

Today we have Uranus/Neptune in MUTUAL RECEPTION. Aquarius to PISCES. That mutual symbiosis has an interesting flavor...this combination seems to make people interested in progressive politics, and it got Obama elected.

But you can't beat the original Uranus Pluto in Virgo in the 60's, giving the synergy of the holistic healthy body and the Mystical state. I knew two people in the 60's, who had very pronouncedly Virgo- Scorpio features to their chart. She had a Virgo stellium, Scorpio rising. Her husband had a Scorpio stellium, VIRGO rising. They were very much in love, very suited to one another. Oddly, During this ENTIRE PERIOD they were professional yoga teachers involved with TIM LEARY in the IFIF (Foundation for Internal Freedom) ACID MOVEMENT. She was a close friend of Alan Watts, Mrs. Huxley, Richard Alpert, (Baba Ram Das.) They were healthfooders and to me they epitomized what the good side of the 60's was about. Not sex, drugs and rocknroll, but love,  healthfood, yoga, psychedelics and sitar music. Each of them had the SCORPIO component to their nature, which drew them to the mysteries on the other side of the veil. Each of them had the VIRGO side, the practical yoga/healthfoods. Many of the people who took acid or smoked pot during the 60's immediately went on a healthfood/yoga trip. The mystical and the holistic. You have these two sides of your nature entwined and united. The glory of the sensual universe, JOIE DE VIVRE, an instinct for purity of diet, yet sensual Kama Sutra and its mysteries...respect for the body, the temple of God, and its health and longevity.

PLUTO is the KING OF THE UNDERWORLD. His colors are violet and red. He is not a General. He is more likely the SPY  for the General. He digs for information, is a researcher, and a psychologist or occultist who psychs out the unseen. And he's treacherous, will turn on you in a moment. However, in VIRGO he becomes the counter culture healer, he runs an underground healing business. I have seen these and written them up, was healed by one, Marjorie who fixed what UCLA clinics and other doctors could not. She diagnosed it which they couldn't. (Iridology) These plut/uran Virg people are potential health organizers CDC or EMT. Ecology. Green Groups. PLUTO is always a planet of transformation. One takes a pig's ear and makes it into a silk purse. Other VIRGO KEYWORDS: ecology, veganism,  insurance, healing methods, diet, the kitchen, domestic animal care, organic domestic livestock. Whale watchers. These things were in massive transformation in the period you were born if you are a child of the sixties and this 'vibe' is born INTO you. JOIN CLUBS/ GROUPS that discuss them. THE YAHOO groups can be as many as 5000 people huge, you can register in about twenty seconds, very little is req'd . find your group by searching at yahoo group page, on keywords like HOLISM, holistic. LAST PLUTO rules other people's money, and that is venture capital. GUERILLA CAPITALISM is a very Pluto in Virgo thing. Think of how PLUTO is elevated by being in this sign. Pluto is in its own solar 11th house if it's in VIRGO in the generic sense. That may not be so in your natal chart. But for PLUTO the 11th is clubs, groups. Friends. So hanging with the dharmic healers works for you. Or Yahoo holistic groups. Read the books that will enable you to develop this talent: Any book on #612/ 613 shelf at the library will instruct you in ways to PREVENT illness, diagnose it early or, if ill, heal the body holistically. (Through diet, herbs, exercise.) Read the work of Frances Moore Lappe, "DIET For a Small Planet," and her many others. Anything by Dr. Paavo Airola, Dr. Bernard Jensen, the books at the Healthfood store. Check out its bookrack. Find works by Dr. George Oshawa, founder of Macrobiotic system, "YOU ARE ALL SANPAKU" writ. w. Bill Dufty & Sugar Blues by Dufty. For info on CURING arthritis, slipped disks read Dr. Bernard Jensen's "Arthritis Rheumatism Osteoporosis". It's possible that you could become a holistic healer, make $700-800k per year diagnosing body conditions thru the eye and selling herbal mixtures you get from NATURE'S SUNSHINE in Utah, and Rxing diets. Read "BACK TO EDEN" By Kloss or "THE HERBALIST" by Myers. Learn to diagnose the body through IRIDOLOGY. Read Frederick Perls, R.D. Laing and Art Janov, the psychological frontier was being stormed. And read the HOLISTIC INDEX as it is able to train you from A TO Z in this field.