Remember the Four FAMOUS LIES. "The check is in the mail, I won't come, I'll love you always and don't worry, there will be plenty of TRICKLE DOWN for the workers! The concept of TRICKLE DOWN seems not to have worked at any time in history. Proof: The Oil companies made more money in 2008  than in the history of the planet and the economy of every single country in the world is in the crapper.  Inflation, famine, joblessness, ruin and new tidal waves of war into Afghanistan. And no pause at all to the war in Iraq! This is the famous OBAMA FIX? The Obama HOPE and the CHANGE won't do jack for the people if War and Banksters continue as they were. Same ole, same ol. The OIL CORPS obviously told Barack to send the renewed war to Afghanistan! The IMF, FED guy who heads the Treasury now is instructing the PRES to ignore all those red alert signals like StockMarket collapse, Banks failing, famine, inflation, more war while they ship money by the ton to their cronies, just like Bush did.

The yalie Skull And Bones Oil men, Banksters are like the spoiled, immature, evil children of the rich and famous, baddies, taking the chips out of the game for themselves. There's not an ounce of trickle down running off their chins. The Milton Friedman Keynesians, the Chicago boys swore there'd be all kinds of fat spatter coming out of the Bonfire of the Capitalist Vanities. My plate hasn't a cent of fat spatter on it! Does somebody demented envision the caviar, champagne and sirlon will spread from the plates of their rescued thieving cronies and be recovered from the garbage can by the common man?

Why don't they try to fix the planet another way. Like: don't give 2 trillion to banks and car corporations, give it straight to the people as microlending for Small Businesses, i.e. start up loans,  also refinancing failed mortgages and oh yes, publishing of a pamphlet, "How to start a cottage industry with a product or service people really need and do it on a dime."

We fired workers will use this  heftier federal stimlus package $ to buy our work tools and be industrious, work long hours for our own corporation, thusly fulfilling the real cosmic capitalist design which is EVERYBODY talented, busy and selling their unique product!? WHY not that scenario? Instead of feeding us more bogus stories about trickle down!

You're a brainoid: Give me what you think first, re effective trickle up, off the top of your thinking Meanwhile, A POME.,

The Keynsians promise trickle down,
crumbs from massah's plate
they told us to trust the process,
stomachs rumbling, learn to WAIT.

Chicago boys and Milton Friedman
told us 'Beloved  workers, on you guys we DOTE.'
Let us CEOS run business OUR WAY as
a rising tide floats all boats!

Communists say when one's first child
lies cold and dying of starvation,
the most patient pacifist will go wild
and storm the palaces of the nation!

Citizens! Warn the rich before that horrific time
We're armed! At your  mansion we'll find you.
See a million man march outside your house,
know that we'll catch and burn and blind you!

So we suggest that you make clear plans now
for wealth DOWN HERE collected.
And we will promise you  some trickle up
And maybe you'll be protected.