Want a great business that you base on a total freebie? If you live outside the city, find the local rose farmer, the guy who creates WHOLESALE bushes and trees which he ships BARE ROOT to 50 states. He usually has a couple of hundred acres in tree roses, bush rose, root stock roses. Hybrids and wild. And guess what? They don't use any flowers. Every time the bush buds with gorgeous, huge flowers, they just put an identifier tag on the BUSH, saying "LINCOLN" or BELINDA's DREAM and then they cut off the flowers. TRASHPILE! If you ask the grower and especially all those agrarian workers when to show up with clippers, you can get bushels of roses and you can sell them on street corners, outside markets, at local farmer's markets (Make friends with a paid up booth, and get the vendor to sell your flowers.)

They only do roses a year or two, then they rotate with wheat, so you gotta get them at the ROSE TIME. I learned all this watching HUELL HOWSER's PBS TV SHOW "CALIFORNIA GOLD", the day he was visiting Kern County's WASCO, the rose center of the country. Get a copy of that show if you want to grow roses yourself. All the tricks.

GOOGLE "wholesale rose grower" or split the words wholesale + "rose farm" You will get a page that looks like this 

Then click on one, you get this:

NOTE: When you go to the farm, take a cute kid. The flower vendor (meaning YOU!) who is gleaning for blooms and who has a child with her has a very good chance of getting kind manners and generosity from the workers. That means a kid under age 10.  Also, take some dollar bills as you may have to tip workers. Take a bag of sandwiches as these guys work hard and are hungry. Meatloaf is highly esteemed, chicken but no mayo it spoils just Lots of hot sauce as they're usually Mexicans.

NOTE #2. In car, have big Coleman coolers with 3" water in them. SEAL THE DRAIN PIPES. You and the kid have 99c stem clippers and you immediately, fresh out of the field, snip off the lower inch of stem, while UNDER WATER, so water enters the wound. Then set inside with water over their legs. I find beaucoup coolers every weekend at garage sales, and abandoned in alleys and on curbs. Those are camping refrigerators. That helps flowers last. Go back to the city. NEXT DAY when FARMER'S MARKET opens in POSH BEVERLY HILLS, find your pal the PIE VENDOR and fill vases with flowers, You guys stroll the farmers' stalls as by 1 PM your groceries are GIVEAWAY PRICES, espec. if you trade a bouquet. So YOUR GAS is only big cost. you get a great weekend with the kids, and you get GROCERIES!
What's not to like?