10. Pelosi now has ability to create house investigation committees and BUSH SENIOR UP IN MAINE senses this snoopy, snippy sassy lady would definitely create a committee to investigate the Secretary of Defense's ties to all those chumcluster corporations making bank in Iraq, Halliburton Bechtel, Brown Root Kellog. That flushing sound is 9 billion a month. EVERY MONTH going to them and their chums.

9.) Rummy was the tampon string hanging off the ole Pinata of State Secrets. One GOOD YANK and whammy, BUSH SENIOR BUSH JUNIOR and the whole nine yards takes a tumble on the floor! If any probing committees had pulled the RUMMY RUMSTRING, the guts of the entire Bush administration would have fallen out on the floor for the world to see. Like ferinstance, USA suddenly GOING TO WAR IN IRAQ a week after their chums at ENRON went bust? My GAL PAL the YOGA STUDENT said :"CNN began their bulldog-with-a-steak-bone incessant coverage of the shady connections and were mentioning the names GB and DC every hour about a week before the invasion. Then they dropped it cold. You don't criticize a pres during a time of war, after all. So after the invasion, there was never another mention. I'd love to see someone pick up on that when they discuss idiocy, corruption, and downright evil.

BUSH LINEAGE couldn't let the press start with ENRON back then, and same thing today, couldn't let them start with RUMMY and then move on to return to old pee stains and sniff up the pant leg of the entire ADMINISTRATION as it would lead back to the  "WAG THE DOG" Enron-dodging WAR IN IRAQ MANEUVER. Rummy being the only loose string, since SHOOTER paid off the guy with all the bullets in him, Rummy had to git outta Dodge quick. He had a big RED TARGET painted on him now that demos suddenly, overnight controlled the HOUSE, that snoopy HOUSE full of CONGRESSMEN with the ability to man any commitee they pleased ...DANGEROUS! 

NOTE: A DAY LATER, the SENATE FOLLOWED, becoming preponderantly DEMO. For a whiel there it looked like DICK CHENEY also had a BIG TARGET ON HIS BUTT .....(We could have had an ole fashioned OFFICE POOL to bet which day DICK CHENEY would be ushered out. PAPA BUSH probably is behind the abrupt firings, fearing that in a careful perusal of facts which then would get added up, his SON THE CRETIN would be found to be a lifelike CHARLIE McCARTHY DOLL. Being an astrologer, I have to rescind myself from any date-guessing betting pools).

NEXT QUESTION:  which other men in the White House can be investigated freely now? Aren't we about to get full hunting season on Karl Rove? Maybe the DEMOS could go really HOG WILD, figure out who killed Paul Wellstone and JFK PERE ET FILS, (you can give me a bigger list maybe, of BUSH HITS?) As my days get longer, my memory gets shorter.

8. He didn't quit; he was fired. So GOOGLE THIS PHRASE "why Rumsfeld got fired?" I did, in quotes, & got this: it's about why he RAN things the way he did.....You google it, you'll see ...

7. $$$HHHhhhhh  Rummie had MONEY DEALS WITH ISRAEL UP THE WAZOO http://www.zeitenschrift.net/news/sne-21206-quayle.ihtml
He also had ties to BIRD FLU TAMIFLU corporation so that the GOV HOAX about the big bad bird bug coming at us, (complete with GOV buying a million doses) deepened his pockets. 

6. INVESTIGATE YOURSELF! When you google this phrase in quotes "THE TRUTH ABOUT RUMSFELD" you get a lotta net action, 136 different theories.

5.) Theme on LETTERMAN's LIST OF TEN nite NOV 8th, was RUMMIE-RELATED. Did anyone see Letterman's list of ten on rumsfeld? I missed it. I'm sure it'll be google-able in a few days. "Why Rummy Left"

4.) PIG FEEDING FRENZY -  IF ANYBODY could imagine the huge cash drain to the taxpayers from the PRIVATIZATION of the WAR, they'd be ill. This concept refers to the prexies' personal pals shouldering in at the Hog's trough. These are actual corps rendering services in Iraq at l00 x the going price, thieves like Brown Kellogg and Root, Haliburton with acutal FISCAL ties to Chen/Rum/Bushes pere et fils with BUSH OIL PALS in on the hog trough. Now, from their pt. of view, the war must continue while they load their pockets. And the Rocks and Rothschilds empty Iraq's museums. Testimony on that theme in a Congressional hearing showed up ONLINE. GOOGLE IT

Help me out here. Give me three or four hundred more reasons. Anita Sands Hernandez at astrology@earthlink.net