life preserverWe are DROWNING IN BRIGANDS. The starving, jobless workers need a LIFE PRESERVER. The real problem in the 21st century is the state, an aggregation of thieves, liars, and  control freaks who have cornered the market on guns/ bombs/ tanks so we cannot make a murmur. Show up at a demonstration you have a police record and never will get a job because of it. Anyway, pickets aren't a ticket out of homelessness, inflation, joblessness and starvation. During the course of a working man's life he (and she) should be building an estate - The core problem is that the state is consumptive (taxes, licenses, fees, penalties, restrictions, prohibitions,surveillance). The state is l00%  destructive of  the worker's wealth-building. The state grabs all things of value. The state is indeed as Larken Rose says "A very dangerous superstition."

Look once again at what the unique Basque Mondragon Cooperative has done. That was pretty much a boot strap operation; they were able to levitate themselves by pulling on their own boot straps. The Mondragon
Cooperative paves the local roads, they have built a large hospital and a local university, while at the same time providing a "binary income" (a second stream of payments to owner/workers) that comes out of their estate.

Incidentally, the Mondragon Cooperative has not declared war on anyone; they are not sending annual tribute to Israel, nor are they supporting terrorist ventures anywhere.

They are a multi-billion dollar annual operation now ---but they started with about  100,000 in pledges in 1965. They employ tens of thousands of people in  several countries. Joining the Mondragon Cooperative is a choice and you may choose to leave the cooperative also.

Study "Binary Economics" and the Mondragon Cooperative... Oh, I must add - they own and control their own bank also. (Profits to the people)

Then, there is MARCORA.  It isn't a place or a group,it's a LAW.  MADE IN
ITALY, the MARCORA law allows fired workers to congregate in a group of 10 and get FOUR YEARS of their Unemployment Insurance all at once to make a group industry.  BRAVO ITALY!