Once I was sued for writing and posting an opinion poem referencing my astrology client's private love life. FLAME MC BAIN SUED ME!  She couldn't get Judge Judy to agree with her that I had defamed her or broken privacy laws in publishing my own invention, a poem, with my view on her free sex love predicament and  posting this at my GET LUCKY IN LOVE PAGE.  The outraged girl didn't get the $5,000 buck settlement she craved.  So today, with interest, I heard on FM NEWS RADIO that one of SYRIAN PRESIDENT ASSAD'S TOP MINISTERS collected a lot of emails from the LOCO TYRANT proving he gave instructions to all those HIRED KILLERS and escaped the country and gave the proof to the press. I LOVE when that happens!

The WILY COYOTE MINISTER taped the emails to his spine under an Armani suit, didn't get searched and flew them out of Syria. Imagine this! The actual proof that PRESIDENT ASSAD KNEW & has mandated those eight thousand murders of activists which U.N. complain is the number to date, end of Winter, 2012 exposed like THREE DAYS OF A CONDOR, to the world press. A Syrian MINISTER became an anti-Assad whistleblower, stole private emails floating around on military PC's and published them in the West! ALLAH IS GREAT!

Well, you know about the synchronicity factor. Not five minutes later, I found myself watching a PBS TV show on Constitutional Law related to the supposed protection, PRIVACY and sacredness of fone calls and E-MAILS vs 'hacking' issues in this electronic age. The show reported a monumental US. Supreme Court decision saying that "IF SAID HACK informs the PUBLIC, it's OK to do it in America."

Suddenly, I realized that my Judge Judy lawsuit & trial had been  a constitutional  law, lst amendment issue. Same issue hit Rupert Murdoch and his son using hack-up for grist at his tabloids in the UK. (They were hacking into emails and cell phone calls for hot gossip and finally did NOT get away with it in the courts. )

All these cases (not mine, exactly ) stand on the shoulders of Daniel Ellsberg leaking privileged top secret material to the NEW YORK TIMES And supremes vindicating him when everyone thought he'd end up in jail for life like Bradley Manning or as Julian Assange MAY end up.

So here below is the recent SUPREME decision that says "IF THE HACKED EMAIL or CELL PHONE CALL has public interest, you can hack into cell or email accounts all you want".   http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/99-1687.ZS.html

BACKSTORY:  A chick teachers' Union leader, one Ms BARTNICKI, was on her cell phone screaming to other union members about their fight with the school board that we should burn them down. Some teen  boy hacker was sitting in a car outside hacks into her phone account and he records the conversation &  takes it on a tape to the media. A jock on local Radio show plays the tape. Bernicki was evincing a wish to burn down the porches, not the houses, of the school board and comes off nuts. She sues radio this Shock Jock  named VOPPER.

Barnicki vs. Vopper goes before the Supremes who say the pilfered sound bytes  had public import and it was OK, similar to earlier decision on Dan Ellsberg's Pentagon papers which nailed NIXON administration, (the Tricky Dick Nixon Cover-Up got him and his men either impeached or imprisioned.)

So know this: when GOOD GUYS HACK, FOR holy REASONS, it has now been declared NOT TO BE A CRIME. Because truth seeking PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW the truth. There was no crime by the hacker or the radio host. But this isn't so if it's just invasive gossip you're doing. However if you're a whistleblower telling the TRUTH PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW you go straight to jail. Even if you only reported the White House's crime and THEY were guilty of DOING IT!

You know that Brit Tabloid PUBLISHER, RUPERT MURDOCH and his KID could NOT get away with  publishing pirated conversations. Their empire got slammed in a door and fined.  I guess they have different Supremes and laws in the UK.

So cut to the chase in AMERICA; private conversations are no longer private! You blog it,  cell it, even write it in an email and the thing gets out? Hey, you shoulda known bettter. Nothing's PRIVATE anymore.

MY JUDGE JUDY case which  I WON and wrote up had to do with somebody's very private romance history stuff:-- my astrology client's love life, her stupid mistake giving sex samples to the man she wanted who fled, a one nighter. I distilled the lesson for her, just a droll 'pome' (I call them.) I posted it online and sent it to the LUCK IN LOVE list & SHE SUED ME! can you imagine being served by process server? The scare? But I won. Judge Judy  found for me saying nothing put in an email is private and nothing online is private either. Who knew Judy did constitutional issues?