All those years of slogging down coffee, breathing heavy metals in thru the nose,(or eardrums!) and using brain aggravators found in all readymade food --has got to have a deleterious effect on the gray matter. We all notice the increasing mental sluggishness. We're not tripping out like we did when we were young. Where did the tripping button go?

Scientists tell us the fat between the synapses is drying out, wearing thin. We're losing the mental tread, but not to worry, famed New Age researcher, writer, healer GARY NULL TELLS his radio listeners that the brain can snap back and even the DISEASE ALZHEIMERS CAN BE REVERSED, even if it's just plain old garden variety senility --WITH phosphatidylserine which can be found both at the drug store, healthfood store or thru internet mail order.

Longs Drugs which is a nat'l chain has the Radiance Vitamin line and their NEURO-PS is it. Healthfood stores and mail order offer dozens of formulas built around this miracle brain awakener which is also found  in certain foods. One of my 70 yr old gal pals, painting up a storm, her tenth career in one lifetime, and profitably prolific in real estate as well, told me that PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE changed her from a chronic fatigue basket case cretin to a lively, mental woman acting a third her age.

She caused me to research this brain youthening vitamin and I collected a few URLS, then sent a PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE article with these online, internet URLS discussing brain aging, sending this package to different pals who were telling me they were too foggy and old to study the thing they most love painting or screenwriting or cockatil breeding and start a second career in life,  a moonlighting career to bring in retirement bucks:  I sent it with this little poem  to prod 'em.

"I worry for the future
of one who hasn't got
but one career in life
a measly little pop!

I worry that they are not upon
the diet that might suit' em
and that one should eat salad
or I should come tofu 'em!

BUt knowing I cannot leave the cats
to come to where you are living
I'm sending you a single word
to make rust, dust and time forgiving.

It is phosphatidylserine my aging dear
or something along those lines --
and I hear that it will zap and cheer
soul body brain and mind.

So google up the word or find it at LONGS drugs.
on the shelf where Radiance Inc puts vits that knock out bugs.
They call it neuro-ps lacking space upon the label
so buy yourself a 28$ bottle, two months upon your table.

Google up the many ARTICLES that exist online on  ITS MIRACULOUS POWERS TO SHARPEN YOUR BRAINS!

GARY NULL famed researcher attests to the fact that this miracle substance heals the dying brain! GOOGLE HIM UP. Science says that all of our brains die 2/3 of the way out. This is not necessary. GOOGLE the word phos pha tidy L serine, then see all the manufacturers and pick one that's cheap. One company called Puritan's Pride has cheapest on their three for one sale. BIGGEST SIZE CAPSULE and lowest price, THEIR bottle is 120 capsules of l00 mgs. many other corps offer a third the size, are way smaller. GO TO:

And read up on the danger of getting MAD COW from a supplement that is often made out of cow brain tissue,  and how it CAN be made from soy lecithin, instead.