Copy WYOMING cowboy style furniture as it's HIGHLY HOT right now. It is made of peeled pine, so can be reproduced in TAIWAN or in DETROIT, anywhere you have PINE TREES falling down.

MOLESWORTH was the big designer and COPIES of his work all over the place if you google that name + a furniture type word like cabinet, bed, bureau,

Molesworth made unusual stuff in the mid 30's, using burl and branches, stripping the bark off but leaving its rustic contours to decorate and texture the pieces. A small cabinet today costs $14,000 The image above, being bigger, would probably go for twice that.

See the Molesworth collection online at a Jackson Hole antique shop.
The owner of FIGHTING BEAR wrote the book on this fabulous, unique artisan.
He also sells the furniture at top collector prices, and apparently, it's SUPER HOT these days!
Vintage nostalgia is ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHILE HOT! And the owner created the KABIN FEVER line
of cowboy reproduction furniture at this site:
In CODY WYOMING, LESTER SANTOS makes affordable reproductions, also

And Marc Taggart does Molesworth
but he does it in a subdued NEW YORK manner, very tasteful. CHIC!

State of WYOMING knew it had a good thing and put him in the museum,
well... his STUFF.

TIMBER CREEK LOG FURNITURE does it with found pine

And you might have pine tree forests near you and could make the same,
rustic, cowboy furniture in the middle of Boston or L.A. using 'found' branches.
Or you could make it in Taiwan or China and use their rustic pine branches.
Get on the band wagon, now before it gets HOT ... well it's hot now,
so get started now, woodworkers, before it gets ROCKY MOUNTAIN RED CHILE HOT!

Begin by googling his name, + cabinet or + sofa or + bed and do it in IMAGES and SITES. Print
out what you see, hang it on your design bulletin board, then hit the forest with a saw and a truck.