When one has Mercury in Pisces, as I do, utter chaos reigns. FORGETTING is my middle name. FOCUSING is very hard for me. I don't have dyslexia, just scant memory combined with easy boredom. I can do a chart, (using software,) and focus on it as I care about my client and his problem but at some point, restlessness overtakes me. I have typed a few pages, but I get up, go garden for a while. Later I come back, I've lost my mental place even if I'm staring at the file. I forget where I was. Did I cover this? Was this rewritten?

My spaciness pertains to the entire office. The PISCES brain opens the envelope, sees a work order. Fine. put it on desk. Meanwhile the great brainless one deposits the check ---the envelope sinks to the bottom of the clutter along with its letter. or maybe I kept the letter but threw away the envelope, then when I go back, look at the work order I  note that there is no signature only an INITIAL no email address, no nuttin! and the MERC in PISCES person then blames the PERSON WHO SENT the check for star work for being an utter space case!

For instance, recently on my desk, in beautiful, feminine handwriting. "I want to know exactly what this pair of eclipses is doing for my life, and how to use them, and when they will be set off, and all I have is that letter. HAVE NO IDEA who sent it cuz I maybe dropped envelope in wastepaper basket a little quick. Had to write a thousand people, is this your birthday? Did you send this? Thank God, someone answered. EMBARASSING? Happens every day for MERURY in PISCES

There's an article at my website on CHAOS. yes capitals. in my chaos I capitalized it.

I discovered that there are  remedies for lack of focus, read that and. USE THEM and when you've mastered them and are heading into the HIGHLANDS of the CURE FOR CHAOS, send your newest discoveries to ME!