Itís easy to meet people. Go to a bar and you meet the denizens of the scotch bottle. WHOOPIE! But if you want fine,cultured, smart people, bars just donít do the job. ATTEND A LECTURE, a SEMINAR, a LIVING ROOM Special Interest GROUP. Sign up for adult high school (7-9 pm ) . Or create your own living room group, targeting the kind of people you are interested in.. A MUSIC CIRCLE? An investment group? A NEW AGE STUDY group would attract vegetarians, yoga students MAYBE A COOKING GROUP?.


There are SEVERAL KINDS OF LIVING ROOM GROUPS that YOU CAN DO TO for fun, like SINGLES PARTIES (of course you can make thousands a month doing it, read how at the SINGLES WEBSITE.) like cooking, or you can even use the group to MAKE A LIVING and charge. Many people will pay to learn SCREEN WRITING, or OIL PAINTING, or WATER COLOR, or SCULPTURE. If you have art skills, a living room or patio group that teaches is lucrative. Try charging l0$ a session. Imagine, you meet all those gorgeous people and you make 50$ or l00$ NOT TOO SHABBY. 

Hello, I'm SYLVIA. I'm your teacher. And I'm SINGLE!!! 

OR you can do a ROMANCE STUDIES GROUP using a local psychiatrist. She does it for free as she wants to get clients. 

Or you can do a spirit group, CREATE EVOLUTION IN YOUR TOWN, & meet the really cool, smart people thatexist there (whom you don't know NOW) Give a living ROOM GROUP! HOW YOU CAN ATTRACT THE BEST people out of the 18-40 youth group?? OFFER what SPIRITUAL "SEEKER" type FOLKS WANT! What do spiritual people want? To be beautiful, healthy and then, to be loved-To find someone special who adores them. So that's easy. First, create a living room HOLISTICHEALING FOODS, CALIFORNIA CUISINE and Cookery skills GROUP. In your living room. One night a month. Get the power hour from the FREE STARHOURS(you can click on that URL!) hours which I give free, online, if you ask...a Jupiter or Venus night works best! Everyone will come because they get to eat a fine, holistic meal (for a donation!) Createthe CALIFORNIA HEALING, REJUVENATING HOLISTIC cookery group. Discuss/teach but also Serve oddball, new age foods like HUMMUS (both cooked an draw,) Tofu burgers that taste better than meat. (almonds, celery, celery seeds, cornbread mix, onion, garlic, cilantro assure that!) LIVING ROOM GROUP CREATION is a skill and a joy. And there are so many types you can do.


For instance, SPIRITUAL GROUPS that study METAPHYSICS! TRANFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS! START a living room SPIRIT NITE GROUP! There are a dozen different ways to do it. Read the free chapters of the COURSE on MIRACLES, as they send you the free book, the full curriculum. Use the teachings of the MASTER JULES, free online.CONSCIOUSNESS stimulating words. That kind of knowledge spreads like the flu and we can trigger the hundredth monkey syndrome. (Evolution.) We can further CONSCIOUSNESS in MANKIND. Save this article and these URLS to cache, or email it to yourself as I suggest you will want to read all the chapters by THE MASTER JULES. His fab articles on how ARTISTS can get AMBITION and become wealthy and successful are AMAZING. He teaches the power/ focus/prosperity MIND SETTINGS that we could adopt so the machine functions better. So that AMBITION KICKS in! Just read FIRE IN THE BELLY.