"God, whose love and joy are present everywhere, can't come to visit you
unless you aren't there."
   Angelus Silesius
Most people are not receiving, or receptive of wisdom. The reason why therapy works, if it works at all, is because when people go to a therapist, they're paying for it so they allow themselves to receive. They become receptive. In the normal course of events, reactive people are not receptive except when they're in therapy. (And you can read the FIFTY LESSONS in the "DO EMOTIONAL RELEASE THERAPY FOR 100$ THE HOUR --i.e the FREE WEBINAR" and start being a therapist RIGHT NOW.)

 Because each of us, in a sense, has a different genetic coding, we all have to be individually evolved, or do our own, particular enlightenment course to get to the place called heaven on earth, being whole and complete, happy, satisfied. There's no one therapy that can work for any one person. Some need black memories evacuated. Others need heart chakra started living again. You--- DOING the freebie GESTALT or PRIMAL method Taught for Free at the ABOVE WEBSITE --- have to design the program for that person as they have their own particular way of being.

Some people are so reactive that the only way to handle them is FOR YOU TO BE RECEPTIVE ABOUT THAT! You as a receptive THERAPIST will let them in, and let them in until you can be clear and open-minded and patient and humble enough to receive their problem. You can't do anything about it, just receive the seeker flaws and all, but then, in the course of being with this person, what you've done is allow a space to open up where he can start to handle his own problems. What happens to us when we don't allow others in is --- we can't do any good for them.

When we speak to someone who is reacting,  all we do is let it in. Don't try to tell them anything. We don't teach, preach or reach them. What happens is that they develop this grand respect for you, and you haven't done anything except 'watch, listen and witness sympathetically.' Not in silence of course. We give little Hmmmms and Ummmmms to show we're there listening but we haven't given him any of the goodies, the jewels. We can't. Cuz they'd HEAR it thru the darkness of their collection of angers.

Comforting friendly but silent listening works. Use this technique. If I were to serve such a turgid, distressed person it would be like this. Get to the point of never being anything except a listener. Even if you hear ludicrous and negative and horrible things from their mouth, you just sit there and nod, murmur and don't do anything with it. Nothing. Yet.

STUDENT --But the person I'm thinking of is downright abusive.

JULES - You have a 'but' there. 'But he doesn't listen,--- but he's abusive, but you can never do anything with him, but he's crazy, but he's impossible. If all those 'buts' are in there then what I'm saying to you isn't getting through. Because I'm saying all those things are in a vigorous existence! They're not TRUE but, they are the way he is and I'm willing to be absolutely o.k. with that. I'm asking you to be o.k. with that and somehow allow him to keep on spilling his guts out and he will eventually spill how sick he is and how addicted he is, and how rotten he thinks life is, until finally, a space will open up for him to see that he needs a big change and you're offering CHANGE tools in Yoga,Healthfods, Gestalt DO-OVERS and PRIMAL Toxin Removing and he will START LETTING YOU HELP HIM to handle his own thing. Don't try STEPPING STONES TO UTOPIA NOW, just be UTOPIA. Be that way. Practice. It's something I ask myself to do. It will work. What will work is love and what love is ---is unconditionally being with somebody without ever having them to change or be somebody else, or improve, or be anything except what they are. Humility is listening to another.

A direct request requires a direct response of love. The only response required in the universe that will work ---the only therapy that will work in the universe is love. Now I don't mean that as some sort of grandiose platitude. I mean this: 'whatever creates peace, do that. Whatever doesn't create peace, don't do it.' That's what I mean by love. Whatever creates harmony, unity and peace, do that. Whatever it takes to do that. Do that. And whatever doesn't create that, do not do that. That's the admonition. You don't become a puppet. You create peace. If you say creating peace makes you a puppet, then that puppet will look like God to me, and will look like loveliness, a high-minded person, with extreme beauty, intelligence, a great person. If that's what a puppet is, then I will be glad for you to be a puppet and I will also gladly be a puppet.

We are unique in our way of being, in our evolutionary path, in our individuality and there are these masterful ways of being that apply to all of us. The way is to have this ability to create peace. It's like a technique that come from inside you. Your mind all of a sudden says 'I can do that, Say this, be that way, create peace with all my people. Not only would you help your relationships and yourself because you will open up this space in which you can commune, in which there is unity and love and a feeling of receptivity created. When I talk to you I know you're receptive. If you weren't, then I would gladly shut up and receive you. I wouldn't try to make you receptive.

So say it. I will have no more major problems ever because I am peaceful, I am loving, harmonious, I am receptive. I will allow others the space to be as they are. I will keep on saying 'I am things' rather than 'I want things.' I won't say 'can't' or say negative things about someone. You don't speak in the present or future in the negative, only in the past. You only speak about yourself or anyone else in positive terms. The most self preserving thing is to be absolutely clear that 'I am happy, I am loving, peaceful, healthy, whole, I will be that to everyone I meet. I act that way.' I am unifying, harmonious and create peace where I go and whatever I speak. Be that with people you have problems with and see yourself as an 'I am' rather than 'I can't' or 'I want.'

The nightmare that you may subject yourself to in terms of the world insanity is only the illusion of other people looking at life with all of their 'wants', attachments, fears, desires, ignorance and their problems. They're not coming at it from where we're coming at it. When you know that they're not coming at it from the place you're in what you get to do with them is allow them to be. What you can allow to be will let you be. In the practice of this kind of work the art of being a master is created. You can't be a happy, harmony producing being unless you practice love. You can't produce peace unless you practice producing peace, so as you practice it with every being on the planet, with every circumstance and situation you become master, but you must crawl before you walk. This is the meditation for the millennium. The meditation is 'I am' and you fill in the blanks.

Thought creates. Thoughts create feelings and feelings create reality. Wherever thought goes, energy flows. So if your thought goes to 'I hate him, he's this, he's that' the energy will flow to exactly that manifestation. So let's turn our concern to --"I'm not concerned about that negative person. I see that all I need do is keep opening up the space for him to finally one day say to himself, I'm at the bottom of the barrel, I'm going to get help, get in the program, I will never again drink, take a drug, whatever it is."

That person must do that. You can't do that for him, but you can assist him by seeing him clearly, seeing that he's going to do that. The rest of this whole God game that we're talking about is not only the concentration on the I am' but then the visualization and the affirmation. Then you see it and you visualize exactly what you want done and you see it as done. So you relax into the love of yourself and the love of God which is all one thing and then you concentrate on being that relaxed oneness then you visualize and affirm it in every thought and deed. As Werner said, you become the deed rather than the phantom called 'the doer.' Show up as the deed not the phantom called the do-er. As Arnold Siegel said, 'we are tyrannized by an "I" talking to itself and what we need to do is put that private conversation in the background like elevator music and turn our attention to a public conversation which speaks and affirms our visions and our goals and our commitments and our promises. Practice, practice, practice.

You're not going to be burned any more by the hot fire of being a reaction to somebody's reactions. We're not going to be burned again by getting involved in an argument. We're not going to be emotional, upset. That's what you call being burned. Your reactions are the fire. Never touch the fire of reactivity again, of your ego, what you feel, would like, and see and so forth. Stay away from those thoughts and only stay with the affirmation, envisualization, concentration and relaxation of knowing that you are God in the universe and you can create peace with the magic wand that you carry in your hand and you will wave it with enthusiasm.  Nothing happens to us. We create it. No problem comes upon us. We created it. We get hurt. And it's our anger, our upset, our emotionalism and our pressure, our stress. It's not the world's stress, it's not the pressure of society, it's not somebody else doing it to us. We are responsible. So you can be loving, peaceful, harmonious, open, patient, tolerant, faithful, trustworthy, generous, joyful in the world. You can do all those things rather than being that other shit created by an I talking to itself, being of the world.

Be an open mind, constantly open, open, open. The top therapist in the world are that. Have this depth. And stay silent because when you are silent your higher self or God talks to you. You have an onboard therapist 24/7. If you're tweaked in any way, by staying silent, your higher voices will kick in.

This conversation we're having is about God, about spirituality, enlightenment and that's the true therapy. There's no good therapist who is not enlightened, and there's no one who is not enlightened who hasn't reached for the ultimate universal, cosmic principles and understands who they are, who God is and who everyone else is and what you're here for, where you're going and what it's all about. And when you've answered all those questions, then you can truly be a therapist. So on one level or another, we're all practitioners now and we're all going to be the big therapist in the sky very soon because that's what the last 5 years of this 2,000 or 13,000 year or 600,00 year cycle is all about.

The world as we know it doesn't exist The world in reality will last forever, so you've gotta put that in your pipe and smoke it. I've been a practitioner for 40 years so I see all that. I read 15 books a year. The earth is heaven on earth, the whole period of the rapture, the return. Christ returning is already happening. It's Christ Consciousness which is returning and heaven on earth is a state of consciousness and having a pollution free environment which is a paradise is about the return of consciousness to humanity. And it's the l00th monkey principle, that each of us will evolve to be a person that cleans up his own personal pollution and environment and the world will automatically change. We will automatically get rid of chemicals, chlorine and pollution, gas burning cars. But this is the end of the line. There are no horrible people. There are only people who do horrible things because they don't see the truth of who they are. Once the media can reflect that, the schools are able to teach people that all they have to do is be the creative human being they were born as. If you take anybody back to when they were 3, 4, 5 years old, they were beautiful. They weren't murderers or violent people or reactionaries, bigots and nationalists, fascists. They weren't when they were 3.

Jesus said 'become ye as a little child'. To have that consciousness which is open and free does not have the mind yet, of an ego saying this is right and that's wrong. What the fall was in Eden, the eating of the apple, the knowing good and evil, was all a metaphor for judgment, deciding this is good, that was bad, those people are good, I want this, we are identified with an "I" taking to itself. That was the fall. As soon as we get rid of the judgment and get out of that state of Ego judgment, we can enter the reality where we are truly a child all the time, always will be. Your inner yearning is to be that child again. So all therapy and all healing will work and people will change when we realize we are one child of God and God is a child himself, the creator. You know how you are when you're a kid, a beautiful imagination machine. Once we realize that's the whole majesty and power of humanity the cat's out of the bag and the whole planet will go into this kingdom of heaven. 5 years away and you'll see it happening. Agape church it's already happening for thousands of people. When those thousands become hundreds of thousands and those hundreds of thousands become millions and the millions become billions it's over. It has been starting here in California which has been a spiritual center for this century, to spread to the rest of the world.

Right underneath the mess, violence and stupidity that's going on is man's yearning to be at peace and to be in love and to have harmony and to have abundance and be successful and to have a clean atmosphere and grow fruits and vegetables and have a great body and be in love. That's the yearning, and the thoughts, that's what's going to create our future so don't wait for linear time. You can live there right now. Every minute that you're alive,  live in an 'I am' consciousness. There's no danger out there. Even in racial strife. All the Mexicans, Indians, Arabs, blacks, are all me. When I see anyone, I just see me. They are me. I project the love, vibration, light and goodness that I see as their true self. When there's a thought of any separation, you and them, bad and good, the ok and the not ok, any time you're seeing that, you're seeing an illusion. And the illusion in them and is in you and is in the society and is in our whole robotish way that we've been trained to be. The truth is that underneath everything you're seeing, inside that being is truly a loving caring, wonderful, Godly being just like yourself. Therefore, I can only see the reality not the illusion that you may project on their selfish, negative actions.

When I give up the illusion I then become a Plato, Socrates, Einstein, a Blavatsky, a Spinoza, a George Bernard Shaw, a Jesus, a Buddha, a Krishna, a Mohammed. As soon as I do that, I jump to that state of consciousness called Christ Consciousness. It's only called Christ Consciousness because in this period of this cycle, we call it that. It could have been called Buddha Consciousness, Krishna consciousness, Pleiadean consciousness, or whatever. To the caveman it was Tiger consciousness maybe. To the shaman it is Moon or Sky consciousness.

Those are only words to describe God consciousness. And God is only a word to describe cosmic consciousness. And cosmic consciousness is only a word to describe universal oneness. And the reason there is only love in everything and everybody is because we are all one. There's only one consciousness in the universe. It's just all fragmented into these separate bodies because we decided to create many, many angels and people and worlds and lives and things to experience. Only words and relative words about the truth.

What you want to do for yourself and what everyone wants to do for themselves is pick up the books, read, study, practice and become a practitioner of the life of truth. Of the life of love. Become a practitioner.  Get the books at the Bodhi Tree. (Whoops. They closed! Buy them online used or at family owned thrifts) At least do one meditation a day. And start to open yourself up so that you become one of the teachers, one of the real disciples, a word that comes from the word discipline. One who is disciplined in being more than you are. If you want to discover what's underneath your ego mind, and see the mind of God, then study, expand, meditate, become free. Open yourself up. Be silent and listen to your onboard Freud who maybe is the Moon consciousness or maybe it's the 24/7 onboard tiger in the tank.

Our families create the greatest consternation in our lives because we take it personally, because we're personally involved and we react. That's our greatest stimulus to change, to not be personal, to be impersonal, to grow up and be magnanimous and magnificent to everyone, including your family. Reacting is a defense connected to fear. Fear is at the bottom of anything negative happening on the planet. When you can see through the fear you can see to the truth. And the truth is underneath there. Drop the fear. Be courageous and practice fearlessness in all places and circumstances. Don't be afraid to shut up your yammer and listen for the onboard voice.

You paid a million lifetimes to get this vehicle, the one with the on-board voice. Don't stuff your ears with cotton and miss the trippy voice coming out of the dashboard. The voice comes on when you are here and now with life and with people and with how it is and with how they are and loving them all the same, the way you love your babies when they dirty their diapers or your kitties when they wet the floor....That relaxation and love is going to take  the cotton out of your ears. Getting off stimulants that make you nervous in the service is taking the cotton out of your ears. And when you hear that celestial choir and walk around in perpetual joy, you'll be rhapsodic about what a good designer God is. You will GET IT!