THIS HAPPENED TO ME, Anita Sands, psychic astrologer extraordinaire, entertaining wit and born to be a real witch:  In the best sense of the word.

One HALLOWEEN I was hired to read palms, horoscopes at a party. The mansion is in BEL AIR, a 10 million dollar home, so I don't bother getting a contract signed by the hostess or her secretary. I TRUST THEM. In fact, if it's a big party I can bring a second fortuneteller. Great says the secretary do it!

So party night, we park, knock on door, secretary answers and she does NOT want to let me in. I'm with a second fortuneteller and she's black. The woman is freaking. But I am polite, obligate them morally to acknowledge that they hired us and sure enough, we get in and heck, I see there are black people in the kitchen, kitchen slaves...what's the problem?

So the other girl and I are reading away, I get this l0 yr old kid who tells me that he's been seeing a shrink all his life. They tell me I'm dysfunctional, he confesses. I see the hand, excellent, brilliant in fact. I tell him he has an intelligent hand, nay GENIUS hand, and that his parents are probably dysfunctional, (I was thinking slightly psycho but hey, I'm tactful,) and that everything that is happening is not only good it's totally USEFUL as He'll have something to write about when he studies Psychology, then psychiatry and becomes our next Sigmund Freud. He's made very happy by my reading and runs to his parents. I GUESS he tells them of his reading as It's about l0 pm almost at the party's end, but I'd estimate an hour or two left when suddenly the secretary asks me to leave. And my friend --the other fortuneteller, I ask for her check. They won't give it. LOTSA WORK, but No checks at all! Just leave. get out. We are ushered to the front door. We walk to our car in shock. We calm down, stop pressing the panic button. I give the other fortuneteller my personal check -- half the amt we were promised to tide her over and then I sit down and write the hostess:

DEAR MS THOMSON Oct 31st,  2004

Anita Sands here – I just phoned to tell you that I hadn’t been paid, nor the other worker at
your house. You hired us both and when I told you as much just now,
you hung up on me. Hard to believe you don’t recall me. I am the
astrologer employee that YOU hired to entertain guests at your HALLOWEEN
party OCT 30th, 2004. Your secretary Jennifer Mc Gary (acting on your
behalf,) hired me to entertain by reading horoscopes and palms at the
Halloween party you gave at your ten million dollar mansion at 620
Siena Way in Bel Air California, City of Los Angeles --by the way, a
signatory CITY in an equal opportunity non-discrimination policy
suggested by and in accordance with the US Constitution. Your
employee and agent Jennifer MC Gary indicated that you had heard of me
through your JEWEL treasure, sea shell and quartz crystal
merchants whom I know for more than thirty five years. The Kirpals
recommended me to Taylor as a fellow member of the Sikh Community (my
having joined it in 1969). The KIRPALS by the way would be EXTREMELY
easy to serve with a subpoena /to depose or legal papers to be
witnesses to any planned action as they practically LIVE in their
store. They would have to show up to be deposed or in court as witnesses
to the actual HIRING of my person for your festivity. You will recall
that they carried all messages back and forth for quite a while. They
plainly heard from you that I had been hired. Being exceedingly
religious the KIRPALS cannot lie for you even if YOU DO buy their
jewels. FINALLY I HAVE RECORDED phone calls where I SPOKE TO
YOUR SECRETARY one JENNIFER MC GARY, WHO hired me speaking clearly
into my personal, phone message machine WHERE I CAUGHT her ON TAPE
several times and also verbally in personal phone calls.
Jennifer Mc Gary promised that I would work four hours minimum,
guaranteed, or until midnight, and maybe more if the party went late.
She said that you only would pay MINIMUM which in LA for our
profession is l00$ an hour. I agreed to this sum, so that four hour
minimum would be 400$. Jennifer indicated that you (her boss)
were having many different kinds of psychics. I asked her if she had
room for another and perhaps wanted a very good tarot reader and
suggested SAT SIRI KAUR KHALSA an American Sikh for the last 35 years,
one of the original people to join YOGI BHAJAN also a longtime friend
of the KIRPALS. Jennifer said yes, Sat Siri sounded great. And
asked, would I do your horoscope and the baby’s. I said get me the
data. TIME OF BIRTH real important. THAT IS HOW it was that not
much LATER, Jennifer called my message machine when I WAS NOT HOME
(THANK GOD or I would have no evidence at all) and left me the
recorded data (which I have on a tape which my lawyer assures me will be
dynamite-super-effective in court….) JENNIFER LEFT a LONG WISH LIST, a
list of five birth chart horoscopes she wanted done for you, TAYLOR,
--not for her she was only a secretary --but for YOU ….…all the birth
data, hours, cities….charts to be read at the party, or before hand if
I wanted to come a little early. THAT IS HOW I CAME BY THIS
Waterbury Ct. USA 3.) Hostess Taylor Thomson daughter MADELYN, July
12, 1999, 9:20 am. Toronto. 4.) Then I was to do your horoscope
TAYLOR Thomson, 2.2-59 6:45 pm 5.) And last, Stefanie IRWIN Feb 13,
1972, 9:58 a.m.

A lot of work wouldn’t you say? HAVE YOU EVER CAST A
looking forward to meeting me at “Taylor’s party!” ALL RECORDED with
your BEVERLY HILLS PHONE NUMBER left (310) 889-1742, a phone
registered to YOU! And Jennifer indicated I was to call her there if I
had further questions. SO ANY DOUBT is removed whose servant she was!
Working out of your home and using the word SECRETARY. ON YOUR LINE,
paid for by you. YOUR ADDRESS, bought by you. TRUSTING her
‘errand, fiat and word’ all to be true, I DID THE requested HOROSCOPE
work, casting five horoscopes that USUALLY I charge 50$ each for, and
that’s cheap. You don’t find that good star work for under 150 up to
750$ in L.A. but Sikhs are easy. I BROUGHT the horoscopes to
the party and as promised, I brought the other fortuneteller SAT SIRI!
I was told to go to your private bungalow way across the garden, where
you had two make up artists working on your face while you were
drinking alcohol. Cup after cup. In front of all these people, I then
proceeded to read for the five of you! Then, I read for both of your
parents, not horoscopes but palms… making seven READINGS from me
FIVE OF THOSE HOROSCOPES at home. THEN I went back to the living
room and worked for your guests, making a total of two hours work. SAT
SIRI in the living room had done her two hours also. At that
point, Jennifer came over, paid me and tartly asked me to leave. She
took the five horoscopes from me and wrote me a check for TWO HOUR WORK.
I saw that she was THROWING ME OUT. In front of dozens of psychic
friends that I work with year in year out at parties here in town, I
was being thrown out. I gathered my effects and let JENNIFER
LEAD ME TO THE DOOR. Sat Siri was then asked to leave. NOBODY PAID
her, she was simply thrown out onto the street. Again, in front of an
audience of our coworkers and friends, the LA PSYCHIC COMMUNITY.
Sat Siri tried to go back for her pay check and a security guard said
‘they told me not to let you back in.” WHO told you THAT?” I asked.
“Taylor’s SECRETARY,” he said. Sat Siri started crying. She went into
a funk and hasn’t emerged from it, feeling discriminated against on
account of her being a black woman something that doesn’t happen in
our STATE! Today, I called you and told you about her going
unpaid. You said that JENNIFER owed it, not you, and that she might
take care of the amount owed and you gave me a TORONTO CANADA PHONE
NUMBER 416-364-8701 and you threw down the phone. Madame, may I

JENNIFER MC GARY was clearly an AGENT for you and a servant. THE TEN
MILLION DOLLAR HOME is yours. It is listed on BEV HILLS real estate
records as being yours and as a recorded asset can sustain a legal
judgment! YOU not only LEFT SAT SIRI unpaid, she was THROWN out
of your house, she was BARRED FROM ENTERING to talk to you about it.
WHAT can be deduced as you paid the white woman but not the black
one…is that Obviously she was guilty of working while BLACK. That you
should discriminate is a highly persecuteable INFRACTION in CALIFORNIA
lately. It is a triple indemnity with FEDERAL overtones. FEDERAL law
is broken. I believe that these phone machine tapes, the birth
dates, the giving of SIENA WAY address on a phone tape and your name
as hostess, all this will stand up in court and prove that I was hired
to do HOROSCOPES as well as entertain at your party. I believe that I
can SERVE YOU WITH PAPERS directly either at AFI where your classes
and schedules are known to all or at your home, as California law
merely requires that any member of your household open a door. I
believe that you are guilty of NOT PAYING because an employee turned up
to be BLACK in COLOR….. The head lawyer for YOGI BHAJAN is a black
man. GURU JODHA SINGH of WLA. I suggest that you ask the Kirpals about
him. Because I am going to bill you very nicely and politely, here
today with this letter. I wll bill you with interest of 1 ½% added on
in thirty days. At that point, you will be seeing my server at AFI or
at your home, And you will be seeing GURU JODHA SINGH in court with
Sat Siri as CO-LITIGANT, asking remuneration for extensive medical
bills for her depression and shock. CALIFORNIANS do not take to being
DISCRIMINATED against by CANADIANS, and the FILM COMMUNITY is especially
sensitive to this kind of BEHAVIOR. This will be a permanent blotch on
your record, I hope. Forgive me for any sound of rudeness but be
reminded -- I ONLY am MENTIONING what you did and it’s ugly. YOU
actually DID IT. I suggest that drinking alcohol makes you quick on
the trigger and may not be right for your delicate constitution.
By the way, This is a bill. You owe a check to ANITA SANDS for two
hours of work $200 total. I was engaged for an extra two hours. I only
do parties on Halloween that GO FULL TIME. I don’t accept part time.
NONE of us do. HALLOWEEN is our big day which I will prove in COURT.
You can’t stiff us on HALLOWEEN. NEXT, you must mail a check to
me made out to SAT SIRI KAUR KHALSA 400$ for the ENTIRE night. $400.
You spiritually and legally owe this money to your two employees. What
we went through emotionally, you wouldn’t wish on a dog. It is a
litigate-able infraction in CALIFORNIA. BIGTIME! Hopeful we can
be friends again and it was just the WINE talking, hey I’ve been
there, many times. I AM NOT GOING AWAY and if you were me, or if you
were SAT SIRI, you wouldn’t go away either. We were shamed in front of
our confreres for no reason. We were thrown out, barred from entering
again for our legitimate salary. We were lied to, exploited, taken for
HUGE amts of work and in a way BOTH OF US WERE discriminated against
for racial reasons. Me because I KNEW a black girl, she because she
was one. IF YOU WERE EITHER of us, you’d go to the wall too.

PS, Must say I'm considering a fun alternative, another spot on
Judge Judy! She PAYS SUPER WELL & Great publicity!

SINGH ESQ. CC SAT SIRI KAUR KHALSA (the other fortuneteller,)
CC Mr. & Mrs. Thomson c/o Thomson Publishing of TORONTO and NEW JERSEY.
And emails went to all these people with the entire text.

They phoned and said come into Kirpal's store and we'll pay you cash. I sent the
other fortuneteller.