ALL insurance is a scam. That is not the point. Government is not to be
trusted. Period. Look where we are...look where California is with all
its' socialistic ideas. It's altruistic and should be fab but it doesn't
work. Now we should do that to the rest of the country? Illegals here,
in NM, have drivers licenses. All it takes is a drivers license to vote.
Citizenship means nothing anymore. THAT'S the point. The government
cannot bail us out. There is no more money. The people have to do this.
We can cut costs without killing healthcare for the 80% that do have it.
I am an Independent so please dont think I am defending the Republicans
because I am not. I believe we need to help each other but NOT by
government involvement.. We got into this mess by socialistic ideas.
Jimmy Carter pushed for and signed into law the Community Reinvestment
Act which forced banks to lower their standards so that previously
unqualified people could get a mortgage. He thought we needed to help
poor ppl with a government program and look what happened! Clinton
doubled down on the same Act lowering standards even more so even worse
unqualified borrowers would get loans. Now they have defaulted and into
foreclosures! Frank Raines was put in charge of Fannie Mae (via Clinton)
and bought up the bad loans. Raines then falsified Fannie's financial
reports, collecting bonuses of 90 million dollars over 5 years! Chris
Dodd, head of the Senatorial Fanancial Committee, suppressed efforts by
G.W. (can't stand him either) and congressionals to rein in the
corruption at Fannie and Freddie Mac. And he took large campaign
contributions from F&F Mac. Barney Frank, head of the House Banking
Committee, also suppressed the same efforts to investigate
corruption.....because he is part of it and should by lynched!!! Obama
(who was my Senator when I lived in IL...oo...the things i could tell
you about him and his trash wife) while he was an attourney representing
ACORN filed lawsuits against banks in order to force banks to give loans
to ppl who could not afford to pay the loans back. THIS IS NOT THE WAY
TO HELP POOR PEOPLE...now in foreclosures, they are headed for tent
cities. He also helped to suppress the investigation of F&F Mac. THEY
CAUSED THIS CHAOS!!! Remember, the Dems had control of the House and
Senate for 2 years prior to Obama taking the White House. Blame
insurance companies if you must but they aren't even half the problem
that is eating this country. The Dems are selling a bill of goods not
worthy to wipe my shoes on. People need to come together to get states
to do this...get co-ops going....but NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
Medicare and Medicaid are broke. There is no money. How much do you
value your freedom?

Get off the war. There is so much going on behind the lines, we don't
know half the story. We are leaving Iraq (never should have gone in the
first place) but, anymore, it's irrelevant. We can fight terrorism there
or we can fight it here. They are not stopping. Which would you prefer?
Sweden has fabulous medical coverage. All paid for by the government.
Their taxes? 50% of their gross income. Is that what you want? If you
think 27% plus the deductible is bad (i agree, it isn't good and
insurance companies can do better if pushed by opening state lines to
more competition) then try giving 50% of your gross to the government to
do as they please (since you trust them to do the right thing) and enjoy
your lost freedoms and terrific healthcare.....really think it will turn
out as good as Sweden? I truly doubt it.

signed, Dr. Holman Farrow, MD, Boston, Massachusetts.

I DO NOT. FREE HEALTH CARE IN SWEDEN???  I'll take it! Don't care if they talk Swedish to me, either! Freebie ALL in England? GIMME HERE. CANADA GIVES IT AWAY ! . WOW!
See, how things stand now,  if I FAINT AT THE MALL, THE SYSTEM IS CHARGED l0k!