by Anita Sands Hernandez,

THE BEST BROWSER online is the new MOZILLA FIREFOX. (Vers 2.) When you use multiple email clients it remembers passwords, what you put into FORMS, too, so there's no re-typing. LOVE IT! GMAIL is the mail client I use most of the time when I'm in my Mozilla. It's the fastest E-Mail addie out there. I taught MOZILLA to default to google but I could as easily have asked it to make its home page GMAIL.COM

GO DOWNLOAD MOZILLA right now, install its ICON on your DESKTOP! Punch it and in you go! Get any pal with GMAIL (me?) to invite you, and you get it. I don't think GOOGLE is giving it away yet, but they may be.

Before I got DSL, I wrote a tekkie pal to complain that it took too much time to download NETSCAPE BROWSER, which was offered FREE ONLINE. I was after a VERSION 4.7, an oldie but a goodie and my fave for its own, internal EMAIL CLIENT which is great at ADDRESS list making, easy to manage easy to see... My tekkie pal answered "Sounds like you downloaded the base installer rather than the full program and it's trying to download more bits to set itself up. Also sounds like you have a slow connection and maybe interference from your firewall if you have one, also maybe a slow computer (not much ram). Have you looked here?

This is netscape's own site with all their versions. However it's a bit slow with all the technologically challenged trying to download the same browser. You could try Mozilla, it's what Netscape is based on (I THINK IT IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND, SIR) and it sees sites much better. Well, HE WAS RIGHT. My machine was slow. I signed up for DSL and then never had problems downloading freebie shareware until one day I tried to get MOZILLA FIREFOX VERSION 3. Killed the machine.

ONCE I had mastered the art of doing a download and install, I went and got a lot of different browsers being offered online. I use the free FLASHPEAK.COM "SLIM BROWSER"  to default to my WALLA.COM freebie email. I use INTERNET EXPLORER browser which BILL GATES gave us with the machine, for freebie e-mail. I set defaults so it goes straight to my mail box!  I USE MOZILLA FIREFOX browers to visit GMAIL and and and and opera  and Lycos three free email services where I have a dozen addies each! (As I use CRAIGS LIST for forty ads a day, I needed many addies. My old outdated MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD browser defaults to the MAILSHACK and NERDSHACK.COM email clients.

SEE, every browser needs an email client inside it. Some come with one, some do not. However, you can set your browser to open or default to some FREEBIE mail SERVICE like GMAIL, YAHOO, MAILSHACK, HOTMAIL, MAIL.COM, LYCOS, NETSCAPE...well, NETSCAPE is gone. It's become AIM AND AOL.

NETSCAPE 4.7 has free email in it, you don't have to install one. It also is a free browser. It crashes if it gets to a JAVA site and you have to reboot, but hey, for me it's auld lang sygne, as it was around when I started internetting in l995. VERSION 8 is what they tout now, and it may have an internal mail client, but frankly I didn't see one when I got it for a while and it erased my old one, so I lost it real fast. ANd it's rumored that for NSA security reasons, nothing like VERSION 4.7 which to my way of seeing things and many other is a great free browser, it has a great email client inside it, similar to the HUNDRED DOLLAR EUDORA they wanna sell you! EUDORA EMAIL CLIENT used to be free, maybe some old version is, go look and tell me.

If you find one, write me where, astrology the addie in my Netscape 4.7 browser. 2015 UPDATE. Can't use NETSCAPE browser on an ASUS with WIN8. MISS IT TERRIBLY!