Listen my Children and I will tell you the sagas of a Future Hell. An evil tyrant in Castle lives...

THE world is on the brink of a new era that may resemble the script of a James Bond film. Trends are toward large and powerful secret organizations or 'cabals' rather than governments, according to a study just published by the CIA in Washington. Hey, is the evil stepmother looking at herself in the mirror, maybe? How'd they come up with that?

The 70-page report is called "Global Trends 2015" and it's a pip as it's a total mirror language fairy tale. You gotta take the CIA's vision of the future with a serious grain of salt as the VIEWPOINT in it a.) seems to be reverse memory of a neurotic, very guilty camper, and b.) suits the self-promoting, paranoia generating Agency's agenda. They have a long history of serving trasnationals & OLIGARCHS!! NOT the American people.

You gotta understand for whom they work. There's a SECRET marriage between the CIA's so-called FUTURISTS (who are smoking rolled up Ed Bernays' books on the Art of Agit Prop ) and how handy it is for TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS to have THINK TANKS!

The birth of this union unfurled like a kind of Historical Romance. Once upon a time, as Karl Marx predicted, a very rich oligarch would have to TRAVEL TO EXOTIC CLIMES to make any money. Climes where serfs, peons and workers are paid bottom dollar and the resulting shiny, chrome merchandise could be sold at top dollar to First World Nobility To do that he had to staff his power hierarchy, his organization with the "best men that money could buy". The hero of our Romance (poor dear,) was always tempted to use his incredible coffers of gold to buy BRAVE SOLDIERS, i.e. a lot of ex military guys, trainers, mercenaries. And Machiavellian Trained SPIES.... Is this story thrillling enough? Well it gets boring here as he had to buy a lot of (yawn,)  politicians, too. You know what Mark Twain called Congress, "THE BEST legislators that MONEY COULD BUY!?"  Because laws had to be implemented, not only at this end, but abroad.

THE oligarch wed himself to a dozen mistresses,  legislators, politicians, congressmen, senators, never letting one  know about the other. Then these bureaucrats would seek to serve the OLIGARCH and the bigger they were, the more they could lend him Real-Deal Government Operatives from the Military and CIA. These spooks paved the way abroad for whatever the BOSS GUY WANTS. Stomp out a union? Bury its leaders? Get all the university teachers with liberal curriculums. Penetrate an activist group or labor union  with secret agents, spies, agent provocateurs whose ideas were so nutso they'd give activists or the union a bad name? Why not? Now the oligarch can order them online!

How about rigging elections in foreign countries so that you get a PATSY of a tyrant DESPOT, a Marcos, An IDI AMIN, a NORIEGA. Ho Chi MInh was our worker during WWII, we gave him every gun he ever owned. We create and train these guys, later we fight wars against them. We armed Pakistan, for ten years they trained and armed Muhaddin with our aid, today they're trouble. We armed the AFGHANIS against Ruski. What'd we end up with? OSAMA &  the TALIBAN! Nobody seems to see how A becomes B and then C....even in hindsight. So now the fairy tale starts to look like ALI BABA and the FORTY THIEVES, and who created all this drama? THE CIA!

And it gets worse as now those profit-seeking oligarchs buy a lot of short stroke politicos, military skirmishes, assasinations, coups all to get rulers in back pockets,  LEGISLATION that favors the oligarch. Unions busted. The oligarchs is lazy! He wants the beauteous virgin tied up in bed, knees to the sky, meaning all TARIFFS and labor unions removed, all liberal activist groups taken down. The Oligarch wants all trade laws rearranged to facilitate his REMOVING those 3rd world goodies, stripping the region of wealth, throwing millions into penury and famine, virtually allowing some NYC oligarch to OWN a foreign land's mineral resources, its workers, its water or fertile land and HEY, MONEY TALKS! Third world walks. Or did Ted Turner not just buy half of PATAGONIA for another cattle ranch when he has 2 1/2 million acres in USA in ten states. He knows that the dollar is soon to be worth nuttin'! That only land will increase in value!

One can always see the neuroses of the writer in the novel. The CIA report must have been written by a few very paranoid liars as THE GLOBAL REPORT says that we should expect alliances between some of the most powerful criminal and terrorist groups out there. Stephen King must be working there ....Oh yeah? You mean like the historical, ancient Mafia ties with the CIA (OSS hired LUCKY LUCIANO, broke him out of Sing Sing for his help in WWII.). LUCKY ended up facilitating the MEYER LANSKY group including JACK RUBY for a COUP D' ETAT, (the JFK HIT) Or do they just refer to the Chinese Triads?  Such groups, according to the CIA, "will corrupt leaders of unstable, economically fragile or failing states, insinuate themselves into troubled banks and businesses, and co-operate with insurgent political movements to control substantial geographic areas." Much as the CIA did with every drug producing region on the planet, Laos, Burma, COLOMBIA, Mexico. So I guess they should know, huh? This whole report is looking more and more like Daddy accusing kids of what he used to do in his youth!

The reason the CIA studies all this and issues REPORTS is cuz these foreign drug dealers are the competition. Since World War II, the drug trade has belonged entirely to the CIA. Spooks started dealing China White during The Flying Tigers era, (an early AIR AMERICA type business, although the Tigers Mercenaries were quasi-legit Ethos soldiers, fighting MAO's rise in CHINA which was considered God's work in the era of the specter of MARXISM. Tigers saw their war allies Chaing Kai Shek & the NATIONALIST CHINESE using HEROIN to fund arms buys, dirty tricks. Chaing's nick name with OSS was "Cash My Check." (Mao later won anyway, and would put death sentences on anyone dealing opium to junkie Mandarins.) No problem, more HEROIN BIZ for the CIA who from then on would 'bust' the opposition, like the MARSEILLES bunch of Corsican criminals, whom you saw in Hackman's "THE FRENCH CONNECTION" film.

The CIA's fascination with moving white powders around (and earning gorgeous fat sums of secret revenue streams, i.e. money,) continued in VietNam with Laotian HMONG-grown heroin with AIR AMERICA (buy or rent this absolutely true film with Mel Gibson, Bob Downey, a real hoot!) doing the pick up, transporting and Richard Secord the bagman to put the money in the CIA's own bank, NUGAN HAND. Read POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTH EAST ASIA. Rent AIR AMERICA. Read "50 yr anniversary of CIA DEALING DRUGS." Though it's now 60 years anniversary. Make that change yourself, mentally.

But HEROIN was not a best seller any more. Not when you compared it to what Americans really wanted, an UPPER! A renaissance ocurred as Spook handiwork bloomed again in The IranContra Funding gambit, (when CIA switched to Cocaine). Coke is a PERUVIAN or COLOMBIAN crop. You'd have to really research to see where CIA guys showed up in those two countries. Do you know how/where or if they did? Or if all COKE was just enriching the local COKE CZARs.

So hell, they didn't need all the money in the world. They moved on to AFGHANI heroin and hashish. But the CIA drug biz was always in competition with POOR DEALERS, i.e. non governmental criminals. Again, that's what the flick "THE FRENCH CONNECTION" was about. Independents based in MARSEILLES, THE CORSICAN MOB who the cops had to bust out of biz to clear the way for CIA and their famous DRUG BANK, NUGAN HAND.

The agency sanctimoniously tells us: "These (criminals') income is trillions annually and it will come from narcotics trafficking; aliens smuggling; trafficking in women and children; smuggling toxic materials, hazardous wastes, illicit arms, military technologies, and other contraband; financial fraud; and racketeering." Well, who better to know than the CIA ? HALF THEIR ANNUAL BUDGET is money under the table from DRUGS!

 The 70-page report, Global Trends 2015, will be required reading for George W Bush, and his senior policy advisers. It suggests that the early years of the coming century are likely to be filled with both potential and peril. But what it suggests is a limited hang-out. A fox describing the lynx that comes to eat at the chicken ranch. With him. But competing for the same chicken!

 Compiled with help from think tanks in America and the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, all of whom may now be assumed to be part of the problem, rather than the solution, the report projects a future in which globalisation, whether in the shape of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, giant corporations or terrorist gangs, plays an increasing part in the lives of ordinary people.

 "Governments will have less and less control over flows of information, technology, diseases, migrants, arms, and financial transactions, whether licit or illicit," it concludes. Waitaminnite here. Who has the anthrax? Our gov! The coke? Our gov! The heroin, Our gov! Who is the single biggest arms vendor on the planet? Our gov and the transnational/military spook establishment it rode in on.

 In addition to confronting the growing economic and military power of China and India and the continuing decline of Russia, the CIA says: "Between now and 2015 terrorist tactics will become increasingly sophisticated and designed to achieve mass casualties." Hey coming from them, that's not impressive. WHO KILLED more people than JOE STALIN? The American government! From the Pawnee, Mandan, Cherokee, Seminoles, Pontiac's tribes, killed with small pox blankets given as biowar weapons, to VietNam, to the CIA instructed liberation theology wipe out in Latin America, down thru the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan. THE USA!

 In particular THE CIA  notes the growing threat of biological and chemical weapons and "suitcase" nuclear devices against the United States. In addition, it expects rogue states such as Iraq and Iran to develop long range missiles in the near future. Yeah, well their consciences must be stressing them. We've done more bio war than anybody.

 Iran, they warn us, in a paranoid burst of futurism, could be testing such weapons by as early as the coming year, and cruise missiles by 2004. Iraq could have missiles capable of hitting America by 2015, with both nations developing nuclear, chemical and biological warheads.

 Potential flashpoints have a familiar ring and include India and Pakistan, China's relations with Taiwan, and the Middle East, where the best that can be hoped for is a "cold peace".

 Elsewhere, the world population will grow by more than one billion, to 7.2 billion, most of the increase coming in the mega-cities of the developing world. In Europe and Japan, an ageing population and static birthrate means that allowing more immigration may be the only way of meeting a chronic shortage of workers.

 The gloomiest predictions are reserved for Africa, where Aids, famine, and continuing economic and political turmoil means that populations in many countries will actually fall. At least three billion people will live in regions where water is in increasingly short supply.

 On the other hand, there is good news on energy supplies. "Energy resources will be sufficient to meet demand," the study says. The CIA report is most optimistic on the world economy, which it says has a potential for growth not seen since the 1960s. Computer technology represents "the most significant global transformation since the Industrial Revolution".

 "At the same time, genetically modified crops will offer the potential to improve nutrition among the world's one billion malnourished people. China's economy will grow to overtake Europe as the world's second largest but still behind the United States. Russia's economy will contract to barely a fifth of America's.

 The study expects the European Union to narrow the economic gap with America. It points out, however, that "lingering labour market rigidity and state regulation" mean that "Europe will not achieve fully the dreams of parity with the US as a shaper of the global economic system".

 The 2015 report is an update of a 1997 CIA study into the world in 2010, which it admits failed to anticipate the global economic crisis that occurred between 1997 and 1998 which had the hardest impact in the Far East and Russia.

 The new survey suggests a number of alternative scenarios, none of which makes happy reading. These include a trade war between Europe and America, and an alliance between terrorist organisations to attack the West. Most alarming of all, it raises the possibility of economic stagnation, followed by America abdicating its role as the world's policeman. What they leave out? That oligarchs want a NORTH AMERICAN UNION and are going to sink the dollar with rampant inflation to the point that you cry out for the NEW NORTHAMERICAN EURO. That "evens out" their future bookkeeping when they chew their way up thru Canada and down towards Patagonia.

They throw this last Red Herring bogus info at us: Tensions will grow in the Far East, where China orders Japan to dismantle its nuclear programme, leaving, the report says, no alternative but for "US re-engagement in Asia under adverse circumstances at the brink of a major war". OH BOY, these oligarchs. Always wanting a reason to get back into ASIA. Any port in a storm. WMD in TOKYO, eh?

I found this basic report (above,) on the internet but I doctored the hell out of it. Gave it all that eye rolling. Any other thoughts, write me, Anita Sands Hernandez, astrology at earthlink dot net. 

* TO GET through the RECESSION we will need community organizations. Imagine a band of hungry boys breaking in your back door at 2 am. You dial the org, an alarm goes out and ten MEN WITH RIFLES show up, manacles, rope, and CATCH THE KIDS who maybe do not have guns, before they unload freezer into their truck. Your daughter into their trunk.

     A COMMUNITY helping each other. VIGILANTE, no. More like STRONG, LOYAL MALE  FRIENDS. You can't get that without a meeting and some bonding. So this community is hopefully ON YOUR BLOCK COMPOSED of FRIENDS, or NEW FRIENDS.

     ALSO in THIS BRAVE NEW WORLD, there will have to be less dependence on mall shopping.  But, IF a MAN MAKES SANDALS and a WOMAN MAKES DRESSES, or knits sweaters, or makes replicas of Canadian Goose parkas, well,  there's LOW COST GARB available for reasonable fees. Say a dozen eggs. A basket of oranges a week for a year? Chickens, fish? Could any of us sew a decent parka?

     SOME STATES WILL try to become free states to knock free of huge taxation.
NEW HAMPSHIRE is attempting that already. If they WIN THEIR FREEDOM, it
would serve as an example as what is possible for other states. Reduction
of government income/ property taxes, state gasoline  taxes and point of
purchase taxes would be a good start to leaving people with the cash for
food, rent, tuition.