DRINK WATER First Thing In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

Seniors who've had a few decades of having to urinate often may suddenly note (to their misery) that they suddenly urinate a great deal less. This isn't good. I'd rather have the former syndrome than the latter. When that happens, their limbs feel heavy, numb hands, numb feet. There's new, arthritic pain in odd places, heaviness of hands. The calves feel achey as if toxins were sinking with gravity. All this occurs as kidneys are not working well. (You can suspect diabetes but there are other reasons kidneys slow down in efficiency.) Kidneys are like the body's laundry. They are supposed to wash, clean, iron and cleanse the blood. When the blood is dirty, toxins must be stored somewhere so they're loaded into joints and limbs, and even into muscles.

First, heal the stressors, the diabetes, the sugar overloading. Then help the body clean itself. No more washing machine set on gentle. Let's do INDUSTRIAL LAVAGE!

Dr. Hulda Clark has a great recipe for a kidney cleanser in her book, "The Cure for All Diseases" (Check page 549 of her book) involving simmering four bunches of parsley and some exotic herbs like hydranga root and gravel root chugging it down 4 times a day. You couldn't get me to take 4 doses of that tea as I don't chug down nasty tasting stuff but some of the ingredients that clean kidneys are nice n' tasty. So, SOUP was my idea, not hers. Just let me put some fish or chicken in my boil and call it soup instead of tea, then I'll drink it between meals and do my kidney cleaning and have some light protein meals to boot.

HULDA'S SOUP - Gently Simmer whatever fresh cheap fish you can find at chinese market where fish is bon marche, very fresh too, some onions, four bunches of washed parsley (the medical kidney cleaning item,) simmering for 20 minutes. Add cut up corn on the cob, a big joint of sliced ginger root, as much corn silk as you can find, even if you lift it out of tomorrow's corn on the cob, leaving them bare for the day. Simmer these last two ingred in soup for another 5  minutes. Remove parsley, cornsilk, which you cannot eat. (Clip a tad of the parsley into soup though.) Enjoy the soup with a magnesium oxide tablet on the side. You can get Hulda Clark's book used at ABEBOOKS.COM for a few dollars only & it's well worth the investment as Dr. HC will apprise you of every toxin & source of disease out there. Environmental ones are staggering. And a lot of cures, like that one.

For another Kidney toner, I found this online: "It is popular in Japan and India today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Water Therapy requires drinking 1.25 to 1.5 litres of water early in the morning on an empty stomach before brushing your teeth. Some say that “early morning” means 4:30 am and for me that is the perfect time because that’s when I get up to be at the gym by 5 but for everyone else I’ve ever met 4:30 is the hour for the insane. Personally I cherish these little experiments and find it fascinating that something as simple as what time you wake up and what you do first thing in the morning can have such a profound affect on your life. Why this isn’t taught in American schools I have not idea.

In olden days, tradition urged people to consume about 1 litre of water which was kept in a copper vessel overnight. They would drink the water when they woke up in the morning and brushed their teeth. Copper is a natural element that is an essential micro nutrient to ensure the well being of all aerobic life forms. It plays a vital part in the development and performance of the human nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the skin, bone, immune and reproductive systems, including gene transcription. Copper can also inhibit the growth of microbes, thus providing a measure of protection against harmful germs and bacteria in many environments.

In a perfect world you would wake up at 4:30 and drink 1.25 to 1.5 litres of water and then brush your teeth. For the next hour you wont drink or eat anything. Your body is busy working and you don’t want to ask it to multitask while it’s cleaning out your system. I did not see anything about exercising during this hour. I for one will be at the gym from 5 am to 6 and then back home for a shower and having breakfast around 7 am. This should give my body plenty of time to cleans it self of all of the nasty toxins that I put in it through out the day (unknowingly of course).

For those who can not drink 1.25 to 1.5 litres of water right away and need to work up to it, start out with one glass and try and add a glass every day until you reach the 1.25 to 1.5 litres required for effective Water Therapy treatment. For those of you who want to add weight loss to your list of things you would like Water Therapy to take care of, try chilling your water in the refrigerator over night. This does make drinking it fast a problem because you could get brain freeze. If you do, try slowing your intake down a little. You should see a noticeable change in the extra poundage around your middle within a week but this also depends on your activity level and your daily calorie intake. Think of the cold water as a booster for what ever else you are doing. If you are sitting all day and eating a high calorie diet then you might not see the effect as much as someone who does moderate exercise and has a healthy diet. Do not go running or do any prolonged exercises immediately after drinking cold water, this is also true for immediately after doing exercise. Cold water forces your body to work very hard to warm it up and if it is already trying hard to cool your body down during or after a run or some other kind of cardiovascular exercise it can become overwhelmed and you might pass out. When I go to the gym I only do 20 minutes of cardo two days per week, the rest of the time I’m lifting weights or stretching out. I have also been lifting weights for over 20 years and I know if I’m pushing myself too hard, if you are new to working out, please talk to a trainer before you get too gung-ho.

For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses, the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a hundred percent cure for the following diseases

* All Eye Diseases
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Body Ache
* Bronchitis
* Constipation
* Diabetes
* Diarrhea
* Ear Nose
* Epilepsy
* Excess
* Fast Heart Beat
* Fatness
* Headache
* Heart System
* Kidney and Urine diseases
* Meningitis
* Menstrual Disorders
* Piles
* TB
* Throat Diseases
* Vomiting gastritis

The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure main diseases:

1. High Blood Pressure - 30 days
2. Gastric - 10 days
3. Diabetes - 30 days
4. Constipation - 10 days
5. TB - 90 days

Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment for only 3 days in the first week to be followed by daily treatment. This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

In case of Acidity[link]-related diseases, mix 1½ tablespoons ‘Trikatu’ (dry ginger, black pepper and piper longum) in 1.25 litres of plain pure water and add ½ tablespoons of ‘Trifla’ (Almond, Beleric myrobalans and Myrobalans) powder to that, and use this mixture for water therapy.

Cough relief from (mucus) related diseases - 1.25 litres of lukewarm water, add : 1½ tablespoons of ghee made from cows milk, 1 or 1½ tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Coconut-water - 100 ml. of coconut water every morning, and subtract 100 ml from the stipulated 1.25 litres of water (for Water Therapy) and balance the remaining quantity with pure water.

Wheat leaf and lemon-water juice - Subtract the quantity of wheat leaves’ juice that you drink every morning, from the stipulated quantity of 1.25 litre water for Therapy. Likewise, subtract the quantity of lemon-juice that you consume, from the mandatory 1.25 litres of water you are to drink, and drink pure water accordingly, to make your daily, morning fluid-intake add to 1.25 litres

What is Water Therapy doing within the body?
(1) When 1.25 litres of water is drunk in a span of 5-10 minutes, after a night of fasting that lasts for no less than 8-10 hours, the pressure of water grips the intestines and activates them a lot more than usual.
(2) Due to the sudden water-pressure, the bits and particles of food that adhere to the walls of the intestines, along with gases and other undigested materials, disengage themselves from the intestinal walls, dissolve into the inflowing water and leave the body. In turn, this gives the intestinal cells a new lease of life.
(3) The intestines are not the only parts of the body to benefit from this Water Therapy. The cells of the entire being get revitalized. After 8-10 hours of fasting the body is ready to soak it up quickly and as a result, every single cell of the body gets affected by the water-intake. The free radicals and toxic elements adhering to the cells, are literally pressurised into removing themselves from the cells. The body’s built-in cleansing system gets rid of these unwanted elements very easily. This sort of cleansing is good, in cases of cancer and ‘metabolic’ diseases. Water is directly related to the kidneys and that is why Water Therapy does away with impediments within and ailments of the urinary track very fast. Water Therapy not only destroys the bacteria of the urinary track but there is also a chance of ridding the body of ‘Pathri’ (Stone) with the same therapy.

(1) The first 3-7 days of Water Therapy could cause some trouble. You might suffer headaches and body-aches, as well as feel your head swimming. Sweating, nausea and loose-motions could also form parts of the ’symptoms’. If not all these, you might definitely experience a certain sort of uneasiness. The thing to keep in mind is that these are not harmful ‘after-effects’ of Water Therapy. These symptoms merely serve to testify that the body is getting rid of all the toxic elements trapped within its cells. Since these are not signs of harmful after-effects of Water Therapy, the therapy ought to be continued despite them. If necessary, the quantity of water drunk every morning could be decreased to a bearable extent. After a couple of weeks, when these disturbing ’symptoms’ subside, the water intake can be increased to its stipulated level.
(2) Though this sort of Water Therapy is good for kidney and heart-patients, you are however advised to try it out only after getting your physicians’ permission and relevant guidance.  Whole article found online at http://www.healthandfitnessreview.com/water-therapy-drink-water-first-thing-in-the-morning-on-an-empty-stomach/