My pal the lumberjack emailed me a virulent anti-liberal article entitled "Comrade Hillary" (included below) reporting how Hill worships at the altar of commie devil SAUL ALINSKY (author of RULES FOR REVOLUTION.) Usually my lumberjack is a fine conspiracy theory poster, sends a dozen articles a day about salient events, but under the denim he's a commie hating LIBERTRIAN straight out of the McCarthy 50's. The proof he cites is quasi FUNDAMENTALIST DONKEY POOP, not evidence.......the fact that Alinsky twisted a whisker & with a wink, dedicated his book to LUCIFER

I wrote my forest dwelling chum:You got this one wrong, big fellah. Saul Alinsky is NO DEVIL WORSHIPPER and NOT A COMMIE -- He is a big hearted liberal working for the poor, jobless, uneducated, helping workers form UNIONS, helping them bargain lawfully with oligarchs, and demonstrate lawfully and thusly secure benefits. Something the rich consider REVOLUTION.  Activists don't really think of it as a REAL REVOLUTION like FIDEL did to Batista. They think of it as a demanding of FDR solutions for Millenium problems.

All the GREAT SOCIAL PRACTICES we have now were FOUGHT FOR AND WON by this sort of person. SEE:

How can Alinsky be a devil when he's a saint who dedicated his life to helping the poor? Not a social Darwinist fascist with a G.O.P headset and NOT A LUCIFER WORSHIPPER who does blood sacrifices. That's a childish interpretation of Alinsky's literary flourish.-- dedicating a book to Lucifer --who after all, was the first RADICAL in "myth-story"..... going up against God, thumbing a NOSE at God's prissiness and saying 'let's hear it for fun. Let's revolt against the system.'


It's obvious there's more to Hillary than we thought. In college she learned from the best. She picked well if this was her guru choice. Those who snarl and call liberals 'pinko devil worshipping ninny pansies' who will lead us to subsidized Welfare Barbara ethnics breeding like roaches --are officious, racist, male hierarchy-worshipping, conditional love-givers, punitive (as conditional love is reflexively ANGRY, resulting in BAAAD parents like the ones YOU HAD who grow up as sneering hateful citizens who think everyone should just get educated and get a job as easily as they breathe and not need a school counselor / welfare/ Pell Grant to help them achieve it like their Daddy the Marine Machine Gunner did.

A liberterian is someone who hates people, walked away from cities and good fellowship with strangers (whom they fear) to join a bunch of
similar haters, so they all could sit around the campfire and snarl, pout and BITCH in some liberterian enclave near a national forest where they worship guns, hate game wardens, shoot deer and squirrels to eat bad, tough, weird tasting meat and laugh at us who buy chicken on sale and send our babies to public school instead of HOME TOOLING them to be snarling rednecks like THEY are.

A lot of what you post is good, but this typical reactive knee jerk hatred of the UNITED NATIONS, for instance, which you persist in......or Welfare or Food stamps or Medicare.....and SAUL ALINSKY AND HILLARY CLINTON ---all these are just macho burps showing that YOU have some serious indigestion and wrathful hot air is rising in you when you spot charismatic, well intentioned activist attempts to make a lumpy road smoother for us all. Wottsa matter YOU?

I see that in myself sometimes. I jeer at that Republic of Santa Monica Bubblegum Metaphysics crowd,  the people who wake at 4 am for yoga and eat raw foods but truth be known, they are REALLY aware, energetic, PSYCHIC, loving and dear. They don't age. Their skin is like gardenia petals. They have some serious mojo with those big, costly crystals. They obtained their SIDDHIS in that stupid YOGA school by the beach with some Ex Brooklynite guru who has a six pack on a vegan snake like body who drives a Beamer as he gives 3 classes a day. Women fall all over him and he ignores them. POWER, BABE.

Just like Hillary who got her powers from Saul Alinsky. There's no fighting the obvious truth. Activists care. It shines out of their faces. Trust the force. And if that's LUCIFER? Hey, I'm joining.

--------- The poop  you sent me ------------
RE: Comrade Hillary
October 04, 2014
Mrs. Clinton has some disturbing Marxist connections.
By Victor Thorn

Americans must ask themselves a question: Do they want another president who is the disciple of a Marxist radical by the name of Saul David Alinsky? Then you might want to rethink things if you are a fan of
Hillary Rodham Clinton.

During the 2008 Democratic primaries, candidates Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton indicated that they were acolytes of the Jewish
socialist extremist Alinsky. The situation is reminiscent of the 2004
presidential election when two members of the secret society Skull and
Bones, George W. Bush and John F. Kerry, vied for the White House.

The Alinsky problem emerged again with the recent disclosure of adoring
letters sent by Mrs. Clinton to Alinsky in 1971. In this correspondence,
Mrs. Clinton told Alinsky that she 'missed their regular conversations'
and thanked him for his advice on campus activism.

Mrs. Clintonís ties to this man extend much deeper than mere
correspondence. Not only did she write her undergraduate thesis on
Alinsky, she also met with him several times, invited him to speak at
Wellesley College and nearly went to work for him.

Who is Alinsky? According to Mark Davis and Emmett Tyrrell, the authors of the book Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House, Alinsky is responsible for writing 'the left-wingerís operating manual for revolution' in his landmark guide Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals.

As an indication of his character, Alinsky dedicated this subversive
how-to book of guerrilla tactics to Lucifer.

In regard to his philosophy, Alinsky advocated a combination of
political relativism and situational ethics. In Rules he pronounced,
'The end justifies almost any means.' Alinsky then boasted, 'ethical
standards must be elastic,' and added, 'all effective actions require
the passport of morality.'

Relying on agitation, conflict and friction, Alinsky realized that 'hope
and change,' a phrase he proudly inspired, wouldnít result from burning
the system down, but by infiltrating it.

Commonly known as the father of community organizing, Alinskyís overt
shakedown (their word) policies of Chicago businessmen were later adopted by race hustler (their term,) Jesse Jackson.

In his 1996 biography entitled The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, David
Brock referred to Chicago native Hillary Clinton as 'Alinskyís

Likewise, Obama also worked for Alinsky organizations in Chicago, taught seminars on Alinskyís methods as a professor and adopted the manís strategies of class warfare. After all, Alinsky urged, 'The organizerís first job is to create issues or problems.'

In a January 13, 2008, article entitled 'Hillary, Obama and the Cult of
Alinsky,' journalist Richard Poe made some startling revelations. In
addition to Alinsky learning many of his gutter intimidation ploys from
Al Caponeís top enforcer, a gangster named Frank Nitti, he was also
promoted by Jewish Wall Street tycoon Eugene Meyer. It should be noted that Meyer served as Federal Reserve chairman during the 1930s and owned  The Washington Post, an unabashed Bilderberg mouthpiece.

To get more insights on this sordid rabble-rouser, this reporter
interviewed on September 23 Peter W. Schramm, a senior fellow at the
Ashbrook Institute, an academic forum established to study and discuss
the principles and practices of American constitutional government.

When asked why Mrs. Clintonís letters to Alinsky are important, Schramm said: 'People need to be reminded of her left-wing past that fell right in line with Alinskyís radicalism of the 1960s. Hillary went along with
all of Alinskyís calls for social revolution, and itís disingenuous of
her to now hide it.'

Schramm provided more historical context.

'Alinsky led a transformation of Ď60s radicals that included Trotskyite
and Leninist cells,' he said. 'Their first targets werenít Republicans,
but ordinary liberals who defended the Constitution. Alinskyís new left
attacked old-fashioned Democrats because they werenít radical enough.
Although it took them awhile, Barack Obama is the first example of an
Alinskyite new-left president.'

Coinciding with Obamaís coronation at the 2008 Democratic National
Convention, L. David Alinsky, Saulís son, told The Boston Globe on
August 31, 2008: 'Iím proud to see that my fatherís model for organizing
is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to
affect the Democratic campaign in 2008.'

Considering Obamaís vow to 'fundamentally transform America,' it doesnít seem particularly odd that when Mrs. Clinton reached out to Alinsky in 1971, she was employed in ultraliberal Berkeley, California at a leftist law firm named Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein. Some of the firmís
clients included Black Panthers and other violent militants.

Mrs. Clintonís Jewish boss, Robert Treuhaft, served for years as the
Communist Party USAís official attorney.

In the book Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton,
author Barbara Olson wrote, '[Treuhaft] dedicated his entire legal
career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and KGB.'

Following this stint, Mrs. Clinton landed a prime spot on the House
Judiciary Committeeís Watergate investigative team in 1974. How did she get this job? Conveniently, another Jewish Alinsky devotee, Marian
Wright Edelman, used her influence to open doors for Mrs. Clinton.

Utilizing a deadly ruthlessness to obtain her political objectives,
Davis and Tyrrell offered these words of wisdom on Mrs. Clintonís first
rule of politics: 'In the struggle for power, tactics take precedence
over principles.' Apples donít fall far from their trees, and not
surprisingly, in Rules, Alinsky wrote: 'The end is what you want, and
the means is how you get it.'

After two terms of Obamaís scandal-ridden train wreck in the White
House, itís clear that America cannot survive four more years with
another one of Alinskyís sycophants occupying that seat.

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting (THEIR TERM)  researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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