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Early in 1997 Skolnick Report began investigating a worldwide enterprise which has had a low profile outside of the banking and brokerage industries: PEREGRINE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LTD. (HEROIN COCAINE transporting and sales, MONEY LAUNDERING funding dirty trics, a REAL DIRTY BUSINESS.) A lot of their business was centered in Chicago, through a commodity brokerage, PEREGRINE FINANCIAL GROUP, INC.
Few at the time had ever heard of Peregrine except those in their field. Knowledgeable sources insisted that Peregrine, in one way or another, was closely linked to the American CIA. As criticsof the spy agency, we naturally were interested.


It should come as no surprise that financial intermediaries ofvarious stripes have been linked to or have fronted for the U.S.spy apparatus, or for foreign versions of the same. In spyjargon, they are called proprietaries. For example, there was the infamous NUGAN HAND BANK, operating from about 1973 to 1980 inAustralia, California, the Philippines, and London. (ALL THE HEROIN MONEY the CIA earned in SOU.EA.ASIA during Nam war went into that bank.) Top formermilitary brass and intelligence officials (of the Vietnam Era,) held key posts in thisso-called bank. The general counsel of the bank was WILLIAMCOLBY, former Director of Central Intelligence. When one of thefounders of the bank was murdered, Colby’s business card was oneof the few pieces of evidence left on the body.

The successor to Nugan Hand Bank reportedly has been HOUSEHOLDINTERNATIONAL and HOUSEHOLD BANK, now headquartered in theChicago suburb of Prospect Heights. Household became part of anespionage-style mystery since about 1984, when $58.4 million offederal funds were parked with them to make good the large claimsof a caulking contractor swindled by various banks and savingsand loans. The claims of JOSEPH ANDREUCCETTI, still pending atthis writing, were involved when Household, with the help of bankregulators, merged with a local savings and loan, AMERICANHERITAGE. Soon after the funds were parked, officials of the S&Lwere prosecuted and sent to prison, for various crimes.

In 1988, $50 million of those escrowed funds disappeared.Thirty-two purported government bookkeepers could not find them.The monies were secretly transferred to LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS tomake good the embezzlement of $47 million from MADISON GUARANTYSAVINGS & LOAN, for which BILL and HILLARY CLINTON are subject tobeing prosecuted for federal crimes and sent to prison. BillClinton, while Arkansas governor, transferred the mysterious $50million to a known dope money laundry center in the Caribbeanwith the help of FUJI BANK and, reportedly, HENRY HYDE. In May1996, CONGRESSMAN DAN BURTON (R., Ind.) gave some details in theCongressional Record. He promised more details shortlythereafter, but never filled in the gaps. Was the Congressmanprevented by reasons of national security?

Said Congressman Dan Burton:ADFA [Arkansas Development Finance Authority] was createdby Governor Clinton in 1985 to provide economic developmentloans in Arkansas. In December of 1988, ADFA deposited $50million in a Japanese bank in the Cayman Islands. I have acopy of the contract that I will enter into the record. Ihave also delivered a copy of this document to theIndependent Counsel’s office. Why should an economicdevelopment agency in Arkansas deposit $50 million in abank in the Cayman Islands? The Cayman Islands are awell-known center of money laundering for drug dealers.The State Department’s international narcotics controlreport described the Caymans as “a haven for moneylaundering.”

Representative Burton went on to say

One of the questions that I think is very, very importantis, Why did the Arkansas Development Finance Authority send$50 million of Arkansas money to deposit in a bank in theCayman Islands, which is a major drug transit pointacknowledged by almost every DEA agent in the world?Congressman Burton further stated:I have the electronic bank transfer statements in myoffice. I am going to put them in the CongressionalRecord. There is no doubt the money was wired to theCayman Islands. The question needs to be asked: Why wasit wired? Why would the governor of Arkansas allow that?

(Congressional Record, 5/29/96, H5627-28)

Because of apparent blackmail, Congressman Dan Burton was stoppedfrom putting the documents into the Congressional Record. Or wasit because of national security tied in some way to BillClinton’s role, from an early age, with the American CIA? [1] [2]

HENRY HYDE has had several hats. For many years, he has been aCongressman from the Chicago area. Hyde for a while he was adirector of Chicago suburban CLYDE SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION, apurported CIA proprietary. When the federal S&L bailout agency,Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), sued Hyde, as an S&L directoraccused of misconduct, a CIA attorney was brought into thefederal district court case, and the case thereafter was nolonger in open court and the records ordered kept secret.

Hyde has also been the head of the CIA’s “black budget,” fundingcovert operations, domestic and foreign, including overthrowinggovernments and political assassinations. In this regard, Hydeviolates the U.S. Constitution’s mandate of Separation of Powers:Hyde is in the forbidden role of sitting in the legislative andexecutive branches of government at the same time. HE IS SO DIRTY!

A comparison of the different versions of CIA money laundries isinstructive. NUGAN HAND BANK transferred, in a clandestinemanner, huge amounts from military and espionage agent gamblingpools. Also laundered were the proceeds from the officialcorruption involved in stealing U.S. military equipment from VietNam during that war, and marketing the stolen items to dictatorsand mercenary armies worldwide. Nugan Hand handled CIA funds forthe National Security Agency’s (NSA) secret missile and satellitetracking stations in Australia, such as at ALICE SPRINGS. NuganHand took sizeable deposits from U.S. engineers and othersworking in the Persian Gulf oil fields; funds handled to escapevarious prying eyes such as tax collectors. Nugan Hand alsolaundered Golden Triangle dope funds. (Some details are in thebook, The Crimes of Patriots, by Jonathan Kwitny.)

HOUSEHOLD reportedly continued as a money laundry in similartransactions. Their facilities in the southern states reportedlylaundered clandestine funds—from CIA covert operations, dopeloot, and such—disguised as mortgage servicing transfers. Aportion of the funds that disappeared under Henry Hyde’s watch asCLYDE SAVINGS S&L director went through Arkansas and through aLittle Rock-based purported commodity broker. What was a Chicagosuburban S&L—Henry Hyde’s place—doing sending a lot oftheir federally-insured depositors’ funds to ARKANSAS??

To be noted is that BILL and HILLARY needed 47 million of the 50million dollar secret transfer to cover up their apparentembezzlement. What happened to the $3 million difference?Around November 1991, CLINTON started his campaign for President.Raising funds by arm-twisting (some say corruption and extortion)was RAHM EMANUEL, an expert at such things. The Chicago Tribune,in their Sunday Magazine cover story about Rahm Emanuel, said:“Between the time he came on board in November 1991 to thefirst of the year, SOMEHOW $3 MILLION WAS RAISED,” saysDavid Wilhelm of Chicago, the campaign director at the timeand former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.”It was enough to catapult him [Clinton] into front-runnerstatus.” (Chicago Tribune Magazine, Sunday, 11/23/97, page34. Emphasis added)

Reportedly part of Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad, RAHM EMANUELbecame senior Clinton White House advisor, but was removed,demoted, just prior to the strange death of Clinton White Housedeputy counsel Vincent Foster, Jr. By apparent blackmail tied tothe Foster demise (some call it murder) Emanuel was restored tothe status of senior Clinton White House advisor by the time ofthe 1996 re-election period.The strange $50 million fund has become a virtual gambling casinochit, showing up in various places, not to be used as money but
as a bargaining vehicle. Is the following a mere coincidence?When PRINCE CHARLES was to divorce PRINCESS DIANA, he did notwant to sell off his royal properties for Diana’s marriagedissolution pay-off. So what did he do? He received an alleged”loan” of $50 MILLION FROM HOUSEHOLD BANK, LONDON.

Some say the age-old fight between the French ROT*SCHILDS, inwith the VATICAN, and the British, including the ROCK*ELLERS, isthe basis in some way for the HONG KONG market smash-up. TheBritish royals are deeply involved in financing and laundering inthe dope traffic, through, reportedly, HONG KONG & SHANGHAI BANK(HONG SHANG BANK), involved itself in the dope financing businessall the way back to the 19th century “Opium Wars” between Englandand mainland China.

The mother ship has been PEREGRINE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LTD. Theytried to get a ROC*FELLER enterprise, FIRST CHICAGO NBDCORPORATION, parent of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO, tobail out Peregrine, mired in a supposed problem. The mainstreampress (we call them the press-fakers) contend Peregrine loaned$275 million to the STEADY-SAFE TAXI COMPANY in Indonesia, whichcannot or will not pay it back. Knowledgeable sources contendthat the amount is actually $300 million, and that embedded inthe strange deal is the selfsame mysterious $50 million—originally intended to make good the claims of JOSEPH ANDREUCCETTI, then apparently used to cover-up the embezzlementof MADISON GUARANTY S&L, then apparently wire-transferred to theCayman Islands, and then apparently “loaned” to PRINCE CHARLES.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, January 10, 1998, about theSTEADY-SAFE TAXI deal, “Peregrine’s shares plunged 20 percentthis week, and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commissionsuspended its stock exchange membership after word spread thatthe firm is owed about $275 million by a taxi company inIndonesia.”

Shortly thereafter, at a U.S. press conference, Peregrineannounced they are petitioning for Bankruptcy Court protectionagainst creditors. Some observers—are they serious? --insist that investigations by myself and the CITIZENS’ COMMITTEETO CLEAN UP THE COURTS of Peregrine over the previous year, andof their reputed links to CIA, caused CIA to abandon Peregrine.Some even insist that =we= instigated the Chicago Tribune story.As we of the CITIZENS’ COMMITTEE TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS have toldyou in exclusive stories: five federal judges in Chicago werebribed some $62 million to cover up federal litigation involvingCLINTON dope loot disguised as soybean deals on the CHICAGO BOARDOF TRADE. Involved were hundreds of millions of dollars ofsupposed soybean deals, actually funds for Clinton’s twopresidential campaigns. The press-fakers are not telling us howChinese and ethnic Chinese have obtained an armlock on themarkets in Chicago—Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago MercantileExchange, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange—for theapparent purpose of laundering huge sums of bribery, extortion,and bloody dirty-tricks funds, used by the circle of high-levelthieves that installed Clinton—their puppet—as President.Involved are much more than relatively small campaign financingsums.

THE PEREGRINE AFFAIR, supposedly revolving around the STEADY-SAFETAXI COMPANY owned in part by the Indonesian dictator’s daughter,actually involves profound corruption. Peregrine’s alleged fightover the $300 million is =actually= a dispute with LIPPO GROUPand LIPPO BANK, already identified as CLINTON funders andbribers.

It is no secret that PEREGRINE, by various devious means,reportedly tried to stop the investigation by the CITIZENS’COMMITTEE TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS into reports that indicated thatPeregrine =was= and =is= a CIA proprietary. (By the way,according to Justice Department records released to us underFreedom of Information, the CIA’s past expert on theirproprietaries and how to fold them up and make them disappear aspurported bankruptcies has been William A. Brandt, Jr., now analleged U.S. Bankruptcy Court Trustee in Chicago. He apparently
still specializes in the same thing! Will Peregrine’s problemsland in the highly corrupt Chicago courts?)


-+- Fall-Out From The Peregrine Collapse -+-

There are reasons to believe PEREGRINE is another successor, likeHOUSEHOLD, to the NUGAN HAND BANK. There has been plenty of
fall-out:1) A Swiss group linked in some way to Peregrine. Was VinceFoster’s death (some say it was murder) linked to that? He often
travelled on clandestine missions for NSA to Switzerland.2) Caught up in the middle of the dope/soybean mess in Chicagowas the VATICAN-owned soybean octopus, FERRUZZI. The Clintons,on one side of the federal court litigation, squeezed Ferruzziinto bankruptcy, to the ultimate benefit of the Clintons,ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND, and CARGILL. The head of Ferruzzi, RAULGARDINI, was murdered about the same time as Vince Foster’smysterious death.

3) Acting more or less as the general counsel of Household wasWILLIAM COLBY, who held that same role with Nugan Hand. His friends say Colby was murdered in 1996, disguised as a boating accident.

4) Several commodity brokers, transacting through the Chicago Board of Trade and other markets, and knowing too much about  Peregrine, are being targeted, in apparent frame-ups, to silencethem.

5) To cover up what the Peregrine Affair is really all about, theClinton Justice Department is planning to prosecute, on federal criminal offenses, various commodity and other brokers.

6) Some of the brokers accused, or facing accusations, wereactuallylured into alleged business dealings with Peregrine.

Those knowing what it is all about insist that the center ofPeregrine’s operations is not Hong Kong, but actually Chicago and the Chicago markets. The commodity brokers, who may well beinnocent, are facing prosecution for purportedly assistingPeregrine at a time Peregrine was planning massive bankruptcyfraud.

7) According to some reporters, President Clinton began actingstrange;u and babbling like he did not know what he was saying.
[3] Was he going to be assassinated? Would he never live tobecome an ex-President? Clinton’s press secretary said it didnot amount to anything, that Clinton was just tired. Thishappened at about the time the Peregrine Affair started quakingworldwide.

8) If the Justice Department were honest, which it is not, theywould soon start the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton fortheir role in massive money laundering and other federal criminaloffenses, involving Peregrine and Lippo and the Clintons.

9) Highly corrupt, top-level U.S. Treasury officials arereportedly implicated in the criminality involving Peregrine --including high-level state and federal revenue officials, some inthe Chicago area.

10) Top officials of the Chicago markets reportedly permitted andcondoned the dirty dealings on the Chicago markets by Peregrine
and various brokers linked one way or another with Peregrine.

11) Some estimate Peregrine as a $70 to $80 BILLION ship. Howdid a $300 million purported loan loss—the alleged STEADY-SAFE
TAXI deal—sink that large of a ship?

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------

[1] “’Bill Clinton’s ties to the intelligence community go back
all the way to Oxford and come forward from there,’ says a former
government official who claims to have seen files long since
destroyed.” (*Partners In Power* by Roger Morris. ISBN:
0-8050-2804-8. Chapter 5)

[2] “One former [CIA] official would claim that the future
president was a full-fledged ‘asset,’ that he was regularly
’debriefed,’ and thus that HE INFORMED ON HIS AMERICAN FRIENDS IN
THE PEACE MOVEMENT IN BRITAIN.” (Ibid. Emphasis added)

[3] Re: Clinton “acting strange and babbling,” etc. This was
covered in a recent Associated Press article. Unfortunately I
don’t have its exact date.

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