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 Q&A How California's aid-in-dying law will work
Starting June 9, 2016 terminally ill Californians can request prescriptions from physicians for medications that would end their lives. Here are questions and answers about the End of Life Option Act.

Who can get these prescriptions? Poster, Anita Sands Hernandez (all comments in blue:) Is it like a driver's license? Test to qualify?

Yes, You must be a California resident, at least 18 years old and terminally ill with no more than six months to live. Gee, that seems EASIER than a Driver's license.

Who can prescribe lethal medications?

All licensed medical doctors in California. A patient must be deemed terminally ill and mentally competent by two physicians to receive a prescription. And do the DOCTORS themselves have to be mentally competent? And what if you see ten doctors and none wants to sign for it. Ten medical bills?

Will California's end-of-life law push lethal drugs just to get rid of seniors? Doing so over costlier care?

WHY NOT? Too many hospitals and doctors charging 10K a day to the STATE, grabbing all its IRS receipts America needs for Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria.. all the oil rich areas. That situation had to change!

When was California’s law passed?

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the End of Life Option Act in October. 2015. Ahhh, death embracing, pagan Halloween . GOT IT!

“In the end, I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death,” wrote Gov. Brown, a former Jesuit seminary student. “I do not know what I would do if I were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain. I am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. And I wouldn’t deny that right to others.”

So Spiritual he dated Linda Rondstat, RIGHT,  So Jerry, how come the VATICAN hasn't come around to sanctioning this. Ask the Pope. Oh, Our current Pope did say, Sorry Folks, il novo leggio non e buno per Dio." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/the-pope/11233347/Pope-Francis-denounces-euthanasia-as-sin-against-God.html

Do other states allow this practice? Why do Californians care? Aren't we the TRY  OUT LABORATORY for everything bizarre? I remember when my Dad couldn't rent at Parklabrea Garden Apartments cuz he was JEWISH. Way around it was to declare himself German Episcopal.

Oregon became the first state to allow doctors to prescribe lethal medications starting in 1998. The practice has since become legal in Washington state, Vermont and Montana.

Is aid-in-dying the same as euthanasia?

No. Euthanasia means that the physician administers the medication or treatment that kills the patient. In aid-in-dying, the patient ingests the medicine on his or her own.

California’s law prohibits the practice from being referred to as euthanasia, mercy killing, assisted suicide or homicide. So what is it called? THE BIG CHILL?

Are doctors required to comply?

No, doctors are required to neither prescribe the medications nor refer patients to doctors who will write such a prescription. Hands clean policy all around,eh?

Medi-Cal will soon cover ethnic children who are in the U.S. illegally.  I see, so we can murder wetbacks young. before we waste school lunches, education, bus cards, welfare, dentistry, eyeglasses,food stamps and MED-I-CARE on them. Nip 'em in the bud so to speak. Makes good sense.

The real battle? Getting adults insured. INSURED so they can be KILLED.

Hmmmm. That's the hard part, eh? Wouldn't have thought so. Just a sign-up card for anybody in pain. That's most seniors these days, what with the TEN WAYS THE STATE MURDERS A SENIOR
            (That article BELOW these  answered BIG CHILL PILL questions)

How can I find a doctor that will write a prescription? Easy. Dial money.

Other states don’t have databases of doctors who will prescribe these medications, and that will likely also be the case here. However, the organization that leads efforts nationwide to pass such laws, Compassion & Choices, runs a free hotline that might be able to help answer questions: (800) 893-4548 FREE. Find Death Pills near you by dialing that number.

What is the process for getting a prescription?

A patient must tell her doctor on two separate occasions, at least 15 days apart, that she wants the lethal medicines. She must also submit a written request to the doctor. Why 'she?' Real men don't eat quiche?

The doctor has to determine whether the patient is terminally ill with a life expectancy of no more than six months and that the patient has the mental capacity to make such a decision. The physician then must discuss details of aid-in-dying with the patient, as well as other treatment options, such as hospice care and pain control.

The physician then has to refer the patient to another doctor, who must separately confirm that the patient is terminally ill and of sound mental capacity to make such a decision.

Does a patient need to undergo psychiatric evaluation?

Not necessarily. According to the law, if a physician is concerned about a patient’s mental state, the doctor must refer the patient to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Both physicians who evaluate the patient must agree the patient is mentally competent.

In Oregon, 5% of those who have used the aid-in-dying law had been referred for a psychiatric evaluation, according to state data. Is that in addition to the two, required physicians?

How many people in California are expected to take advantage of the law?

State officials expect that California “will mirror Oregon’s trend of very low utilization,” according to a state budget report.

In 2014, 155 Oregonians obtained prescriptions, or .00489% of the adult population, wrote a state analyst. He estimated that if the same percentage of Californians take advantage of the law in its first year, 1,476 would obtain prescriptions.

However, based on what happened in Oregon, that number could be much lower. In the first year that Oregon’s law was in effect, only 24 people requested prescriptions, though that number had climbed to 218 in 2015.

Plus, only some of the people who get the prescriptions actually take them. In Oregon, 64% of those who’ve ever received a prescription for the medicines died from ingesting them, according to state data.
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What is the medicine that is used?

The most common drug is secobarbital. It is usually prescribed with drugs that help suppress nausea or vomiting. Together, the medicines typically cost about $5,000.

Does insurance cover the cost of the medicine?

The law does not require insurance companies to cover this treatment. Administrators for private health plans are still figuring out how they’re going to implement the law, and people should contact their insurance company with questions, said Nicole Evans, spokeswoman for the California Assn. of Health Plans.

Medi-Cal, the state’s health plan for low-income Californians, will cover the treatment. The state has allocated $2.3 million for an estimated 443 people on Medi-Cal expected to request the medications in the upcoming fiscal year starting July 1. However, both Medi-Cal and insurance companies are barred from informing patients that the treatments are covered. A controversy in Oregon in which the state’s Medicaid plan sent letters to terminally ill patients that both denied them an expensive cancer drug but notified them that aid-in-dying treatment would be covered was part of the reason why this line is included in California’s law.

Is the law permanent? The law will expire in 2026 if the state Legislature doesn’t act to renew it. THE BIG EIGHT.


The FED or State already have a dozen cheap or FREE things that will kill seniors without their ever having to take a five thousand dollar pill!

1.) MEALS ON WHEELS- THE MEAL will cost 8$ each, and is delivered hot to your door. That's 56$ a week for dinner. Want lunch too? SEE PRICES. Now for 224$ you could buy five times the amount of food at a super market. But you have no car, no transit, bicycle is rusty and dangerous, no helmet, bad heart, can't pedal  two miles. So you can stay home and starve to death or pay  224$ a month for dinner. OR go thru neighbor's trash cans and if you live near boulevard, hit the cootie dumpsters behind restaurants and bakeries. ALL OF WHICH WILL KILL YOU much faster than the CHILL PILL.


MEALS on WHEELS group has stats on SENIOR POVERTY https://www.meals-on-wheels.org/2010/11/10/poverty-rate-fails-to-consider-californias-high-costs/

HUNGER IN AMERICA STATS http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/us_hunger_facts.htm

2.) So you have a dollar somehow? NEED TRANSIT?
ACCESS VANS for the DISABLED!  The state's or Federal Government's idea of HELP for a senior who has no car, no children in the area, and in CALIFORNIA, in the 'burbs', a supermarket can be a few miles away. Seniors are often disabled. I've tried walking it, had to lie down on people's front lawns a few times both coming and going.

THE REAL HORROR is qualifying for the federally funded, ACCESS VAN program. You have to be professionally photographed at a passport joint. HOW to get there? You need proof from DOCTOR. HOW TO GET to CLINIC?? You need I.D. and if your license expired decades ago, notarizations. You need to be Ferried to an audition auditorium 30 miles from your home, where hundreds of cripples, seniors, really sick folks, have converged to be tested. It's like an ALL-DAY audition for CHORUS LINE. You have to sit up all perkily waiting for your turn. If you can find a chair. The rest stand on canes, crutches, shaking and drooling. When it's your turn, the school nurse makes you walk, skip a jig, follow marks on the floor, in elaborate circles, then sit in a covey & tell them all about your infirmity. Many people there are in wheelchairs or some laid out on mobile beds with wheels, hauled in by their families. At night they let you go home with your certification. You get a wallet photo card in the mail soon after. Exhausted but horribly depressed.

The Bureaucratic tendency is to make rigamarole increasingly more elaborate thusly incurring higher pay checks longer work weeks all inculcating the impression there's a real NEED for  the bureaucrats' employ. But here's the kicker. When you finally get your little PHOTO CARD in the mail, you discover that a van trip costs 5 bucks. Each time, Each way in a 2 way trip. A visit to the market is
10$ round trip. Making MEALS ON WHEELS at 224$ a month for ONE MEAL  SEEM CHEAP.

THE REAL RUB you can ONLY use your transit card on a bus before 9 am and after 3 PM. So the whole thing was for nothing. Try going to the market at nine and waiting in street until 3 pm to get home. And the final REAL RUB? They expire in six months making photo,  notarized papers, doctor's visit & printed proof ALL necessary again. THAT ALONE is a CHILL PILL!

3.) FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. - This poster here, Anita, is 75 and heart disabled. My Aortic valve needs open heart surgery. So meanwhile I'm shaky, can barely walk. Heart beats 140  a minute if I get out of a chair. Cannot walk more than to the next corner. No way to get to market, no car, no food, no help at all from state.  I raised 4 children as a single mother, never had a job, so my SSI is 500$. My rent is three times that. I still do not qualify for food stamps. EBT My kids moved to other states, no way I can mooch food off them. One of them sent me a few dollars in the mail but I live in a Wetback barrio and kids broke into my mailbox and took the letter.

4.) CRIME FIGHTERS DON'T. We are at the receiving end of SERIOUS CRIME. A huge amount of Cash in my mail box got taken. Dear Mitzi sent 150$. This neighborhood kid goes thru my mail daily. THE POSTMAN AND I FIGURED out who THE THIEF was. The same kid who raided my vegetable garden and took my bicycle. We both know the thief, the dwarf with Cheshire smile and big hair, LEONARDO from Hesperia street.  He stole all my knives when he was a child. I found him in my kitchen, shorts hanging on his hipbones, pockets stuffed with heavy knives and exacta blades. Leo is back in biz. So I tell postman that I KNOW who did it. The kid lives on HESPERIA and the postman chimed in, YES. THEY did same MAIL THEFT of cash over ON that STREET. HESPERIA. Right, I  said and now He has a crew, two very TALL BOYS, CHRIS looks Asiatic and another boy. They phone me daily to see if I'm home. I always say, CHRIS ? LEONARDO? That you checking to see if you can break in? And they hang up! Chris breaks into houses at night, Leo stupidly told me about that the day he was admiring vegie garden in front yard and next day those vegies were gone. I'm betting this is The NEW RESEDA CREW as they're TEENS now. Unchecked, they will mutate into burglary, home invasion and murder.

Could be serious, I think. I know 150$ lost in my mail was serious to ME So I dial the police! Desk sergeant hears me out say "You may have something, come in and tell us about it. Vanowen station. Only here, not on phone."  I have NO CAR. Can't I just talk to the ROBBERY DIVISION?  Could you connect me? Sorry he said. Take a bus in here. " Sir, can't you guys with all those units come over here to me?" CLICK! He HUNG UP. ZEALOUS TO FIGHT SENIOR CRIME, I GUESS. Poor people who can't afford locking boxes. Or attracted to rousting innocent ethnics on the street with their fists/clubs or guns. More fun. More sporting than just shooting fish in a barrel where the senior has done all the investigating.

But the spade work is costing me. I have to leave my phone on in the morning it keeps waking me while they check to see if I'm here. As I have no car, they can't tell any other way. My sleep is interrupted various times and I'm withering.

5) MANDATED STARVATION. THIS WHOLE FOOD GROWING ON the CURB THING- August 2013, all the newspapers carry the story, "L.A. CITY COUNCIL says that you HOME GARDENERS can now grow food on your curb strip." LEGAL. Now, I have 3,000 square feet of curb strip, as I am a corner house. I spend a fortune on earth, fertilizer, trees, buy the labor of some little teenaged 5$ an hour diggers (Hell I was 72 and sick i needed help and this is how I met LEONARDO) and I grow every fruit tree and vegetable. City sends me a cut it down or we FINE YOU letter (my landlady waved it at me, saying they FINED ME  $4,000 for this garden. She sent 3 men who chopped with machetes for 7 days, as if you'd had one man 21 days, they FILLED 3 dumpsters the size of my living room with my FOOD SCAPING. CHOPPED down three bearing peach trees. Then the landlady said 'that cost me ten grand, I'm raising your rent 40%"

6.) OBAMA CARE (NOT!) or "HELP ME, MY TEETH ARE ROTTING AND I CAN'T GET UP! I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN I ALREADY have the right to die but I am HOLISTIC and write on the subject so I have learned to walk around my nabe picking lemons up off people's lawns. Only the ripe ones, even split by the bang & FALL, as hard, perfect lemons on the tree are not always sweet. RIPE ONES FALL OFF, don't give cankers.  I carry an empty  bag for my daily LEMON WALK. Home Owners say 'take the ones on the tree, too". I don't tell them why I only want the fallen ones or they'd be all over their crop. By drinking lemon water all day one can stop the inflammation in a half dozen bad teeth in my jaw. Two days without my lemons, the pain comes back and I get swollen painful lymph glands in throat.

ALL of this was GIVEN ME by OBAMA CARE. YEP! Some insurance company worker talked me into giving up MED-I-CARE and taking "L.A SWINGER CARE." They said I HAD no choice, so BETTY RAMIREZ the insurance salesgirl either misinformed or LIED to me, took away my precious MEDICARE. This "SWINGER CARE" consortium demands I abandon my dentist who is a short bike ride away, and go to one MILES AWAY. No VAN ACCESS, no money for it as no food, no rent and now, all my 75 year old teeth which have holes under the silver/ mercury/ gold are JAW-HURTING ME. Two days without lemons, pain radiates over scalp & entire head. As I have no aorta valve this jaw infection is a  fatal mistake inviting HEART INFECTION. BUT THANK GOD FOR LEMONS! GOD PLEASE NAIL THIS LYING BETTY RAMIREZ. P.S. I called Sacramento and reported her, nothing happened. No one switched me back to MED-i-Care. GOD? While I have you on the line, PLEASE NAIL SACRAMENTO.

7.) WORKERS ARE THIEVES. People see seniors, they see dollar signs. The garden worker LEONARDO took knives, blades, vegetables, bicycle, cash in envelopes. He must have kryonic eyes. But worst of all, my market 'rides.' I give free astrology readings to two people, Tim and Melissa. Both fell in love with my MAINE COON CAT, RUFUS. Both wanted him. One day TIM stole him. So I found out he had no ethics. SEE THE CAT SLAYER PIECE

Melissa steals money too, not from me as my purse is on my body when I'm with her, but she confessed to me she stole 200$ from a house where she cleans.....I know that if I HAD THESE TWO THIEVES but nature has a way of taking care of itself. I quit them. No more astrology in exchange for rides to market. I wonder what other seniors trade for a ride to market.

8). STIFF REQUIREMENTS FOR STATE TO GET HELP. Stuck at home with lemons water and a bag of rice and my usual series of WORLD WAR III supply of beans in bent cans, half price, as DENTED and in a special rack at KROGERS stores.....now years old... I became frail, too delicate to push a vacuum cleaner. Friend tells me about at home help donated by the STATE of CALIFORNIA. WOW, I thought, why not get a free helper maybe she'd drive me to market too though the home mess is pretty spectacular. Go for that choice. The hale and hearty helper will use my vintage 200 pound solid iron KIRBY LEGEND II vacuum cleaner with the hundred dollar MELTDOWN VALUE, whizz it around, cutting down on dust produced allergy to my own rented 60 year old cottage and its putrid cat rugs. I phone Sacramento. Surenuf! They send me a form. APPLY FOR YOUR AT HOME HELP with DOCTOR'S LETTER. I FREEZE. HUH?
How can I get to the clinic? It's a 4 mile round trip. Back to square one.

9) KILLING ME SOFTLY - Yoga class chum Siri informs me shes going to the funeral of a young vegetarian who died of ALZHEIMERS at 50 yrs. And  on same day, on MY STREET, another funeral, a teen aged neighbor who died of a brain tumor. Wait a minute, both are caused by CELL PHONES which these guys used and which are known to be dangerous yet the state offers free cellphones to everybody poor or homeless. I know cuz the worker who sent me my GET A FREE HOUSE MAID forms --gave me the FREE FONE spiel and I turned it down not a week ago. IS THIS ANOTHER STATE SANCTIONED CHILL PILL? I run to the ARCHIVE OF CONSPIRACIES
to check if all the free fone giveaways by GOV lately is the new DEATH PLOY as vapor trails, GMO food and ROUND-UP spray failed to maim or kill. YES IT IS!

I now look up causes of Alzheimers and read 'a lack of vegetables and fruit'. Oh my GOD, the city took away my garden, won't give  me Food Stamps or FREE MEALS ON WHEELS.This is a giant multi pronged octopus of a conspiracy to take down all SENIORS, get them so sick and in pain they choose the CHILL PILL.

So I realize there's a bullseye on my back. Why fight City Hall? I'm READY TO GO! But before I pursue my RIGHT TO DIE can I LEAVE the KIDS a l'il SOMETHING? My 4 kids could still come out of this smelling like roses as the STATE has done everything it could to ENCOURAGE me to take the rattlesnake express, bite the bullet, waltz my last polka and tip the band. What about sharing the wealth? At that moment, a TV AD tells me that I am just at that right moment in life ( 75) when you can get DEATH INSURANCE for the kiddies, without a doctor's letter!

SOMETHING that does NOT REQUIRE A four mile bike trip! There's a PAYOFF FOR BEING as very SICK as I am. DIABETES, numb feet all day and especially in morning. Heart pounding, this loud whistle & whoosh in my ears as I HEAR the 150 over 90 in technicolor, cinerama and LUCAS SOUND. But I can still get insurance cheap with MET-LIFE. WAY TO GO AMERICA! Under 10$ a month, lay it on me. Oh yes they say but that's for the TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR burial relief. Not for the 25k you want to leave DEMIAN and his wife and 5 kids as state of CALIF EVICTS THE ENTIRE FAMILY if more than 7 ARE LIVING IN a 2 bdrm apartment and with my 6th grandchild last year, they hit the magic number. They need 25k for a DOWN PAYMENT ON A 3 ROOM CONDO fast.

I NEED the FULL 25k" "Yes but That'll cost you 50$ a month. Meaning I don't eat. I Don't pay rent, phone, server, and I get evicted. So I call my kid Demian and say "alternate plan." I'll take the oldest child to live with me, she can go to school here in RESEDA, he's  l00 miles away in San Bernadino county. Their social worker was in that bldg that got blown up by terrorists. So he says, leave my l0 year old to live with you? YES I say, LIVE AND LEARN. Think what I can teach her."

There's a silence. LEMME THINK ABOUT HE SAYS. And hangs up.

I'm ebullient. I HAVE something to live for. I don't need a CHILL PILL! I can live on to teach my granddaughter Viviana to write HUMOROUS PROGRESSIVE RANT, screenplays, novels on welfare, War, Covert assassinations, Drones, joblessness, evictions, finding food in alleys, poverty. This is so excellent! I get so excited I have an angina pectoris attack right there and then. Doctor is two miles by bike and my bike was just stolen by Leonardo from Hesperia street. Who has two cell phones for the Reseda Boost-Crew and will probably extinguish his miserable life with a brain disease. There is perfection in everything.

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