How to Arm Your Cellphone Against Hackers and Spies

One of the many uncomfortable realities of the post 911 era is that we all are increasingly obliged to accept, at least on a practical level, is that the many gadgets that empower our personal and professional lives can't ever be
fully shielded from prying eyes and ears. Especially if you are an OCCUPY activist or blogger. Then, the NSA traces your comings and goings, focused on that little tablet you're always wearing on  your hip.  Which even will let them know what street address you are walking by!

Learn how to foil their sneaky spies, PRIVACY TRICKS THE PRO's USE!


A HIP NYC WEBSITE posts an article on how bad the spying is and how LONG it's been going on!
WHO IS SPYING ON YOU? Surveillance is from the USA/ NSA/CIA/Defense Intelligence, ALL SPY ON YOU.
 That is a telegraph machine on far left. In case some of you kiddies don't recognize it! It sent dots and dashes, called MORSE CODE. Back THEN, they couldn't track you. From Civil War to about 1939. Which is how the Activist, Progressive Socialist FDR years got started. Giving us Welfare, Food Stamps, Pensions, Social Security, Conservation Corps for jobs. NEVER would have happened if they could track activists.

So scan these articles on HOW they do it.

 Department of Homeland Security documents released
 in April prove a "systematic effort" by the agency "to surveil and
 disrupt peaceful demonstrations" linked to Occupy Wall Street,
 according to the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF).
 FBI documents ...
 show "federal agencies functioning as a de facto intelligence arm
 of Wall Street and Corporate America."
 In particular, domestic surveillance has systematically
 targeted peaceful environment activists including
 anti-fracking activists across the US, such as the Gas Drilling
 Awareness Coalition, Rising Tide North America, the People's Oil &
 Gas Collaborative, and Greenpeace.
 .........the increase in intelligence such as spying on American
 citizens, the crackdown on OWS and the militarization of our local
 police forces is no coincidence. The government is indeed preparing,
 with the help of the 1%, to crush the inevitable angry push back
 against the government and the corporations once the climate change
 shit hits the fan.
 ...... as disillusionment with the status quo escalates, Western
 publics are being increasingly viewed as potential enemies that
 must be policed by the state. You are in their eyesights.