I'm shocked, absolutely shocked I tell you! We must go round up the usual suspects.

FOX NEWS ALLEGES that "ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers and Shredding Documents, After BEING Exposed as Players Behind Occupy Wall Street Protests"

Remember the dear old ACORN CHARITY? R.I.P. It was a darling nation wide NGO charity that fed the hungry, housed them, got them jobs, all the neat things that the under-served do NOT get from the system. Well No good Deed should go unpunished, right? The fundamentalist conservative SQUIRRELS sent in a phony pimp and whore, (a hidden camera,) and got the ACORN EMPLOYEE to help this underaged 'ho get a 'job'... and thusly embarassed and busted poor unwitting ACORN out of its superb charitable business! CLOSING THEM DOWN!

Jana Winter at FOX NEWS TELLS US that "Officials with the revamped ACORN office in New York -- operating as New York Communities for Change -(moved to NEVINS street in BROOKLYN, fighting for the UNIONS now... have fired staff, shredded reams of documents and told workers to blame disgruntled ex-employees for leaking information in an effort to explain away a FoxNews.com report last week on the group's involvement in Occupy Wall Street protests, according to sources. (Meaning it's FOX NEWS-alleged. Propaganda maybe. BUT HEY, if ACORN CREAMED THE SQUIRREL, I'd JOIN IN THE FEAST!


Gitback's never better
than when an Acorn does it.
Break the squirrel's tooth
smack his fur and fuzz it.
Tell rodent awful truths!
Hang 'em out to dry.
Put the frigging nutgrabbers
right in the public's eye!


Nov. 1, 2011: Jonathan Westin, organizing director, New York Communities for Change, attends a protest in New York City. (SEEN at the URL FOX OFFERS) He  is installing surveillance cameras and recording devices at their Brooklyn offices, removing or packing away supplies bearing the name ACORN and handing out
photos of Fox News staff with a stern warning not to talk to the media, the sources said. 'They're doing serious damage control right now,' said an NYCC source. (Again, who the freak knows, anyone can allege a source!)

NYCC Executive Director Jon Kest has been calling a series of emergency meetings to discuss last week's report---and taking extreme measures to identify the sources in their office and to prevent further damage, a
source within NYCC told FoxNews.com.

Two staffers were fired after NYCC officials suspected them as the
source of the leaks, a source told FoxNews.com. 'One was fired the day
the story came out, the other was fired on Friday. (NYCC senior staff)
told everyone that they were fired because they talked to you,' a
source said. NYCC spokesman Scott Levenson denied that anyone was fired for talking
to the press.

FoxNews.com's report identified NYCC as a key organizing force behind
the Occupy Wall Street protests. Sources within the group also told
FoxNews.com NYCC was hiring people to carry signs and join the protests.
NYCC -- a nonprofit organization run almost entirely by former ACORN
officials and employees --did not reply for comment prior to the
publication of the initial article, but later posted a statement on its
website dismissing the article and denying that it pays protesters.

A source said that immediately following publication of the FoxNews.com
report staff were called into the Brooklyn office for meetings headed by
NYCC's organizing director, Jonathan Westin. Westin handed out copies
of the article and went through it line-by-line, the source said.

Staffers were also given copies of photos of Senior Fox News
Correspondent Eric Shawn and three other Fox News staff members,
including this reporter.

'They reminded us that we can get fired, sued, arrested for talking to
the press,' the source said. 'Then they went through the article
point-by-point and said that the allegation that we pay people to
protest isn't true.'

"That's the story that we're sticking to,'' Westin said,
according to the source.

The source said staffers at the meeting contested Westin's denial:

'It was pretty funny. Jonathan told staff they don't pay for
protesters, but the people in the meeting  who work there objected and
said, 'Wait, you pay us to go to the protests every day?' Then
Jonathan said 'No, but that's your job,' and staffers were like,
'Yeah, our job is to protest,' and Westin said, 'No your job is to
fight for economic and social justice. We just send you to protest.'

'Staff said, 'Yes, you pay us to carry signs.' Then Jonathan says,
'That's your job.' It went on like that back and forth for a

During the meetings, NYCC Deputy Director Greg Basta provided Westin
with the copied photos of Fox News reporters to hand out to staff
members, the source said. Basta told staffers they might be asked about
the article when out in communities working on campaigns or when calling
people by phone, the source said.

'They told us if people bring up the article, we're supposed to say
the source and all the stuff in there came from a disgruntled
ex-employee who's not working with us anymore.'

NYCC is also monitoring its staff's behavior, cracking down on phone
use and socialization. Officials have ordered all papers -- even scraps
-- to be shredded every night, the source said.

'And all the supplies---everything around the office that said
'ACORN' -- is now all in storage until this blows over,' the
source said. 'People literally have to cover up the cameras on the
back of their cellphones in the office.'

'Now there's no texting in the office, no phone calls in the office.
They tell us to take our phone calls out into the waiting room where
there's an intercom, and then they turn on the intercom to hear our
conversations. They're installing new cameras and speakers around the
building so they can hear everything.'

'It's almost like working at Fort Knox.'

NYCC officials declined repeated requests to respond to specific
questions about the organization's response to last week's story.
The group on Wednesday instead sent this statement, attributed to NYCC
board member Jean Sassine:

"New York Communities for Change participates in protests, direct
action, social activism and campaigns that promote social and economic
justice. "We see FOX as the enemy to those efforts." For the record,
this is consistent with Fox attacks on Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod,
George Soros, Citizen Action, Planned Parenthood and all those who stand
for social justice.' Once again, FOX entertainment poses as FOX News.
Once again, FOX makes a series of false, unsubstantiated claims and
accusations which have no basis in fact.' Once again, through a series
of sources FOX structures a story which is nothing but a series of

Westin did respond to some questions a day earlier, when approached by
FoxNews.com at an NYCC event in Manhattan.

When asked if a staff member was fired because people thought he'd
talked to the press, Westin said, 'I have no idea.' When asked about
handing out photos of Fox News employees, he said, 'I have been? No, I
don't think I have been. That wasn't me.'

Westin did acknowledge NYCC staff have met to discuss last week's
report. 'People talked about it,' he said. 'People are

He also deflected a question about the allegation that staffers were
being told to blame the report on disgruntled staffers, telling this
reporter to contact him later via email.

Responding to reports of pushback from staffers who said they were being
paid to go to the protests, and reports NYCC had recently hired people
as canvassers or organizers and then sent them to the protests, Westin
replied repeatedly 'We don't pay people to protest.'

Westin later did not reply to two emails asking for follow-up. I think FOX NEWS needs to be scourged in public for this bum stunt story. Whaddya say? EMBARGO THEM? Get them in their RATINGS?