The state Snookers Big City Fools with Rocky Mountain Dreams


Read how sometimes we snooker ourselves .

It's a horrible road up to the land. Steep, with a big drop off on one
side. Hebought it for $30k and owes $40k on it . When the road went in,
the tax assesor sent a letter stating the value of the 10 acres is now
(with this service road and soon, electricity) a homesite worth $250,000
and will be taxed accordingly. This huge amount is $2,000 PER YEAR

In two snowy winters or more, there would be a road problem. Access to and
from services like an ambulance. 10 acres with wildcat prints and elk all
over it. At least one wolf has been sighted in the area.

It's 10 acres of steepness, precarious danger and wild animals.

To bulldoze big flat safe pads for homesites and for the garage-site will
move much dirt & already is aiding in erosion's work that much faster. he
was a reckless city kid who "trail cut" in the national parks & doesn't
"get it" why the country kids tell them not to. . And now the boy from the
burbs of Washington DC has himself two fancy chainsaws & lots of friends
who like to help him "clear his land" on weekends. Since he is so high up
on the mountain, 30 acres up from the lake's edge with a magnificent,
coveted view & nothing on the land now but machines to rip it up. He who
had originally insisted on an Environmental Impact Study on his neighbors'
spec homes project (which was consequentially cancelled) is tearing up the
earth in his own tractor, like a little kid, treating the land like it is
"his" and he can do whatever he wants with it. Huge bonfires.
Displacement of dirt.

No saving the hillside from "sliding into the lake." This is why he hated
those rich neighbors who planned3 lakeside $5mil spec homes. What was his
thinking in insisting they couldn't build? Why does he insist he can? Is
it like this? It's okay for poor people to cut down trees. (Play here the
song "A Country Boy Will Survive") But rich people who don't plan to
actually live in those spec houses themselves, they have no right to move
dirt. Especially if they are from out of state, their plans should be
scrapped due to the locals' "environmental concerns."

If someone demanded a study (like he did to his neighbors) he would have to
put in a retaining wall on each level of this destruction....much like
Southern California. That wall & all such efforts to slow erosion & would
be at his expense. He simply could not afford to build anything to the
high standards he is demanding of others. Right now he can afford the
mortgage payment on the house NOR can he afford to keep this land -- may
take 10 years to get electricity up to while they tax everybody. (!) His
ego is very caught up in having this land, in graciously offering all his 4
buddies hundreds of dollars of firewood for free, for hosting lavish
bonfires & weenie roasts, for offering his hunting buddies land to hunt &
getting in return venision tenderloin as thanks.... etc. He is the Big Man
with this cool homesite. He can't afford it. Hasn't paid taxes on it in
years. Is 4 years behind on his personal income taxes. Has some $30k lien
he doesn't want to open the mail about. His ATM receipt shows that he has
$80 balance in checking & had to ask his dad to put $500 in his account so
we could go grocery shopping. This debt problem....dependency on his dad's
company to pay the bills...ooooo. And the waterfall up ahead when his
property goes over the edge. Not looking too good for him.