ARIES- Rules self love, leadership powers. (MARS)

TAURUS-Obtaining wealth. One's possessions. (VENUS/BACCHUS)

GEMINI- Rules brothers, sisters, early studies. (MERCURY)

CANCER Rules the home and mother, cooking, emotions. (MOON)

LEO Romantic love, creativity, children, art, show biz. (SUN)

VIRGO- Job, pets, employees, health, serving. (MERCURY)

LIBRA- Partnership, marriage, beauty, romantic love (VENUS)

SCORPIO- Sexuality, partnership monies, taxes. (PLUTO)

SAGITTARIUS- Teachers, travel, higher education. (JUPITER)

CAPRICORN- Career, boss, father. Worldly power. Fame.(SATURN)

AQUARIUS- Friends, wishes, humanitarian reform. (URANUS)

PISCES-The end of life, Seva, Karma, the Astral Plane. (NEPTUNE)


SUN- This is not a planet, but a luminary; it represents what you're known for, your reputation, your greatest talent. In a woman's chart it symbolizes the male side of her own identity, her fame, her career. It also symbolizes the type of husband she wants and father she had. In a man's chart, it is himself. SON/LOVER. When you look at the SUN and think of CREATIVE POWER, ART AND FUN, also decide WHICH HOUSE it RULES! The LEO-holding house!

MOON- The Moon is also a luminary. It represents the woman in a man's life (his mother or wife.) In a woman's chart it can also be her mother. In both sexes the Moon represents the inner YOU, your feelings, your psyche, the emotional type you are. WOMAN. When you think of this tuned in person and want to know who it is, see where MOONCHILD is in the horoscope. In what house.

RISING SIGN- This represents your physical type, typical behavior, mood, where you are usually found, how you operate.

VENUS- The Goddess of love symbolizes what gives you pleasure. It can be art talent, social abilities, how you are when in love. The MATE. It also rules the partner in business. But it really rules the house where you have LIBRA!

MARS- This is the motor that animates you. A strong Mars gives you drive, energy, ambition, strong ego-identity, leadership gifts. It is the SELF ENERGY. Seek out ARIES in your horoscope to know what/ or who MARS IS!

MERCURY- Intelligence, the way you think, speak, write. SIBLINGS but it rules your GEMINI house.

JUPITER- This is the planet of luck and shows where certain gain lies for you. It also rules learning, expansion, travel. THE TEACHER. Whatever house JUPITER rules is where (or from whom,) you get your best and most truthful learning, teachings.

SATURN-This is the planet that shows where you HAVE A HARD TIME, where you need to grow to survive. OR ELSE! THE FATHER/BOSS. It can also be something that grinds you, creating need for hard work. These people will beat on you! Seek the house where CAPRICORN is!

URANUS- Rules ideas or people that stimulate you intellectually, that illuminate you, and cause change in your life. THE FRIEND. And whatever house AQUARIUS is in, Uranus is that person.

NEPTUNE- The promise you made God before you came, Soul, selfless charity. Faith that lets you achieve magic. THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE.

PLUTO- Temptation, sin, Can indicate obsessions, compulsions, criminality. Wipes away the past. Makes us ruthless. SEXUAL AFFAIRS.

BACCHUS- Speculative planet. Fun & great wealth. The Good life.


The SQUARE of any two planets gives conflict, growth.

The TRINE makes things easy. It gives instant LUCK, success.

The OPPOSITION makes two forces link tightly as 'complements'.

The SEMISQUARE shows something close that can be used.

The SESQUIQUAD shows you have to go far, but can link & win.

The CONJUNCTION gives great power, puts things RIGHT ON YOU!

The SEXTILE gives ideas/opportunities that MAYBE you can achieve.

The QUINCUNX shows challenges that must be met before Luck comes.


In Astrology, these are 12 sections, (called Houses) to everyone's natal horoscope, at the moment of birth or at the moment of any event. The Astrologer calculates them by determining what part of the zodiac was 'rising in the East' at the time of birth, thusly distributing the zodiac in the different Houses of not only a birth horoscope, but of any moment in any given day. The Zodiac is divided into 12 Signs which fall into 12 Houses, each House representing or ruling a different area of life.

1st House Self, environment, personality.

2nd House Money, your car, your earnings, possessions.

3rd House Siblings, early learning, communication, neighborhood.

4th House Family, roots, home, mother.

5th House The loved one, child or sweetheart. Creativity/art.

6th house Job, pet, servant and your health.

7th House Mate, partner.

8th House What transforms you, scares you into change. Partnership money. That mutual transaction two partners have.

9th House Teachers, Gurus, higher education, travel.`

10th House Career, boss, father.

11th House Your friend, club, your desires/wishes.

12th House Karma you bring from past lives, conditions at the end of life, hospitals, death. Charity you do to expiate sin.

THE ELEMENTS (or Quadruplicities)

WATER- Emotions, feelings, the astral body. CANCER is maternal feelings, SCORPIO sexual feelings, PISCES spiritual, soul feelings.

AIR- Rules the INTELLECT, and its DEVELOPMENT. GEMINI is early learning, brothers/sisters, speech. LIBRA is the love relationship

with ones 'significant other' as well as the intellectual exchange with the mate. AQUARIUS is the friend, or special interest club, the political group as well a New Age intellectual systems, growth methodologies and therapies.

EARTH- Rules your MATERIAL world. TAURUS is your money and your 'stuff,' VIRGO is your job, services you do to earn a paycheck, CAPRICORN is your true destiny or career.

FIRE- Your loves, passions. What lights you up. ARIES is love for one's self, basic identity. LEO rules love for one's child as well as romantic love, it also rules the passion for creativity. SAGITTARIUS is the love of the teacher for the student, and vice versa. It also rules the excitement of learning and travel.

THE THREE MODES Or Triplicities

CARDINAL: ACTIVE! These represent the major life arenas:

ARIES is the SELF, LIBRA is the MATE or PARTNER. CANCER is our mother/HOME CAPRICORN is our father/boss/CAREER. CARDINAL signs are WHERE YOU HAVE your major ACTION!

MUTABLE- CHANGEABLE THINGS. This is the background area of your life. GEMINI is neighbors, classes, your ideas, siblings. SAGITTARIUS represents your teachers & other relatives. VIRGO is job, pets, servants. PISCES is conditions in late life, KARMA.

FIXED signs are things that stay the same. TAURUS money matters, our material station, financial class, LEO loves, SCORPIO sexual obsessions, AQUARIUS desires, wishes, our friends.


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