INDONESIA in 1965T
he planet's WORST GENOCIDE since STALIN and HITLER involved 1 or 2 million progressives murdered in INDONESIA in 1965. The WHITE HOUSE, CIA and STATE DEPT ordered all progressives in INDONESIA slaughtered. Our STATE DEPT got  lists of NAMES from RAND CORPORATION, (OBAMA's MOTHER was in Indonesia, digging up the names for the hangman.) These were names of 'fiched' progressives. (They also call them 'COMMIES') These names were given to Indonesia's death squads by Mrs. Obama's Mother's BOSS.

The massive emigration of grieving, horrified souls leaving Earth in '65 getting born in 66 was like a pulse of sorrow. These progressive Indonesians had suffered the worst soul torture imaginable, even in the long annals of genocide.. By SHEER NUMBER, 3 million. And by the METHOD chosen: "one on one" strangling with piano wire while watching one's fellows 'get it.' Also executions by shooting, bullet by bullet, one by one in slaughter houses with floors covered with screaming people and dead bodies, humans watching their own death in a blood-flooded room, at hands of men who just now ---facing old age,--- confessed on film.

A NEW DOCUMENTARY titled "ACT OF KILLING" opened in late 2013.  Now we have a progressive citizenry, fueled by the INTERNET, a group that will nosily  object to genocide but back in 1965, Americans had no NET for communication. They were stuffed full of MainStream Media lies and distracted by LBJ CARPET BOMBING VIETNAM and killing millions of people. Nobody knew it was to steal Vietnam's oil. Today all the 7 sisters DRILL there, but back then? There was no other way for our OIL BARONS to drill their oil  except to take over the country.  (The other oil rich country we next wanted was Indonesia. And then came IRAQ. Daniel ELLSBERG unfortunately could not move until FATE LET HIM, which was the early 70's. But he was a great whistleblower and ended the Vietnam War.

NOW we have whistleblowers. It is doubtful the USA could support a massacre. We have the Bradley Mannings, the  Assanges and the Edward Snowdens showing up every time the CIA/ MILITARY pull a stunt. We also have a new anti-war, anti-Wall Street "OCCUPY" going, but back then:

65"  see

Hitler did it over a decade. These folks got it all at once. And guess who worked for our GOV detecting the names of these 'nasty progressives? MAMA OBAMA! Yep. Remember that Obama and his State Dept MOM lived in Indonesia at the time.  She was CIA connected via her employers the RAND THINK TANK... even though she was also supposedly a "leftist" but she was one of those FAUX Commies kind of like OSWALD who opened a LOVE FIDEL franchise so he could collect radicals for the GOV.  "COMMIE" Yeah right. . There is a journalist from DC named Wayne Madsen who has dug up a lot on this MAMA OBAMA theme. He alleges that Mama's responsible (if indirectly) for sending some million people to be slaughtered, because the supposed NON GOV ORG she worked for was really like Halliburton or something, a SPY GROUP with a LEGEND or cover encharged with finding dissidents so they could kill 'em. So this brings up a point: Did the ILLUMINATI pick OBAMA as he had a high tolerance for murder, genetically conferred by Mama. Or did OBAMA become an OLIGARCH TOOL, (Capitalist tool the Ruski called it,) by environment? Same thing. MOM must have programmed him all his life. You decide:

CHUM COMMENT: Anita, Not to downplay the massacres in Indonesia but it was not 3 MILLION it was no more than one or two million and it was NOT the worst genocide either. Far more people were killed in Pakistan's bloody assault on Bangladesh in 1971.

Really? Then I'd CLICK on THIS ^ and read up and really know how the world works and how much our GOV and Mainstream Media (MSM) doesn't tell us. And BILLY BLYTHE*? I WILL NEVER forgive your knowing about RWANDA massacre and doin' nuttin'.


 Know anyone depressed born 65 or 66?

Being an astrologer, I believe that we take on the shadings of the horoscope of our birth. We are the microcosm of that day. THE NEWSPAPER HEADLINES are the MACROCOSM and they're similar in flavor. I know some pretty depressed people born with that Saturn/Uranus Pluto aspect, especially when MARS joined it.  (PALDEN JENKINS GLASTONBURY HISTORICAL EPHEMERIS author captures all the miserable aspects. They'll come every ten to thirty years.)

FOR A SECOND CLICK ON THE ARCHIVES OF PALDEN JENKINS from GLASTONBURY UK, the EPHEMERIS he does. It's HISTORICAL events and the aspect next to it. Every few yrs something big happens. It's several thousand years long, but a typical reading will say 'OCTOBER 1200 A.D. NEPTUNE/ SATURN opposed, PLAGUE hits ENGLAND. Or Sat/Nep 535 AD Volcano explodes, earth dark for 5 years, first known plague starts up in the darkness. We know Sat/Nep is always plague, Sat/Nep in 1951 in LIBRA of SPINE was POLIO. A recent SAT/NEP in CAP (bones, marrow, immne sys) gave 1989 AIDS plague. PALDEN's site full of great HISTORY as well as stargazing -learning tool. This is one of his pages, I found his ancient ephemeris  here:

Famed astrologer writer researcher PALDEN Jenkins scanned the heavens of ancient history, picks epochs, once-a-generation star events; For HIM every 30 yrs something big happens. He considers the URANUS PLUTO square to be the biggie in our generation. We've had it about 4 years now. Since Arab Spring, 2011. Ebertin calls this pairing. REBELLION. SUN PLUTO CONJUNCT both square URANUS. We have HAD this aspect for 5 years, it just ended JULY 2016, so we're just finishing up with a WORLD WIDE half decade of ARAB SPRING type events, in 2 places. OREGON LIBERTERIANS here in USA ---But the bigger more lasting schism came from the SAUDI KING executing 47 IRANIAN people, one a rebel mullah and Saudis and Iranians really got into war mode.